November 2, 1996, was the last day of the Beijing International Fa Conference. It was a sunny day. In the evening the sunset was particularly beautiful. Practitioners formed small groups and continued to share experiences.

Around 6 in the evening, a staff member of the Dafa Research Association, who was correcting the movements of an overseas practitioner, was asked to listen to something. After a while, he came back with a surprising piece of good news: Teacher was coming to see us at dinnertime.

That evening we had dinner in the front and rear hall of a restaurant near Ditan Park. The front hall was in fact the conference hall. Learning that Teacher was coming, I put down my chopsticks and ran to the front hall. I could see nothing but Teacher.

Teacher asked everyone to sit down and finish dinner. However, no one sat down. Teacher then held out His arms and then made a gesture as if a parent was patting a child's head, saying, "You have dinner first. Then I'll talk to everyone." Then Teacher turned around and went to the rear hall. I chased Teacher with my camera in my hand. After returning to the rear hall, I sat in my seat. Teacher looked at everyone and still advised us to have dinner first. Seeing me by His side, Teacher gave me a hug and a compassionate look. At that moment, I felt my entire being, body and mind, melt in the palms of Teacher's hands. I couldn't think of anything to say to Teacher. I only knew to smile. That kind of happiness I have never ever experienced.

Teacher then left the rear hall. I, along with several other practitioners who also had cameras with them, went out to look for Teacher. We found Teacher standing by a wall separating the front hall from the rear hall. He was waiting for everyone to finish dinner. Staff members from the Dafa Research Association asked us to eat first, so we did not go near Teacher, we just stood outside the rear hall and looked at Him, hoping to snap several pictures. Seeing us tstanding there, Teacher left again. Later we learned that Teacher had come straight from the airport to see us, after a long fight from the US back to Beijing. Teacher did not even have a chance to eat. Teacher went to wait in the car after seeing us chasing Him around. Now, looking back, tears fill my eyes and I feel so ashamed for not considering Teacher back then.

Now I realize that Teacher was in fact setting an example for us back then. He is always considerate of others. Yet I didn't think of others at that time. This is also something I remember dearly.

After dinner, we worked together to quickly turn the dining hall into a conference room. Staff members of the Dafa Research Association asked us to leave the front seats for practitioners visiting from overseas. Soon everyone was seated and then Teacher walked in. Everyone stood up immediately to applaud Teacher. Teacher stopped the applause and began to lecture. In order for people sitting in the back to see Teacher clearly, He asked staff members to put a chair on the table and He then sat on the chair to teach us the Fa.

In the middle of the lecture, a staff member twice reminded everyone that Teacher hadn't had dinner yet and he wanted Teacher to finish lecturing so that He could have dinner. Teacher politely declined and continued the lecture, saying there might not be such a chance to lecture the Fa in the future. At that time, I had conflicting feelings. On the one hand, I wanted Teacher to have dinner but on the other hand, I wanted Teacher to continue to lecture. I even felt that the staff member was annoying.

After the lecture, Teacher went outside while shaking hands with practitioners. I waited for a while, thinking to give other practitioners a chance to say goodbye to Teacher. Then I feared I might miss the opportunity so I went ahead and shook hands with Teacher.

On our way home, we talked about the scenes when we were together with Teacher, and we were filled with tremendous happiness. The following several days I felt my mind was blank, and it was especially wonderful.

Ten years have passed in the blink of an eye. I have endured many tribulations in my cultivation. Every step I have walked has been under the tender care of Teacher. Whenever I have had to face difficulty or danger, I have thought about the scenes when I met Teacher and I felt tremendous strength. I had thought to write this article several times, but due to attachments, I didn't do so until today. The happiness I felt not only motived me to be more diligent, but also is something I'd like to share with everybody. As a matter of fact, each and every one of us practitioners is in Teacher's hands.