One day in mid-September when it was still scorchingly hot, I went with two practitioners to a remote mountain village to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

We carried Dafa materials that we had individually prepared. We walked almost 20 kilometers, climbed over two mountains and we were streaming with sweat. We were filled with emotion when we saw the trees, flowers, and grasses that came here for Dafa. The three of us shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good! Truth-Compassion-Tolerance is good!" The resonant blessing of Dafa reverberated in the valley. Birds flew in the sky and wild flowers were sending out their intermittent flower-fragrance. It seemed that they also understood that we came here to bring blessings to them. Around 10' clock, we got close to the summit. We sat on some rocks to send forth righteous thoughts and then continued walking ahead.

We soon came to a small village that only had around a dozen households. In order to save time, we divided into two groups. We gave our materials to the people that we met and sometimes we left them outside people's doors; other times we directly spoke to people about quitting the CCP.

Mountain villages have many dogs and sometimes have 4-5 dogs traveling together, but they didn't bark at us, or they stopped barking very quickly after seeing us. On the whole route, we kept sending forth righteous thoughts. Due to our strong righteous thoughts, we had good effect in clarifying the truth. We walked past several villages and when we felt thirsty, we drank some water along the roadside to relieve our thirst. Though we all brought our own lunch, we didn't have time to eat it because we wanted to make use of every minute and second to clarify the truth. In the end, we didn't have enough materials left, and wondered what we should do/ There were still many villages ahead and there were many sentient beings waiting for us to be saved. Then we had an idea to post our materials on electricity poles. We didn't bring any glue, but some practitioners happened to bring sticky corn cake, which we used to post the slogans.

We then continued walking, but my legs felt too tired and I wanted to have a rest. When I sat down, I found over a dozen children standing beside me. Some of them were either elementary school students or middle school students and some were only three years old. I asked them, "Can you give us a bowl of water?" The children gave us some water. I asked them to sit down and gave them the steamed burns that I brought with me. When they ate, I told them about the beauty of Dafa and quitting the CCP for their safety. I gave each one a bookmark and gave the last two copies of truth clarification material to the two oldest of them. They understood the truth about Dafa and all agreed to withdraw from CCP-related organizations. At the time when we left, they felt reluctant to see us off.

We had already walked several hundred meters away from them, when suddenly they ran towards us and shouted, "Please wait!" They ran to us and said, "We will cherish the materials that you gave to us, but I still have brothers, sisters, younger brothers, younger sisters, a father and mother. Can you give me a few more bookmarks?" The other practitioners gave them a few more and I gave the only one I had to one little twelve-year old girl. She took it in her hand, kept watching it and was unwilling to put it down. In the end, she said to me several times, "Thank you, Aunt!" At this time, the three of us felt our hearts melt into these children's hearts. We felt like families that reunited after being apart for a long time. We kept saying together "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance is good". In the end, we waved farewell.

We walked on the road and felt our hearts filled with emotions that were hard to describe. Yes, we assisted Master in Fa-rectification and we came here for sentient beings. The weary feeling in our legs quickly disappeared.

On our way back home, we ran into a group of people who were repairing the road, and we clarified the truth to them. When we were about to leave, they told us, "Please don't go. We have a car and it will arrive soon." Within ten minutes, the car came. We got into the car and talked to the other people about quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Several of them agreed to quit, including one CCP member. We gave the last remaining charm amulets to them and they happily accepted.

This was really a sacred day.