(Clearwisdom.net) In the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), during the second year of the emperor's rule, the Tai'an area (in Shandong Province) had a severe drought, and had no rain for several months in a row. The defending general in Tai'an area, General Liu, went to the Tai Mountain to beg the divine beings for help, but received no response. He went to offer a sacrifice to the Dragon Pond, but the sun burned even more fiercely. General Liu became furious. He ordered civilians to carry stones and soil to fill up the Dragon Pond. At night in his dream, there was a divine being telling him, "The extended period of drought has nothing to do with me. How dare I do things against the heaven's will and randomly start a rain? I hope you can understand this."

After General Liu woke up from the dream, he was even angrier. After dawn, he led several thousand soldiers to speed up in filling the Dragon Pond. When it was almost dark, the pond was finally flat. But after just one night, the Dragon Pond returned to its original state. General Liu not only failed to take the hint, but also went wild in exhausting manpower to fill up the pond. It was a hot day, and suddenly a cold wind blew vigorously, with thunder and lightning over Dragon Pond, shaking the surrounding mountains. The civilians enlisted in the army were very scared, but Liu still urged them to fill the pond with stones and soil. Several days later, General Liu suddenly died a violent death. Then came the heavy rain.

Ignorant people who are over-confident want to battle with divine beings, but the consequence is self-destruction.