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7. Taken Hostage to be Used for Evil Purposes

After my father was released from the brainwashing center, he made a CD disclosing the persecution of practitioners in the brainwashing center. He also declared that all he had written and said under persecution to be null and void. Consequently, the guards looked for opportunities to produce videos to deceive people. They have tried several times to videotape me.

It was around Chinese New Year when a guard from the brainwashing center came to see me and said, "Wang Bo, you must go the labor camp and visit your parents. There will be a celebration to ring in the Chinese New Year." I was surprised! Generally, I had to apply for approval to visit my parents. I told him that I was not interested. The guard came back after some time and persuaded me to visit my parents. When leaving the brainwashing center, I saw a guard smiling at me, holding a videocamera on his shoulder. Immediately I reacted and told them, "If you want to videotape me, I will not go." The guard who was with me suddenly changed his attitude. He ordered me to wait for him while he reported to his superiors. After a while, he returned and told the guard with the video camera not to come with us.

Immediately after sitting down with my parents, we saw a guard approaching us with a video camera. We bent over and lowered our heads, so he could not film our faces. Their efforts to videotape us failed.

Another time when I met my mother, she told me about a film attacking Dafa, and that I was shown in it. I told my mother that I did not know what she was talking about. She told me that she saw a picture of me in the film. I became indignant, "How could they attack Dafa with my picture?" The authorities did not dare to tell me about this.

After my father was arrested in Shanxi Province, I worried a lot about him. When I heard that he could no longer walk because of the torture he suffered, I wanted to visit him. The persecutors did not give me permission for such a visit. They claimed that whatever I heard was no more than malicious rumors and that my father was doing well in detention. Before the SARS outbreak, I was busy with schoolwork. The persecutors asked me to participate in a discussion meeting and a performance show. I said I was busy with my studies and refused. The guards then said my "effort" in participating would help my father. They said my father would be sentenced to over ten years in prison if I didn't cooperate.

At the time, I was very worried about my father, as I had heard that practitioner Ding Lihong had been tortured to death. Ding was a colleague of my father's and they were arrested at the same time. I was afraid that my father would also be tortured to death. The persecutors used my attachment to my father to pressure me. I participated in the discussion meeting and performance. When they noticed my reluctance while preparing for the two activities, they reminded me constantly of my father's situation, and that they would try to help him. Thus they took advantage of my mother's and my feelings for my father. They threatened and held us hostage to our qing.

The persecutors always smiled at me, yet they used treacherous means to harm me. They used whatever I was afraid of to reach their goal. At the time, a persecutor from Hebei Province was in charge of this kind of performance (that slander Falun Gong). He said, "This show will have great a effect. When we play the video, it will be fantastic!" The look on his face while he said this made me sick. It is just how a villain holds sway over his or her victims -- for no more than his political gain.

During my three years at the Central Conservatory of Music, a policewoman accompanied me at all times. It appeared that they were afraid the policewoman and I would become friends, so they assigned a different person frequently. I was not allowed to step outside the school without the police chaperoning me. Also, they spread rumors that practitioners from outside the school were trying to abduct me, put me into a small dark room, and brainwash me. They tried to scare me with the rumors. Without freedom, I had a lot of psychological pressure. I was a student and should have been able to take part in activities, but I could not even go on a picnic. With a policewoman around me all the time, I lost interest in everything. What a life!

8. The Lies Will for Sure be Exposed One Day

Shortly after my father escaped from the brainwashing center, I became very worried about him. I wanted to go back home to see if he had left something for me. The police agreed and drove me to my home. I saw some policemen in the yard when I got there. When packing up my things, I found a recent newspaper on the table and some unfinished soft drinks. I thought that my father had returned, so I left immediately, fearing that my father would come in and be seen by the police.

Last year, when I met up with my father, I asked him if he had been back home. When he said no, I realized that the police were staying at my home - and the police also admitted that. I was shocked and realized that the police had entered my room, and kept my keys.

During the three years of school, the persecutors wanted me to join the Communist Party. I resented the idea, because I think cultivation is not politics. Of course, I was already deceived, but I realized that I should not become a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

A policewoman who accompanied me did not talk much in the beginning. One night when she felt she had more in common with me, she asked me to join the CCP, "You should 'improve' yourself and get closer to the CCP." I resented the idea and told her that I wanted to sleep. Although I was badly deceived by them, I would not join the CCP, because that would make it even easier for them to control me. They would say, "You are a member of the CCP -- the CCP raised you -- you must listen to the CCP, otherwise you are a traitor." I would never let them persecute me like that.

Later, my mother told me that when she was arrested, the persecutors told her that they would send me back to school and help me join the CCP and find a job. They were wrong -- I was not so easily controlled.

9. One Can Only Have One's Freedom Back When One Renounces the CCP

I was thinking to myself during the past several years, "Why am I so weak and so easily controlled?" I thought about what I learned from my politics textbook in middle school. We learned that the National People's Congress exercises the right on behalf of the people, and that the people are the masters of the nation. But at the same time, the CCP also says, "When personal interest is in conflict with the collective and national interest, the personal interest needs to be subordinated to the collective and national interest. At that time I did not understand what that meant. Since people are the masters of the nation, shouldn't the people's benefit be higher than all? Why is that when people's benefits and the national interest are incompatible, we (the people) must obey? How does this compare to "the people are the masters of the nation?" I realized that this was self-contradictory.

In fact, the CCP has brainwashed the young generations like this since it came into power. It forces you to surrender unknowingly! It stops you from realizing that you should protect your rights! It forbids you from speaking up! It forbids you to have a different opinion!

I realized later that according to the CCP's book, protecting the CCP is not "getting involved in politics," but if you do not agree with the CCP, you are "getting involved in politics." The Chinese people have been scared deeply by all the various political movements [of the Communist Party] during the past years. They are deeply hurt and scared of "getting involved in politics." People thus remain silent. Whatever the CCP says, you must keep quiet. No matter how cruelly the CCP beats, bullies or tortures you, you must keep quiet. If you speak up, you will be tortured more cruelly. In China, human rights do not exist. People do not even have the right to their fundamental dignity. I realized that only through renouncing the CCP can the Chinese people regain their freedom and dignity.

I knew I had blundered terribly. Now I am clear-headed. I have done a lot of harm to Teacher Li and Falun Gong. Now I want to correct my mistakes and reverse all the bad I have caused Falun Gong.

I also want to say to all kind people, including those who want to stop persecuting Falun Gong, "Don't be afraid! The more you are afraid, the more the CCP will persecute you. As long as you can bravely step forward and face yourself, just as I am doing now, you still have a chance. You will truly be in harmony with your conscience. When you exist in this world, between heaven and earth, you will feel peace and be in harmony with your conscience. Why? Because you are not persecuting and maligning Falun Gong. Every one makes mistakes. The important thing is that one realizes that one has made mistakes.

I hope that The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong and other international human rights groups will strongly support practitioners and help stop the persecution as soon as possible. I also want to say to those persecutors, "If you continue to participate in the persecution, you will reach the end of your journey, which will culminate in the judgment of Heaven and this world. I hope you can calmly and rationally think about the issue and let your conscience help you decide."

The lies of the CCP are already collapsing around it. Once deceived people realize the truth, they will never be deceived or used by the CCP again. My warning to the CCP and the persecutors is this: "Don't carry the hope that you can deceive the people any longer. Don't try it, and don't commit bigger crimes."

I am telling to you, all kind people, "Look at and listen to the truth of Falun Gong!" If you have a chance, read the book Zhuan Falun and try to understand what Falun Gong is and what the practitioners of Falun Gong are like.