(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Li Yunyi lived in Xinchang Village, Leli Town, Tianlin County, Guangxi Autonomous Region. He started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. Since July 20, 1999, he actively joined in exposing the evil persecution and clarifying the truth. In March 2000, he was arrested and threatened because he wrote an appeal letter to expose the persecution. In July 2000, the party committee of Tianlin County held a meeting and incited the Tianlin Police Department to detain those Falun Dafa practitioners who firmly persisted in practicing Falun Dafa. The 610 Office arrested Mr. Li Yunyi on July 20, 2000 and illegally detained him for more than 10 days.

In December 2000, Mr. Li Yunyi was detained by the Tianlin Police Department for more than two months because he had clarified the truth of Falun Dafa's persecution to people. Before he was released, the relevant officials who were in charge of the 610 Office and the police department in Tianlin County demanded 3000 yuan from Mr. Li's family. Due to the inability of Mr. Li's family to pay that amount, they released Mr. Li after extorting 1600 yuan.

In March 2001, the 610 Office arrested Mr. Li Yunyi and sent him to a brainwashing class. The lawless personnel did not dare to increase the intensity of persecution because he had gone on a hunger strike in protest. In November 2002, before the sixteenth party conference was held, Mr. Li Yunyi was sentenced to a labor camp for a year because he did not write the so-called guarantee statement and did not give up practicing Falun Dafa.

In September 2005, Mr. Li was arrested and detained for making truth-clarification materials. He was sentenced to five years' imprisonment. Mr. Li had been severely tortured since his detention. In February 2006, he was released for medical treatment. He passed away at his home in November 28, 2006 due to the long-term persecution.