December 8th 2005

The exhibition of nineteen photographs of the traditional Chinese cultivation practice, Falun Gong, has been seen in over fourteen libraries in Lapland. The exhibition can be viewed in Pello until December 12th. Falun Gong practitioners Anja and Veijo Pekkarinen have found a new lifestyle in this practice, which balances the energies of mind and body.

Practicing is not easy as one tries to live as a good, unselfish person who treats other people with compassion, Anja Pekkarinen explains.

Spiritual and physical cultivation, the refinement of the body's energies, is also a refinement of morality. Falun Gong is based on ancient teachings. The practice came to the public in China in 1992, and it spread fast. The Chinese government wanted to make Falun Gong state-controlled, but [the practice is] free, non commercial and available to all, regardless of nationality, culture or position in society. The Government banned the practice in China. In China, practitioners are persecuted, because the practice is seen as a threat to the government.

Anja and Veijo Pekkarinen demonstrated what the practice is like. The exercises are simple, but based on the ancient knowledge of how to guide one's morality, body and mind, without selfishness and greed for power.

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