(Clearwisdom.net) The Global Chinese New Year Gala is an enormous event, comparable to the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, as we are manifesting heavenly truth on the human stage with a rather merry and elegant approach. Anyone who can personally view the NTDTV Gala is very lucky. This event is a mutual task for Falun Dafa practitioners. Fellow practitioners in China can give overseas practitioners support by sending forth righteous thoughts.

It is very important to rectify our perspective on gala tasks. Our human mindset when advertising our tickets for the gala is important. If we view it as ordinary people's work, it will remain at the level of qi, whereas if we use our divine thoughts, it will be based on the righteous thoughts cultivated from Falun Dafa. This means that if we approach the selling of Gala tickets as saving sentient beings, the results will be totally different.

Sometimes we cannot see the immediate effects, but we still have to keep progressing, as we are not only setting an example for today, but also creating an opportunity for sentient beings to walk their future paths well. We need to advertise the NTDTV Gala using different means and channels. Although sometimes there is no one to buy the tickets directly, as the information is spread far and wide, this will play a positive role at present and in the future. Methods to consider when spreading the Gala information can be by flier, phone calls, e-mails, posters, display boards, and meetings, as they all clean out the evil energy field, and eliminate the remains of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) specter and rotten ghosts.

Master taught us in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles" in February 2006,

"You know, when the band took part in the parades in New York's Chinatown and Flushing areas, on both occasions I saw this scene: When the band was playing, the energy they emitted was tremendous. Be it the energy emitted, the sounds you made, or the music and notes themselves, they all had the effect of validating the Fa and sending out energy."

In fact, the inner meanings of the NTDTV Gala are very profound, and totally beyond ordinary people's imagination. Many people are waiting to be saved today, and many are waiting to watch this giant show. Master has arranged everything, and the only thing lacking is all Falun Dafa disciples' understanding and follow-up actions.

In performing all functions, irregardless of the difficulties, or amounts of interference, we should be clearheaded and approach them with righteous thoughts. Especially when problem situations appear, we should not be self-centered, but always think of others and our one body first. If we truly melt ourselves into the one body, truly do what Master wants us to wholeheartedly do, as long as we hold the Fa in our hearts, everything will be resolved.

We should remain unmoved no matter if the situation on the surface looks good or bad. The first important task for us is to study the Fa solidly, which is the fundamental key. Our wisdom will come from the Fa. Master will unlock our wisdom when we study the Fa well and upgrade our xinxing, so that our tasks will be fulfilled smoothly. I suggest that we form Fa-study groups, and study the Fa together, so we can cooperate better based on that foundation, and truly play our roles as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.

Therefore, let us place studying the Fa as our first priority, so our understanding will be based on the Fa. We can then calmly do our tasks step by step. If some fellow practitioners are attached to passing out fliers at the theater gate or on the streets, or attached to phone calls, and we are not in conventional compliance, then we cannot truly save sentient beings. We need to sell tickets, and the results should not be affected by our human attachments. If we think this is too hard, then it will be too hard. If some coordinators are attached to discussing issues, then deviated beings will take hold of our gaps, and make us busy with discussions, delaying the selling of tickets. If we fail to see through these false images, we will be manipulated by the false phenomena. Thus, we need to avoid all routine matters, and see clearly the nature of the events, as all these are for saving sentient beings, who are waiting! Each situation is arranged for beings to learn the truth. We need to go out more, clarify the truth to people, and enable them to buy the tickets so they can watch the show. We need to directly reach our goals, and then the effects will be better, and the task will not be so difficult.

One specific method is to put up booths in schools, supermarkets, Chinatown, hotels, stations, libraries, to spread the news, selling tickets in person. In this way, we face sentient beings directly in many busy spots, so that they can find us.