(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa disciple in Jinzhou and I am nearly seventy years old. I will never forget the day when merciful Master arrived in Jinzhou on April 5, 1994, and taught us the Fa. I was predestined to attend the lectures. I thank Master for teaching me this great law of the cosmos, and giving me this second life. I thank Master from the bottom of my heart!

Before I started my cultivation of Falun Dafa, I was a woman with many diseases. I had kidney atrophy, gallstones, an inflamed gallbladder, gastric disease, urethritis, decalcified bone proliferation in three fingers of my right hand, and nerve ending inflammation etc. Among all those diseases, what made me suffer the most was the kidney atrophy. I could not turn my body over when I was lying down, and was not able to get up after I sat down. I suffered from dropsy, lumbago, and dysuria. With such a sick body, I couldn't work. I had to retire early so that I could treat my diseases at home. Accompanied by my family, I went to see the doctor at the Jinzhong Attached Hospital. The test results came after a thorough examination. The doctor was not able to give me any medicine after reading all the reports. Though I suffered from gallstones, the doctor couldn't give me treatment as the prescription for treating the gallstones and inflamed gallbladder would do harm to my kidneys. Both of my kidneys suffered great atrophy and had shrunk into the size of an egg yolk, and their surface was wrinkled.

I remembered the doctor gave me an example in explaining his diagnosis, "The leaves of a corn plant are withered, you want to make it green again, how could that happen?" I was totally shocked. I cried my heart out after I returned home. The feeling of despair made me even more sentimentally attached to my life. I couldn't help but cry to everyone that I saw. I thought of replacing my kidneys, but couldn't afford it as I had to pay the school fees for my four children. There was nothing to do but to rest at home. I remember the doctor even told me, "Don't be upset, just eat whatever you feel like eating!" I felt the weight of these words and understood totally what the doctor meant. It had to be a fatal disease if it couldn't be cured. In order to find any possible way to cure my diseases, I went to do obedience in temples and went to seek a Master in a Buddhist convent. I was asked to give alms, give money, gifts, and other things, and later on I converted to Buddhism. Day after day, the days of my life dragged on like years, but my sickness was still not any better. On the contrary, it became worse.

Just when I had no way out, I was fortunate enough to attend the class when Master came to Jinzhou and lectured on the Fa. When I was listening to the first lecture, I was determined that this was the Master that I had been looking for. I was so excited. I told Master in my heart, "Master, it has been such a hard journey to find you! Today I have found my Master that I have been seeking for, for such a long time!" I listened with rapt attention to the lecture, every single word from Master engraved on my mind, my heart was so open and bright. I gazed fixedly on each hand gesture Master gave while lecturing.

The next day, after the lecture had finished, I went to the toilet when we had a five-minute break. Half way to the toilet I suddenly remembered, how did I stand up from sitting down? I am cured! My lumbago is gone! It wasn't difficult to get up from the toilet either. It was so magical. Master cured my diseases. He gave me my second life. Thank you Master!

In the afternoon, before I went to look for Master, I turned around and found Master right behind me. Master smiled at me. At that moment my mind went blank, I even didn't remember to greet Master. For that, I still have regrets today!

After the break, Master started to teach us the fifth exercise and taught us how to meditate with legs crossed. I couldn't cross my legs as they were very swollen. I tried in vein to cross my right leg and couldn't bear the pain in trying to move my left leg up either, so I gave up. I wrote a note and personally passed it to Master. This was what I wrote, "Master, I can't move my legs up, I can't sit with my leg crossed. What should I do?" Having read my note, Master said with smile, "Tonight, when everyone goes home and meditates, I guarantee that you will be able to sit with your legs crossed." On my way home, I kept thinking about what Master said. After I got home, the first thing I did was trying to meditate with my legs crossed. It was just like Master promised, I crossed my legs with ease, and I sat like that for more than twenty minutes. I knew then that Master was not an ordinary person. He is a living immortal. The things that happened back then was so inconceivable that I will never be able to forget it for the rest of my life!

That same afternoon, we took a group photo with Master to mark the occasion. I have treasured this photo to this day. I am deeply moved every time I recall those days when I was with Master.

I have been practicing Falun Dafa for twelve years now. In these twelve years, no difficulties could shake my belief in Dafa and my deep respect towards Master. I will remember Master's words and do the three things well. We should live up to Master's benevolent salvation and not let Master down.

Fellow practitioners, I wrote the above in order to praise our merciful Master. Bathed in the vast grace of Buddha, let us encourage each other to be more diligent in our cultivation. Let's return home with Master!