(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in Wuhan City. In November 2004, I was arrested in violation of the Chinese constitution and sent to the Hongshan Police Department. I was held in the Nanhu area for 15 days under "administrative detention" and was later transferred to the Jianghan District Brainwashing Center. More than one month later, the police used their connections and sent me to the Hewan Forced Labor Camp to be detained for one year.

I held a hunger strike at the labor camp to resist the persecution. I was detained in the Strictly Controlled Room where the guards forbid us to talk without permission. I said, "Speaking is a human right." One inmate assigned to keep surveillance of Dafa practitioners ran up to me, gave me a heavy punch and slapped my face. I heard ringing in my ears and I couldn't hear anything the next day. Once they beat and kicked me for two days in a row and banged my head against a metal railing. As a result, blood came out of my mouth and nose. They held me to the ground and stomped on me. They beat me because I asked for the right to wash myself and I refused to join roll call. I went to the guard on duty and clarified the truth to him. He dealt with the incident in a just manner, as some guards know the truth about Falun Gong. I only exposed the captors' crimes to prevent them from continuing to persecute Dafa practitioners.

Another practitioner who was also held in the Strictly Controlled Room had arrived before me. She was handcuffed and hung up for three days right after entering the labor camp. Her feet were swollen and deformed as a result. The inmates often beat and kicked her until her whole body became black and blue. They went through her private belongings any time they wanted. They frequently sexually assaulted her, violently rubbing and pinching her breasts. She told me about these things after we met. I was very upset when I heard her story. She is only in her twenties.

We persisted in doing the Dafa exercises, and the camp ruffians handcuffed and hung us up continuously except when we used the restroom, which was about three times a day. They didn't unlock our handcuffs during our restroom visit. They often refused to let us use the restroom when we needed to so as to inflict discomfort on us. We refused to join roll call and refused to join labor camp activities because we are Dafa practitioners and not criminal detainees. We are absolutely not criminals! We refused to cooperate with any of their demands. They handcuffed us and dragged us outside.

We had been on a hunger strike for about three months at this time and were emaciated. They ignored our condition and cruelly tortured us. Despite the mistreatment, we didn't bear any hatred or enmity toward the torturers and only told them that goodness is rewarded and evildoing will reap its own peril. We told them not to commit crimes. The guards later transferred the fellow practitioner because she persisted with the hunger strike. I don't know where she was taken.

Another practitioner was brought in. She often sang songs composed by Dafa practitioners. The inmates beat her whenever she started to sing. They handcuffed her and hung her up and sadistically slapped her face with the bottom of their shoes. They tortured her all day long. This practitioner's body was covered with bleeding wounds and her face was swollen. The jailers came up with various torture methods. They forced her to stand on a stool while she was handcuffed to the ceiling. They suddenly pulled the stool away causing her body to fall and the handcuffs to cut into her wrists under the weight of her body. She sweat profusely from pain. Sometimes they hung her up high, and one inmate held onto her body and yanked her downward. Her handcuffed wrists then bore the full weight of two people. She often screamed in pain and sometimes lost consciousness.

I witnessed firsthand all of the atrocities described above. My experiences and testimony are enough to prove the savagery and wickedness of the Chinese Communist regime and the Party who boasts of using "educational methods" resembling "spring breezes and gentle rain" to "help" people. In fact, the Party does nothing but lie and puts up a façade to deceive people. Hereby we want to warn all evildoers: goodness is rewarded, and evildoing will reap its own peril! Only by abandoning your wicked ways will you regain hope for a good future, as accomplices of evil have nothing to look forward to but a pathetic ending.

Names of evildoing people:

Gong Jianxin: male; he slaps the mouths of Dafa practitioners with shoes until the practitioners' mouths bleed profusely and their faces are severely swollen.
Yang Biao: male; he sadistically pinches and rubs Dafa practitioners' breasts until they turn black and blue.
Hu Youlin: male; he hangs the practitioners up high, holds onto their bodies and yanks them downward.
Liu Jun: male; he hangs up the practitioners, forces them to stand on a stool and then suddenly removes the stool.
Guards Ming Jianhua and Lei Changwen are responsible for instigating others to persecute practitioners.