(Clearwisdom.net) On February 12 (Sunday), computer engineer and Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wu went out to his car around 5 a.m. While the city just had a heavy snow, he found his car had noticeably less snow than others. After careful inspection, he discovered that the rear window on the passenger side was smashed. In addition, the doors and trunk had been opened and his car had apparently been searched. As Mr. Wu had visited his relatives in Chinatown around 11p.m. on February 11, it was estimated that his car was vandalized between 11 p.m. and midnight.


All the papers in Mr. Wu's car, including registration, insurance card, owner's manual and paper notes were taken away


The rear window on the passenger side was smashed

The Thieves Were Mostly Interested in Documents

After a thorough inspection, Mr. Wu realized that the thief or thieves were most interested in papers, as all documents related to the car, including registration, insurance card and owner's manual were gone. In addition, some notes regarding a map collection disappeared as well. However, other valuables, including the car's sound system, computer parts and leather shoes remained. Mr. Wu said that it seemed that the thieves were trying to collect information rather than steal valuables.

Threatened Six Years Ago By CCP Officials

Mr. Wu is a fourth generation Chinese immigrant. The couple is very humble and has no "enemies". Mr. Wu is a contact person at a Manhattan outdoor Falun Gong practice site and thus his name and phone number are publicly available. Mrs. Wu said that the family was threatened by Chinese Consulate officials 6 years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. Back then, Mrs. Wu rented a booth to promote Falun Gong at the Asian Festival of Phoenix. Officials from Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles pressured the organizer to revoke her booth registration. As the event was located at a private place, the owner was also under huge pressure and her registration was eventually revoked. Mrs. Wu and other practitioners then chose to practice Falun Gong and distribute truth-clarifying materials on the sidewalks. Officials of the Consulate videotaped them and threatened, "It is very easy to have you disappear, and you won't know how you died." At that time, an Arizona newspaper reported the incident in depth. Shortly afterward, two practitioners' backpacks were stolen in Phoenix. Though the practitioners were not overly concerned, FBI officials contacted them and asked "if they needed protection." The FBI told them, "We have noticed that some people were tracking you. You should know how to protect yourselves." FBI officials left their phone number and repeatedly told them to call if they ran into any situation, and should not treat it lightly.

FBI is Concerned about Overseas Activities of Chinese Communist Party's Secret Agents

It is now well-known that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has dispatched many secret agents to foreign countries. Many of those agents pretend to be practitioners and repeatedly sabotage Falun Gong activities. Most recently, the February 8 assault of Atlanta practitioner Dr. Yuan Li by CCP secret agents shocked the American society.

Shixiong Li, founder of the "Committee Investigating Persecution of Religions in China," said that these agents are tools which the CCP uses to export and implement its will overseas. Though they live in the U.S., they carry out the CCP's secret orders and pose a grave threat to the safety of overseas Chinese people. Therefore, we need to see their nature clearly and continuously expose their terrorist activities.

Mrs. Wu contacted New York FBI officials on the morning of February 13. One official said: "We know you are in danger at every moment. If you see anything strange, for example if you find your phone is not functioning normally, please report to us immediately." FBI officials said that they were well aware of the activities of CCP secret agents. For example, pretending to be practitioners, Fan Yanyu and Zhong Yan had been sabotaging practitioners' activities for a long time. In the end, the FBI could not watch such evil things continue, and they leaked the two CCP secret agent's identification to practitioners.

FBI officials commented that the U.S. government is aware of the activities of CCP secret agents. They suggested that practitioners speak out loudly when they are sabotaged by the CCP. Even if it is a small incident, it could affect one's safety and thus is a big thing. When collected cases of this kind add up, Congress will take proper action to protect practitioners and the FBI can then act from a legal foundation.