(Clearwisdom.net) My mother is 82 years old. She lives at my second elder sister's home, a Dafa materials distribution center. My mother proactively helps out every time they make Dafa materials. Despite her age, her mind is very clear, and she handles the work from top to bottom without the tiniest bit of error. Since she often participates in making Dafa materials, one time as she was working, she jokingly said, "I am Dafa's 'secretary.'"

My mother was not like this several years ago. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, my mother listened to the evil Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) fabricated lies and believed them. She would not believe me when I told her that what the CCP had said was not true. It was very difficult to communicate with her. My mother has five children. Only my second eldest sister and I practice Falun Dafa, so the other siblings put pressure on the two of us. In addition, I had a very foul temper before I started to practice Falun Dafa, and my relationships with family members were very bad after I got married, which disturbed everyone in the family, especially my mother, who worried about me all the time. After I started to cultivate Dafa, my xinxing gradually changed. However, the evil had spread itself over my family members before they had a chance to clearly see the changes in me. On Chinese New Year's Eve in 2003, while we were having our family dinner, I wanted to use the opportunity to play the video exposing the truth about the "self immolation" case and how it was fabricated. My mother would not let me play the video. Without enough righteous thoughts, I lost a chance to clarify the truth to them. After enduring so many CCP political movements, the Chinese people have become afraid of the CCP, and my mother felt the same way. She had been persecuted by the CCP before, and she was afraid for me.

However, my mother started to change after she moved from my eldest sister's home to my second elder sister's home. My eldest sister and her husband were deeply influenced by the CCP. So that they would not be able to influence our mother so much, my second eldest sister brought her to her home (my eldest sister's husband had passed away). Even though the living conditions at my second eldest sister's home were not as good as my eldest sister's, an ordinary home is not comparable to the cultivating energy field and peaceful atmosphere found in a practitioner's home. After just a few days, without medication, my mother's chronic constipation was cured. When mother lived at her eldest daughter's home, she took medication to fight constipation, but her symptoms never improved. Without any medication, living at her second daughter's home, her constipation disappeared. Mother was both surprised and happy. This incident drew her nearer to Dafa. Dafa changed her view of life.

Second eldest sister not only pays special attention to Mother's diet, but every so often, she also tries to enlighten her. She tells her to recite, "Falun Dafa is good" and told her that doing this often is better than any medical intervention. Second eldest sister also talked to Mother about the positive changes that had happened to the two of us on both individual and family levels after we started to practice Falun Dafa. Especially me, my temper changed for the better after cultivation. I quit smoking and stopped drinking alcohol, and there was harmony in my family. My wife used to frequently complain about me to my mother and talked about all my faults. She also proposed divorce many times, but now she praises me, saying that I have changed into another person. Mother used to lose sleep worrying about me, but now I am the one who puts her mind at rest. After witnessing the tremendous changes that happened to me, Mother is happy deep down in her heart. Mother is the type of person who is not easily convinced by anything, but Dafa convinced her. Even though she does not have a deep understanding of Dafa, she does not object when second eldest sister tells her about Dafa-related issues and reads Dafa materials. She even flips through Zhuan Falun and "Minghui Weekly" on her own. Although she does not know how to read many of the words, we encourage her and tell her that as long as she keeps reading, Teacher will help her. When second eldest sister plays Teacher's lectures on DVD, Mother sits there and watches, too. Second eldest sister taught her to silently recite, "Falun Dafa is good."

Mother used to smoke and drink alcohol. After living at second eldest sister's home for a just a few months, she quit smoking after having smoked for several decades. Teacher cleansed her body. Mother used to drink alcohol almost every day. Right now, except for birthdays and holidays, she rarely drinks at all. What Dafa practitioners do are the most righteous deeds in the universe, and Mother has been observing them all this time. Even though she does not understand much, her initial misunderstanding about Dafa has been resolved. The holiness of sending forth righteous thoughts by practitioners influences her. She single crossed her legs and learned to send righteous thoughts. One night when second eldest sister was sending righteous thoughts at midnight, she felt there was another person next to her. She turned around and saw that Mother, who was sleeping on the same bed, had gotten up quietly and was also sending righteous thoughts. When Mother saw second eldest looking at her, she got embarrassed and went back to sleep.

The other day, Mother's teeth hurt, her gums were swollen and she had difficulty eating. My second eldest sister told her to use righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and silently recite, "Falun Dafa is good." Mother listened and did what she was told, and second eldest sister and I sent righteous thoughts together for her. As a result, the swelling was gone and her teeth stopped hurting. She physically experienced the miracle of Dafa. Mother happily told us, "I just say 'Falun Dafa is good, Falun Dafa is good,' and my teeth stopped hurting." We were happy for mother's righteous thoughts.

Second eldest sister's home is a Dafa materials distribution center and a Dafa study group meeting place. After it was established, the number of practitioners arriving began to grow. All the practitioners dressed neatly. They were polite to Mother and serious about making Dafa materials. They took care of their own meals and never imposed on others. Falun Dafa practitioners' every move reflects peace and harmony, which let Mother experience the beauty of Dafa even further. Her heart has gotten closer to Dafa and she treats herself just like one of the practitioners. She does not forget about safety when making Dafa materials, reminding others to lock the outside door. Sometimes all the fellow practitioners leave at dusk, and mother and second eldest sister are still busy packaging the materials. Sometimes they even forget about dinner and many times they work until late at night. Since Mother frequently makes Dafa materials, she feels honored. As she was packaging Dafa materials, she said, "I am Dafa's secretary." A whole room of Dafa practitioners all smiled with heartfelt understanding.

February 5, 2006