(Clearwisdom.net) On January 26, 2006, the intermediate court in Panjin City, Liaoning Province decided to uphold the original 13-year sentence for practitioner Mr. Xin Minduo, who appealed. A recent news release reported the court's rejection of the appeal of his wife, Ms. Bao Juncen. The court upheld her 12-year sentence. It is reported that the Panjin Municipal Party Political Committee had already decided the prison terms and ordered the court to execute them.

On December 12, 2005, the Panjin court retried Mr. Xin. It was obvious to all in the court that the public prosecutor publicly created false statements. Mr. Xin and his defense attorney's powerful defense stunned the public prosecutor, the presiding judge, and the national defense police. The court did not announce any results at the time and finished carelessly. The Panjin Political Committee threatened that it would "punish" the attorneys who defended the Falun Gong practitioners.

On December 15 the district court handed down a verdict that upheld the original sentence and sent it to Mr. Xin on December 16. The attorney was not informed until December 19. The attorney then told Mr. Xin's family members about the incredible verdict. Mr. Xin waited for the attorney until December 21. When he did not appear, Mr. Xin wrote the appeal statement himself. Mr. Xin's family members found the attorney and prepared the appeal again.

In a meeting with his client in the Panjin Municipal jail on December 26, the attorney learned that the verdict had been given to Mr. Xin on December 16. The attorney resubmitted a plaint for Mr. Xin on December 26. However, all levels of the party's court system acted in collusion, ignored the facts, and obeyed the previous court's decision. There was no official announcement and no trial at all this time.

Mr. Xin was arrested and imprisoned for about six months. He was tortured until he was very frail. From the day Mr. and Mrs. Xin were arrested on August 3, 2005, they were illegally imprisoned in the Panjin jail. They suffered from all kinds of inhuman tortures, including fierce beatings, forced feedings, "fixed positions" and other cruel tortures. In the "fixed position" torture, a person's arms and legs are cuffed to an iron bed around the clock. This torture was applied for 40 days nonstop, until September 12, 2005. On September 12, 2005, when the Xinglongtai District Court met for the first trial, people witnessed the results of the jail's cruelty. Dafa practitioners Mr. Xin Minduo, Ms. Bao Juncen and the others could not walk. They were very weak and had to be lifted and dragged in and out of court.

On August 3, 2005, four or five men jumped from a van and attacked Mr. Xin, who was riding a bicycle. They pushed him to the ground, trampled on his head, and restrained both of his hands. They held his legs, kicked him, and used their fists to attack him and steal his keys. The police arrested his wife, Mrs. Bao Juncen, who was visiting their neighbors at the time. The arresters unexpectedly found themselves in the presence of many others and said, "We're arresting the one involved in pyramid schemes." While making the arrests, the police were not in uniform. They did not produce an arrest warrant or show any credentials, nor did they inform the family members in a timely manner. Mr. and Mrs. Xin are currently still imprisoned in the Panjin jail and suffering from torture.

Around September 20, 2005, after Mr. Xin's family members heard the news, they appealed to the Panjin intermediate court. The court made a decision on November 10 that the facts were unclear and the evidence was insufficient, so it was returned to the district court. The district court returned the case to the district procuratorate, which returned it the national defense department. However, the national defense department refused to release them, further fabricated so-called "evidence," and insisted on putting the good people in jail.

After Mr. Xin's wife, Mrs. Bao Juncen, was arrested and persecuted while visiting her neighbors, the family members asked Xu Hao whether the case was still under his control. Xu Hao shouted out in rage, "It is not necessary to tell you. If you look everywhere, sooner or later you will be put in jail." Thus, the family members were deprived of their right of inquiry. When the family asked the procuratorate, the procuratorate said they had turned to the national defense department to "supplement the evidence," so it was not the time to be asking this. Thus, in less than a month, the arrests became "legal." It was reported that "the original 12-year sentence" for Mrs. Bao was upheld, which clearly demonstrates the Chinese Communist Party's evil nature.

Departments and people primary responsible in these two cases:

Chang Yajun, Panjin Municipal Party Committee secretary, Liaoning Province
Qi Jihui, deputy secretary and city synthesis governing director
Liu Desheng, Political Committee secretary
Chen Yougui, Deputy Political Committee secretary, 610 Office (Maintaining Stability Office) director
Liu Chuang, deputy director 610 Office
Yang Zhenfu, deputy mayor in Panjing and chief of the bureau police station
Zhou Laixin, chief of the National Defense department branch and Panjing Municipal Public Security Bureau
Liu Guangwei, Political Committee of the National Defense Department
Chief Li Yonghua, head of the National Defense team
Xu Hao, Chief of the National Defense department, Xinlongtai District Public Security Sub-bureau, Panjing City
Xing Daien, presiding judge of Xinlongtai District Court, Panjing City
Judge Ma Li (female)
Zhang Yue, chief of Xinlongtai District Procuratorate
Appeal branch Zhang Xilin
Zhu Fuqi, chief of Panjing Intermediate Court: 86-427-2825999
Li Changjun, judge in the Panjing Intermediate Court
Deputy-presiding judge Zhou Liming (December 12, 2005) in charge of the trial
Xinlongtai District Procuratorate prosecutor Pei Guangyan (September 12, 2005)
Wang Jianbo (December 12, 2005) acting prosecutor
Xinlongtai District Politics Committee secretary Wang
Assistant deputy secretary Chen
Assistant deputy secretary Chen Zheng
Director of the Tianan area Yuan Yinghua (the person who fabricated the evidence): 86-427-2875090
Work place: Director, Xingshun Community, Xinghai subdistrict office

January 31, 2006