(Clearwisdom.net) I have seen many things with my celestial eye while studying the Fa recently. I am not able to fully and accurately describe what I saw. The following is for my fellow practitioners' reference only.

What I saw when studying the Fa

When studying the Fa, I saw that Master was high above, continuously creating an enormous mechanism that is incomparably wonderful and perfect. As my ordinary human side studied the Fa, my body in another dimension followed Master and also created some mechanisms. The things that I created were all within the enormous mechanism that Master created. Although it was only a very small part of what Master created, it was still quite powerful.

When studying the Fa, in another dimension I would compare the mechanisms I created with what Master created and see the many flaws and imperfections in my mechanisms. This means I have to re-create them. The process of frequent comparison is also, on the human side, the process of continuing to improve through studying the Fa. That is why the mechanisms we create can shock and eliminate the evil, as well as save sentient beings.

Master bears hardship for us when we eliminate attachments

When we have an attachment that is difficult to eliminate, I can see that the gaps we have on the human side are like erosions to our world in another dimension. They make things incomplete and desolate. This means that we have problems with the very fundamental root of our beings. In the human dimension, this is reflected as attachments and gaps.

When we eliminate an attachment through enlightening to the Fa principles, I saw that although our bodies in other dimensions bore some of the hardships, it was only a small portion of the problem. Most of it was born by Master. As long as we understood the Fa principles and recognized our attachments, Master would begin to bear the hardships for us.

When the Fa rectifies the human world

When I studied the Fa recently, I saw some scenes of the moment when the Fa rectifies the human world. This time I not only saw the grand sight of the Fa's rectification of the world, but could also see my thoughts at that particular moment. At that moment, everything that we went through from the time we made the vow to assist Master in the Fa-rectification will be in front of us. If a practitioner finds that some beings that are meant to be saved have not been saved, even if there's only one such being, he or she will feel a deep and unforgettable regret. Because by then, no matter whether we cultivated well or not so well in some respects, we can all see clearly that the sole reason for our coming was to save sentient beings. It was not for us to cultivate ourselves to consummation.

On the other hand, I also saw that although some practitioners who did not cultivate well were able to return, these practitioners were not happy at all. Because they were not concerned about their own consummation, all they thought about was whether they realized the grand wish to save sentient beings. Everyone knew clearly that saving sentient beings was what they had waited thousands of years for. The feeling is difficult to describe. That is all I can say using human language.

The above are some things I saw with my celestial eye when studying the Fa. Seeing them gave me a deeper understanding of the hardships Master endured when saving us, and of the importance of our great mission. Fellow practitioners, let's keep up our diligence and study the Fa well at this last moment. Don't leave any regrets for the future.