(Clearwisdom.net) The notorious Masanjia Forced Labor Camp advertises itself to the outside as "Liaoning Ideological Re-education School." In reality, it is a living hell. Dafa disciples from around the province were illegally arrested and imprisoned there by the 610 Office. At its peak, there have been 1,000 practitioners detained there. At a minimum, there have been a few hundred people detained at a time. Even though many Dafa disciples who have suffered persecution there have exposed the evil crimes, I would also like to share the circumstances I know about.

In order to persecute Dafa disciples, the evil forces have made this detention system very thorough, with a manager, a political commissioner, brigade chief, party chief, and professional brainwashing "teachers." Apart from this, they have also raised a group of thugs (who call themselves Masanjia No. 2 Women's Forced Labor Camp staff). These gangsters wear police uniforms and are particularly responsible for torturing steadfast Dafa practitioners, and "transforming" them.

In 2005, there were around 60 Dafa practitioners who were rounded up. They were illegally arrested and strictly managed in six rooms of Unit No. 1. They made them sit on small plastic stools all day long. All they were given to eat was some bread and some noodle broth. Each day they forced practitioners to watch and listen to videos, television programs and broadcasts that attacked Dafa and slandered Master Li Hongzhi. The practitioners launched a group hunger strike in protest. The persecutors then began to force-feed the practitioners. Two policemen held down Dafa practitioners' legs, and another two held down their hands. Then a doctor named Cao took a wooden stick that was 2 cm thick and inserted it down the practitioner's mouth, until it reached the bottom of the throat. After that, he poured noodle broth into the practitioner's mouth. It would spurt out onto himself, so he used a towel to seal the practitioners' mouth and nose. There was no room for air. It was extremely painful. Practitioners' lives were oftentimes in danger. If they refused to open their mouths, the persecutors would use tweezers to force open their teeth. Practitioners in six rooms were all force fed.

They also forced practitioners to wear prison uniforms, do early morning physical exercises, labor, and recite prison regulation No. 30. They searched practitioners' clothing, and if they did not cooperate, they beat and swore at them or confined them to a solitary compartment. A practitioner named Huang Sumei practiced the exercises and refused to wear a prison uniform, so a policeman named Dai Yuhong pulled her hair and pinched her arms. The police chief even poured cold water onto her legs and opened up the windows to freeze her. Since Huang Sumei refused to cooperate, she was forced to undergo solitary confinement 3 times, with her hands hung on a bench for 5 days straight. The longest time spent in the solitary compartment was 22 days. Eating, drinking and going to the bathroom all had to be done in that little solitary compartment. The conditions were awful. Policemen searched people's bodies as they pleased, especially on days they considered to be sensitive dates. They made practitioners queue up in lines and searched them at will, from the underwear to inside the shoes. After the search was over, the room looked as though it had been robbed by bandits.

On August 30 of 2006, a group of Masanjia No. 2 Women's Labor Camp guards moved into the labor camp. They began using various torture methods on steadfast Dafa disciples in order to try to turn them against Dafa. The most unbearable method is "the big hang-up", with one hand cuffed to the upper rung of a bunk bed ladder, and the other hand cuffed to the lower end of the bed head. Both arms are stretched out, one high and one low. The person cannot stand up or sit. Both legs are bound. It is excruciating. During this time, one is forbidden to eat or go to the toilet. Some have no choice but to defecate in their pants. Practitioner Wang Guiping was hung like this for 30 hours. His wrists bled from being in that position for so long. He could not endure it and was forced to write the three statements.

Another kind of torture involves force-feeding the victim with drugs on a "dead person's bed." Practitioner Shu Guirong and others were exposed to this. Policeman Ma Qishan and Doctor Cao first subjected them to the "big hang-up." Then, they tied them to the "dead person's bed" to undergo forced feeding. Because the practitioner refused to cooperate, they used a wooden strip to hold her mouth open, and they fed her 2 to 3 bottles of drugs. The practitioner's mouth was injured so badly that she could not eat. Other practitioners, including Liu Guiyuan and Xie Dewen, had their mouths injured in the same way. Practitioner Zhang Liyan did not cooperate and refused to sign her name. Policemen Liu Yong and Ma Qishan bound all four of her limbs to the bed for 5 to 6 hours.

Ten days before being released from the labor camp, practitioners were once again forced to write the three statements to renounce Falun Gong. Persecutors such as Zhao Yonghua and Ruan Suzhen, who stayed at the No. 2 Women's Labor Camp to conduct brainwashing sessions for Dafa practitioners, tried to deceive them with twisted logic. The practitioners did not accept it and refused to write the reports. So the "teachers" reported them to policemen Liu Yong and Ma Qishan, and consequently this group of policemen began to brutally torture the practitioners using the big hang-up. The police wardens discussed amongst themselves the amount of wages and bonuses that would be granted if 10 practitioners were "transformed." Out of greed, these people stopped at nothing to commit dishonorable acts against Dafa practitioners. After they had supposedly "transformed" 61 Dafa practitioners, each night they ate, drank, and amused themselves until very late, taking pleasure in others' suffering.

At present, the persecution at the labor camp is still going on. The practitioners are forced to do early morning physical exercises, sing CCP songs, stand up to greet the party chief, and recite "the 30 regulations." If some practitioners do not greet the party chief, police chief Zhang Lei forces them to greet the party chief 5 to 10 times. If they refuse to do this, they have to stand facing the wall. During meal times, practitioners are forced to sing CCP songs. Zhang Lei punished those who sang the songs in a small voice by making everyone stand and didn't let them eat until they sang the songs loudly. Dafa practitioner Lifeng was physically abused to the point where her arms were injured and she was unable to do physical exercises. Policeman Zhang Lei forced her to hold her arms up and face the wall. Policeman Liu Yong even slapped her in the mouth. Practitioner Liang Qizhen was physically abused until her hips were in severe pain. Walking became difficult. Liu Yong forced her to participate in the military training run. She could not keep up and was forced into a room, where she was struck on the mouth about ten times.

They made practitioners put up cartoons and articles that slandered Dafa and Master all around the classroom. They also forced practitioners to watch videos attacking Dafa. Those who refused to watch it were punished. No one was allowed to rest their eyes. When the practitioners called out, "Falun Dafa is good," the police used steamed buns, socks, and whatever else they could find to gag practitioners' mouths. They extended the practitioners' terms and abused them both physically and mentally.

Currently Shen Yuelin and Xin Suhua, two steadfast Dafa disciples, are suffering brutal persecution. We hope that everyone will help stop the persecution of these innocent women. I hope that Dafa disciples around the world will send forth strong righteous thoughts towards the evil den and completely eliminate the evil that persecutes Dafa disciples.