(Clearwisdom.net) New Tang Dynasty TV's 2006 Chinese New Year's Gala production, with the theme "Myths and Legends," reveals the sacred and wonderful world of gods and Buddhas as well as ancient civilizations passed down through the ages. The song "Udumbara Flower Blossom" is pleasant and thought provoking.

As people reflected on these beautiful images and music, a cord of disharmony was struck: on February 8, Chinese Communist spies assaulted U.S. Falun Dafa practitioner Li Yuan at his home in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Li Yuan, "Around noon today, someone rang the doorbell. I looked through the peephole and saw an Asian man in his 30s. I opened the door. The man told me that he was there to deliver water. I said I did not order any water and asked if he made a mistake. While I was talking, another man appeared from around the corner. The two forced their way into the apartment. One of them pulled out a knife, and the other a gun. They ordered me not to move. I started calling for help and wanted to run away. They covered me with a bed quilt until I was almost suffocated. Then they took off the bed quilt and started beating me, especially in the temple area. They probably beat me with the gun handle, and I bled profusely. Finally they used tape they had brought with them to tape over my mouth, my eyes and my ears. My arms were tied behind my back and my legs were also tied up. I couldn't move. I could neither see nor scream. The first two men spoke Korean, which I don't understand. From what I could tell, another two men came in [later]; one of them knows Mandarin, as he asked me in Chinese, 'Where is your safe?' They searched upstairs and downstairs several times and left about half an hour later."

Li Yuan is the head IT person for the Epoch Times newspaper (ET). The thugs took his laptop computers and external hard drives, but left behind valuables. It's clear that money was not the motive for this crime. These Chinese Communist spies want to interfere with Epoch Times technical operations and also to intimidate ET staff.

This overseas attack by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents is not the first, but the planning and brutality of the attack is new. People from various nations have condemned the assailants.

Here, we only want to ask spies both inside of China and outside who are playing the role of the CCP's henchmen: Do you know what you are doing? "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" has been in circulation for a year, and the number of people who have quit the Party is approaching ten million. The CCP is abusing Chinese people amid corruption and degeneration. Its brutal persecution of innocent Falun Gong practitioners has dragged the Chinese people into a cesspool of crime.

Are you submitting to the wicked Party and persecuting your innocent compatriots in exchange for personal interest? Do you know the true meaning of your life? If you don't atone for your mistakes and change yourself, you will give up your future and will never be able to redeem yourself.

CCP spies inside and outside China, aren't you touched by the peaceful protests of Falun Gong practitioners who, in your encounters with them, are endowed with reason, compassion and tolerance? Falun Dafa is being practiced in more than 75 countries around the world and is bringing blessings and harmony to people; doesn't that make you think twice?

If you truly want to have any future, please remember the words of the founder of Falun Gong,

"Life is precious, and the process of going through life is precious, so I have always waited for them to come to their senses--this, even though Dafa disciples were suffering persecution at their hands. And in order to save them, I even told Dafa disciples to clarify the truth to them while being persecuted."

"And this especially holds for all who participated in and planned the Atlanta incident: the good fortune in their lives will be completely taken away. Starting from this moment, they will pay for their sinful karma, [the misery of which will leave them] wishing they were dead. In rapid succession they will die and descend to Hell. The same fate awaits each and every CCP secret agent, in China or abroad, who fails to repent and change his or her ways." ("Eliminating the Evil")

CCP spies: are you leaving an escape hatch open for yourselves?