(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings Master, greetings fellow practitioners. Today, I want to share some experiences about clarifying the truth to relatives and friends in Mainland China and urging them to quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its' affiliates.

I can recall the first time I clarified the truth and urged some of them to quit the CCP. Because of my own attachments to qing and fear, I simply sent them the "Nine Commentaries." I didn't talk to them about it. I had a notion of relying on others-and thought they would understand everything as long as they read the Nine Commentaries, and then they would take the initiative to quit the CCP. But in fact, they didn't read it carefully or even mention quitting the CCP. I later read Master's poem "Hurry Up And Tell Them" in Hong Yin Volume II, and started to realize that I should open my mouth to clarify the truth.

I understood that clarifying the truth and urging them to quit the CCP was a very good opportunity for cultivation. At the beginning, because of my feeling of urgency, I wanted to help my relatives and friends quit as quickly as possible. So clarifying the truth seemed like doing ordinary people's work because I didn't show the true spirit of saving people. My relatives couldn't feel that I was doing something for their own well being. Instead they felt that I was harassing them and pushing them to quit. Upon looking inside, I found that I took the process as ordinary people's work and worked on it with strong attachments. My own environment was not that pure and righteous, so the words that I passed on to them did not possess the power of Fa.

When I mentioned the issue of quitting the CCP, they always thought that they were "small potatoes," and haven't done anything really bad in the scheme of things. So they were indifferent and to them it would make no difference to quit or not; besides, they didn't believe that the CCP was really a harmful evil specter. Whenever I brought up the idea that the gods will extinguish the CCP and make a final judgment on the CCP, they would ask: "Who is God? Where is God?" They often came back with various arguments.

Sometimes I didn't even know what more I could do, feeling that I had run out of ideas. Apparently, they were still deeply under the influence of CCP culture; their concepts were shaped by the evil CCP, and the deeply rooted idea of atheism prevented them from learning the truth and quitting the party. I realized that the first obstacle that I had to overcome was their belief in atheism, but I didn't know what I should do exactly. But when reading Zhuan Falun, I realized that I have to explain the matter that spirit and matter are the same. I could then break through their atheistic mindset.

I started to introduce them to some reports that provided evidence of reincarnation and some supernatural phenomena by medical doctors or scientists that I've read. I then told them that "good rewards follow good deeds and bad deeds will incur tribulations." The idea of "building up mighty virtue" and "building up karma" are material manifestations in other dimension; the black substance and white substance truly exist and none of these are superstitions. It is only that a human being doesn't get to experience that dimensional level. The evil CCP is doomed to be eliminated due to it's persecution of Falun Gong. Since all members of the CCP took an oath that they will devote their life to strive for Communism and hand their life over to the CCP, so if the CCP is eliminated, its members will be eliminated too.

Sometimes, I was not calm enough, so I seemed to argue with my relatives, even though I reminded myself to slow down my speech and to treat others with a kind heart. But in fact, I already had a competitive heart, even though I had supposedly overcome this mentality. At that point, they wouldn't willingly accept my arguments. By studying Zhuan Falun and Master's new lectures, I understood that it is my heart that was not pure enough. At the same time, I have also learned the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts. Before I spoke to others about quitting the evil organizations, it would be quite effective if I could calm myself down and send forth righteous thoughts to thoroughly clean up the evil elements and communist evil spirits behind the ordinary people.

Once they said that if they wanted to quit, they would do it with their real name in the future: "Why bother using a nickname or pseudo-name, it seems not so open and aboveboard?" I told them, "The CCP is just like the Mafia, once you entered it, it wouldn't let you quit, they would persecute you if you quit. So for the sake of personal safety, you can choose not to use your real name when quitting the CCP; but it would count if you used a pseudo-name or nickname, as gods or Buddha's only look at people's hearts. As long as we see through it and quit it, we will no longer be under its control."

Sometimes they would say that there are some good people in the CCP, and that the CCP investigates corruption. I told them, "The evil CCP tried to attract and enroll those elites (with a kind heart) only to use them to decorate its face. The media has publicized that there are hundreds of high ranking officials fleeing China and taking millions of US dollars with them to other countries. The CCP itself is the creator of such corruption, and corruption is everywhere. The CCP deals with the corruption in a selective manner, and it is to serve the purpose of its own political struggle, to persecute one group of people, and to maintain its own power. What the evil party has done has never truly served anything good for China and Chinese people. Its aim is to keep itself alive."

Then they added, "Let's not revisit old wounds. We should leave time for the CCP to improve." I replied, "The Japanese tampered with the history of World War II in their text books. If we would investigate our own history, how could we not to do anything after the CCP has done so many bad things?" Once our talk reached this point, they would not have any resistance on the issue of quitting the CCP.

During this period of time, I truly felt the importance of studying the Fa and reading the Nine Commentaries in my truth clarification efforts. I found that whenever I was stuck by some argument during truth clarification, it normally meant that I didn't truly understand things from that aspect, and my mind was't completely beyond the control of CCP influence. Only when I studied the Fa and the "Nine Commentaries" well could I then clarify the truth effectively. I often listen to the special edition of experience sharing from the practitioners of Mainland China on Minghui Radio, as well as the "Nine Commentaries" when I drive. I feel that it has helped me a lot.

I read many articles by practitioners from Mainland China. Some of them talk about clarifying the truth to their family members too late. Normally they did it when their family members were at the brink of death, but it was too late. That reminded me that the grand force of the Fa rectification is moving forward quickly and that time will not wait for us. We should make good use of every opportunity around us. Here I would like to encourage everyone with Master's poem,

"As Dafa disciples tell people the facts,
It's like sharp swords shooting out together from their mouths,
Shredding apart the rotten demons' lies.
Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them." ("Hurry Up And Tell Them")

This is my personal experience; please kindly correct anything inappropriate.

Thank you Master, thank you everyone!