(Clearwisdom.net) There is a common saying, "One must guard oneself against others."

In my cultivation and validating Falun Dafa and offering sentient beings salvation, I have realized that this notion of wariness has played an interfering role in my mind. It is often hidden but emerges from time to time. When I am ready to clarify the facts, occasionally a thought pops up, "This person does not know me! If I walk up to talk to him, he might perhaps think I have a bad motive." While I am thinking this, a good opportunity just slips by.

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) residual factors are at work here. During the Cultural Revolution, students denounced and beat their teachers, as did children their parents and husbands their wives. The Party culture damaged the traditional morality. As a result, interpersonal relations became acutely tense and lacked sincerity and mutual trust. In modern society in particular, the Party culture has filled all niches of daily life, and interpersonal relationships seem limited to merely monetary issues. There is a TV series entitled "Do Not Talk to Strangers." I don’t know its content, but the title alone is telling. It might want to encourage people to protect themselves by having less contact with strangers to prevent further harm. This reminds me of what my parents told me when I was young: "Do not take candy from a stranger."

Tracing the source, I think that this was arranged by the old forces. They want to create more obstacles for Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period. If people are wary of Dafa disciples because they do not know us, isn’t it what the old forces want? In fact, our notions make people wary of Dafa disciples. If we did not have the notion of needing to protect ourselves from others, they would realize our compassion and know that we are truly concerned for their welfare, and they would be given a chance to be saved.

Once I clarified the truth to a pedicab driver. I had a pure heart to save him, without any selfish motives or other thoughts; I had also sent forth righteous thoughts. The pedicab driver kept nodding his approval while I was speaking and agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. When I got out of the cab he said, "You have such a big heart, you ought to live at least 200 years!" I know Master used his mouth to encourage me to rescue more sentient beings. I also realized that as we keep sentient beings in mind, Dafa will give us wisdom to save people in better ways.

The old forces do not deserve to exist or to be acknowledged. As long as we just do the Three Things in accordance with what Master told us, the old forces have no power over us. The Three Realms were not created for them; instead, they were established for Dafa disciples and to forge Dafa disciples, and to allow Dafa disciples to establish the future while rescuing sentient beings and displaying their mighty virtue.

What I have written is my limited, personal understanding. Please, kindly point out anything inappropriate.