(Clearwisdom.net) In the last few months at Xinhua Forced Labor Camp in Sichuan Province, some Falun Gong practitioners who gave in to the persecution have made solemn declarations publicly, either in writing or orally, and resumed their practice of Falun Gong. These practitioners seize every opportunity to clarify the truth to the camp guards and inmates who cooperate with the guards in persecuting the practitioners. They have publicly destroyed evil propaganda posters, broken slogan boards defaming Falun Gong, and erased the evil writing on blackboards. Some practitioners also protested the persecution by going on hunger strikes. No one attended the semi-annual meeting that the camp police planned to slander Falun Gong. Because of this, the guards became angry and were even more ferocious in their persecution against the practitioners.

On the morning of December 2, 2005, at the winter training meeting, the deputy labor camp director Zhao Zeyong announced violent persecution measures against Falun Gong practitioners. During the meeting, the guards singled out several practitioners including Luo Qingsheng, Wu Xingdong, Mi Tao, Lu Chunshan, Zhou Guoping, Li Wenquan and Meng Hualong. Those practitioners who were picked shouted out, "Falun Dafa is good," with their voices echoing to every corner of the meeting place. Luo Qingsheng, Wu Xingdong, Mi Tao and Lu Chunshan were put in solitary cells and their initial labor camp terms were extended arbitrarily. The others, including Zhou Guoping, Li Wenquan and Meng Hualong were put under the so-called "strict monitoring and training" and their terms were also extended.

During the past half a year, the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners has been quite evil. The 2nd Squadron of the 6th Brigade is the so-called "strictly disciplined squadron" for Falun Gong practitioners. In the 2nd Squadron, there is a guard named Piao Jing who once bragged, "Go sue me in court. After you sue me I will get a raise and a promotion." The police deprived practitioners Lu Chunshan, Tian Xu, Wu Zitai and Zeng Yongru of sleep and forced them to sit still for a prolonged time. Practitioners Lu Zhiyong and Luo Qingsheng were not allowed to take breaks and were punished by being forced to stand in military training positions. Practitioners Huang Changdong, Zhang Qizhong, Liang Zhonglun, Yang Ju, Zhang Pingan and Li Wenquan were not allowed to use the toilet. The police said it meant nothing to them even if the practitioners had to defecate in their pants. Practitioner Li Wenquan had feces on his body and clothes several times. The guards took advantage of this by humiliating him, labeling him as a dirty person and instigating the inmates to beat and kick him. They also forced Li Wenquan to stand in military training positions for over ten hours and extended his labor camp term by 20 days.

In the labor camp, the prisoners have to take written exams. To find excuses to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, the camp police intentionally put questions that attacked and slandered Falun Gong on the written exams. If the practitioners refused to take the written exams or did not "pass" the exams, they were sent to the strictly disciplined squadron or got their labor camp terms extended. For the practitioners who were put in the strictly disciplined squadron or the newly arrested ones that were sent to the camp, the guards pierced their faces and necks with iron nails and ballpoint pen tips, forced them to kneel down on chairs, spit on them, slapped their faces, kicked them, and burnt their skin with lit cigarettes. Ironically, the labor camp's walls are covered with slogans stating that no physical punishments are allowed and a "humanitarian" environment is created to "influence" Falun Gong practitioners. While the labor camp authorities try make themselves appear to be kind-hearted persons, they secretly do heartless and inhuman deeds. They selected some inmates who were drug addicts and thieves to act as "clampdown personnel" (persons who monitor Falun Gong practitioners closely and use all kinds of inhuman treatment against practitioners in order to force them to give up practicing Falun Gong). Those inmates who worked hard to torture practitioners got their labor camp terms reduced. Those who were influenced by the practitioners and became friends with them were either put under strict discipline, got prolonged terms, or got transferred to other brigades where they had heavier loads of manual labor.

In the mornings, the guards usually held meetings to discuss how to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. At night they gathered the inmates and give them instructions on how to persecute practitioners. Labor camp police Piao Jing and Shen Rui announced during the inmate training meetings, "When you treat Falun Gong practitioners, you should vent on them all of the hatred that you felt when you were beaten after being found picking pockets."

The guards truly abhorred those steadfast practitioners, yet at the same time were quite afraid of them. Practitioner Lu Zhiyong, who worked as a forest policeman in Shandong Province, was tall and had a strong build. He did not cooperate with the persecutors. He refused to count off during roll cale, wear the prison uniform, sing the labor camp songs, or take written exams. Hence, he was punished many times. The camp police instigated inmates to knock him down and drag him to a secret place for special persecution. Half a month later, following an announcement in the meeting about violent persecution measures, the guards used an anesthetic on him. Then a dozen guards and inmates wrapped him in bed sheets and took him out of the brigade. As of today, his whereabouts are still unknown.

In April of 2005, practitioner Luo Qingsheng did not cooperate with the evil and refused to do the homework assignment that the police required. As a result, his term was extended. During the time when his term was extended, while the inmates watched, Luo Qingsheng destroyed a slogan board defaming Falun Gong that was hung over the squadron entrance gate. After finding out about it, the guards and inmates immediately handcuffed him, tied him up in ropes, beat him with nail-plated clubs and shocked him with electric batons until he lost consciousness. While he was in unconscious from the torture, the guards ordered the inmates to stomp on him and revive him with cold water.

The acts of persecution carried out by the Xinhua Forced Labor Camp guards of Sichuan Province are hard to count or describe. Since the violent persecution measures were publicly announced on December 12, 2005, the labor camp police have spared nothing in brutally persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. They summoned practitioners to their office in the pretense of wanting to chat, but instead brutally persecuted them, regardless of day or night. Currently, the whereabouts of several practitioners who were sent to solitary cells are still unknown.

Information about the perpetrators:

The Captain of the 6th Brigade: Huang Ming (Badge number 5160208)
The 2nd Squadron of the 6th Brigade: Zhang Xiaogang (Badge number 5160043)
A policeman in the 2nd Squadron of the 6th Brigade: Piao Jing (Badge number 5160031)
A policeman in the 2nd Squadron of the 6th Brigade: Shen Rui (Badge number 5160005)
The phone number of the 2nd Squadron of the 6th Brigade: 86-816-2830769, zip code: 621000
Deputy camp director: Zhao Zeyong