(Clearwisdom.net) Several days ago, I heard that another fellow practitioner was arrested. While sending forth righteous thoughts to rescue him, I kept thinking, "The Fa rectification has progressed this far. Why are fellow practitioners still being arrested? What should we be doing differently?"

At the beginning, when the persecution against Dafa had just started, the evil was overwhelming. That situation made many practitioners think this way, "As long as one goes out to validate Dafa, he could be arrested." This created the attachment of fear in many practitioners' minds. But having gone through these several years of evil persecution, Dafa practitioners have really become mature. In the process of assisting Master in rectifying the Fa, keeping up in studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, and saving lives, the situation of the Fa rectification has changed greatly. The dark minions, rotten ghosts and the old evil forces are becoming less and less. Master said,

"As a result of the righteous thoughts that Dafa disciples have put into validating the Fa and saving the world's people, the complete dissolution of the evil beings and elements that play a negative role and persecute Dafa disciples is taking place. Right now, there are only a small number of evil, rotten demons, and they are being concentrated by the old forces in labor camps, jails, and other dark dens that are taking part in persecuting Dafa disciples. This has caused the evil's persecution to remain severe in certain, limited areas." ("Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil")

In mainland China there are oftentimes fellow practitioners being arrested, and there have always been Dafa practitioners suffering inhuman tortures in the evil dens. This is also a result of our fellow practitioners' xinxing not having been elevated to a high level and the existence of the evil having been tolerated.

As our Fa study keeps progressing, our understanding of the Fa keeps developing. Our kind Teacher keeps directing us and enlightening us, and our fellow disciples' levels and realms keep elevating. We are getting more and more clear about what we are cultivating and what our Teacher is leading us to do. Teacher's Fa rectification in the universe is not only to rectify all that is not righteous, and is not only for the disciples to reach Consummation. It is to save all lives in the universe and to save all the lives that have already reached a dangerous point. It is to create a new cosmos. All the Dafa practitioners are helping Teacher, and in the process of helping Teacher to rectify the Fa, they are fulfilling the historical mission in the human world bestowed by kind Teacher. Why should the evil be allowed to arrest and imprison Dafa practitioners at will? The beings of the old universe, the old forces and all the varied high-level lives can be saved by Dafa, but they are an obstruction for Dafa. What qualifies them to arrest and imprison Dafa practitioners?

I had drafted this article before but my thoughts were not quite clear. Today, Master's new article "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil" suddenly cleared my mind and it seemed that Teacher has given me a push forward. I have become a lot more clearheaded. It is time to completely disintegrate the evil, as the Fa rectification has progressed to a new stage. I have come to an understanding that Master wants all Dafa practitioners in mainland China and of the whole world to send forth powerful righteous thoughts simultaneously at the four times daily, in order to completely dissolve all the evil beings and elements that are persecuting Dafa practitioners in the labor camps and prisons of mainland China. At the same time, practitioners are to completely disintegrate and eliminate all the evil lives and elements in local labor camps, prisons, as well as in the related 610 Office organizations, the judicial and public security organs, the detention centers and the brainwashing centers, and to comprehensively eliminate all the evil and completely end the persecution.

During this period of time, only a small number of evil factors still exist, and they are centralized in isolated areas. But as long as they exist, they are poisonous. They are getting more rampant as they approach their end and there are thus disturbances and forms of persecution. Therefore, as we keep sending forth righteous thoughts, we need to be more diligent in studying the Fa and cultivating ourselves. We need to maintain powerful righteous thoughts at all times and to maintain clear minds. In various complicated cultivation environments, among various contradictions and in the process of doing the three things well, we need to continually correct ourselves, to completely change our points of view and to reject all the old forces' arrangements and elements at their roots. They should have already ceased to exist a long time ago and Master has once again reminded us. Our awakening and actions must catch up with Master's Fa rectification progress, and now there is really no time to waste. In ordinary human society, the unprincipled people who do not understand the truth concerning good people is also a manifestation of evil that must be corrected. When sending forth righteous thoughts, we can also communicate through righteous thoughts with the practitioners who are arrested or who have been imprisoned, to strengthen them and to help them break out of the evil dens, and to end the persecution.

We are Master's disciples assisting Master to rectify the Fa. We must think what Master thinks, and we must do what Master wants done. All the practitioners' diamond-like wills believing in Master and the Fa, firmly holding onto righteous thoughts and helping Master rectify the Fa, will soon eliminate all the CCP's evil dens that persecute Dafa practitioners.

I look forward to fellow practitioners' understandings to correct my point of view.