(Clearwisdom.net) In my district, some veteran practitioners do not have strong righteous thoughts when they are targeted by the evil forces. Some of them are controlled by deviated ideas and hold onto human sentiments. Their time is spent in housework that they do not need to do, keeping them too busy to study the Fa. This affects their efforts to do the three things of Fa-rectification,and gives the evil forces a chance to damage fellow practitioners. I wish to talk about my experience of how the evil attacked my physical body.

A few months ago, my feet become swollen and painful. I ignored them and continued to do the three things. While busy with my housework I did not think to send righteous thoughts. I thought if this tribulation is arranged by Teacher, I will accept it, if it is the persecution of the evil, I will wipe it out. But after a few days, my feet became even more swollen, and all the joints of my limbs were painful. I had difficulty with walking and climbing the stairs. I could not sleep well and woke up due to the pain. This affected my ability to do the three things of Fa-rectification. With my belief that the pain and suffering was eliminating karma, I left an opening for the evil forces to attack me and I did not eliminate it completely. When I realized this was happening, I knelt in front of Teacher’s picture, and my tears flowed freely. I said to Teacher from my heart: "Teacher, even if I did something wrong and I have not found it out yet, I do not allow the evil to persecute me. Teacher says until the day we reach consummation, we will have human thoughts and concepts. Teacher does not recognize the persecution, so I will not recognize it either. I want to take the path that Master has arranged for me. So many people know that I practice Falun Dafa, I want to validate Dafa through my life, and not cause damage and interference to my fellow practitioners." I put aside the fear that my husband would send me to the hospital, and I told him about my suffering and asked for his help with the housework. I sent strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil persecution of my physical body. The next morning, my feet were only half the size they were before and my joints not so painful. With the fundamental change in my heart of selfishness, I recovered totally after three days.

From this experience I truly learned, "If disciples' righteous thoughts are strong, Master has the power to turn the tide."("Master-Disciple Grace" in Hong Yin II, English version B). Before the persecution started on July 20, 1999, Teacher said he had pushed us to our highest positions, so why do we still have the feeling of sickness? I understand that Teacher asked us to send righteous thoughts to help open our supernormal powers, and apply them to eliminating the evil forces. Why don't we believe that we have that ability? I think it is because your faith in Teacher and in the "Fa" is held back by attachments and human ideas. Our bodies should be free of sickness, strong and with no signs of aging. The evil persecutes us both economically and by attacking our physical body. We need to change our mental concept that cultivation is a crime, that if we distribute Dafa materials and clarify the truth we will be arrested, etc. We are the hope of sentient beings' salvation, we should be a good person of total selflessness, concerned about the welfare of other people. Instead of correcting other people, we should correct ourselves first. To do this, we first should have correct understandings, then we would have more strength. The good things in society and in our work units should have our support. We should not be persecuted due to our practicing Falun Dafa. This is one aspect of Fa-rectification. We should have this righteous thought, even if we cannot fully achieve it at present.

Our local Fa study group has been established for one month, and we have a great deal of personal friction, which is helping us to quickly improve our xinxing. We have agreed to diligently look inside ourselves first. From feeling distressed with fellow practitioners who point out our attachments, and talking about others behind their backs, we are now strict with ourselves and if there are shortcomings, we point it out to them face to face. We try not to force our concepts onto others when talking about our experiences after Fa study. There are many levels of the Fa, so we need to practice tolerance with our fellow practitioners. Teacher said that the cultivation environment is the guarantee of improvement; old and new disciples should not lose this environment. Let us improve together diligently.