Greetings, dear Teacher and fellow practitioners.

I am a practitioner from Heilongjiang province. I started practicing Falun Gong on December 24, 1994. I have written down some of my experiences over the past 10 years to report to our great Teacher and to share with fellow practitioners.

1. The beginning

I have been weak and had various diseases ever since I was little. In May 1990 we moved from a rural area to the city for my medical treatment. My husband bought a man-powered tricycle to support the family. In 1994, I obtained the Fa with the kind help of my neighbor. I was fortunate to attend Teacher's Fa lectures. Even now I cannot describe the feelings when I first saw Teacher. It was a feeling of meeting after a long departure. Teacher's every word moved my heart. At that moment, I forgot about all of my suffering. I whole-heartedly listened to Teacher. Teacher's pure, harmonious and great compassionate energy field melted my cold heart. I had never felt as good before. I was very happy just like a lost child who had found her way back home.

The next day Teacher purified my body. All of my diseases were cured. I became a completely new person. I understood why I came to this world and what I should do next. I no longer aimlessly counted the days. Instead I knew what this time was for. I stepped into Dafa gradually and felt that I was the happiest person in the world.

2. Personal cultivation period

Since I practiced Falun Dafa, I have been very fit and energetic. It was truly as Teacher said, "When you're riding your bike it feels like somebody is giving you a push, and you don't get tired no matter how many stairs you climb." When I walked, I felt very light and walked very fast.

I attended a clothing design class and mastered all the techniques in one month. During the day I took orders and finished the cutting. I still had time to promote Dafa and teach the exercises. At night I finished the sewing. Before I went to bed, I recited one article.

Because I studied the Fa every day, I was able to control my thoughts as a true cultivator. People all said that I was different from others and customers were all willing to come to my store. There were over thirty clothing stores in our mall. Many had no business in some seasons. But my store was busy all year around.

There were five or six practitioners near my place. We studied the Fa and practiced the exercises in my home. However, our Fa study team was forced to end when the persecution started on July 20, 1999.

3.The path of Fa validation

Since July 20, 1999, although our team members no longer got together on the surface, we kept in close contact. I knew many practitioners, including some from other places. At that time they made various truth-clarification materials, including banners, stickers, newspapers and flyers. I distributed those materials to our practitioners. Later, when we were short of materials, we bought paper and made the materials ourselves.

In 2003, we resumed our Fa study. In the beginning, we had five or six people. Later it reached over ten people. When we studied the Fa together, each of us improved rapidly. It was truly cultivating together and improving as a whole. We were able to devote whole-heartedly to doing the three things. A senior practitioner in her sixties said, "I can do anything as long as it is for Dafa."

Over several years, we have unconditionally harmonized the whole body no matter how adverse the conditions were. Through our connection, over thirty people asked for informational materials from us. At this time I got in touch with our local coordinator. We had few material sites then. By 2004, most practitioners had stepped forward. Consequently we were even more short of materials. The coordinator who sent me materials said, "The practitioners who are in charge of materials are risking their lives. They are too busy to eat and sleep. They have little time to study the Fa. There are more and more requests for materials." I had mixed feelings after hearing this. They were so busy and sacrificed so much, how could I have the heart to ask for materials? When they did not even have time to study the Fa while doing such a sacred thing, how could they be safe? We were all Teacher's disciples. Why should I wait for others to do the work? I also knew that this work was very dangerous, but I knew how to handle it. I told my husband my intention. He asked: can you really do it? I firmly said yes. I thought to myself: I will do it no matter how difficult it is so that I could relieve some of their burden.

During the most vicious time, the police from our local security office came to my home every day. In fact, they came to my home frequently since the "April 25" peaceful appeal. At that time they were just spying. From July 20th, they instantly changed faces and led a group of people to my home. They took away books, Teacher's portraits and anything related to Dafa. They also asked for my identification card. I did not have it. They then took my picture. On July 19th, one practitioner called me asking me to hide the books because (the government) no longer allowed the practice. I rapidly spread the news among our group. As a result, our books were safe. They did not find anything. One policeman pointed at my nose asking me to turn in the books. I then patiently explained to them how wonderful Dafa was. But they did not listen and said, if so and so came, he would take me to the security office. At that time, my son was afraid and begged me, "Mom, please give them the books so that they won't come again. You can give them just a few. They already saw the books before. How can you not turn them in?" I said, "Those books are more important than my life. You know how I was before." My son was so scared that he could not sleep at night. He asked his father who was working in another city to come home.

The police came again the next day. My husband asked them, "What are you doing here?" They said, "We came to visit your family. We have orders from above. You should cooperate." My husband said righteously, "What's the matter? My wife almost died several years ago. Fortunately she practiced Falun Gong. You don't allow her to practice. Can you take the responsibility if she falls ill?" They said, "You Falun Gong people surrounded and attacked Zhongnanhai." My husband said, "Don't speak nonsense if you don't know the truth. How can you call it an attack? Where can you find such a polite 'attack'? If you run across any Falun Gong materials, you should read them. They will do you good."

I took this opportunity to tell them about my experiences after I obtained the Fa. Later they said, "Since it is so good, you can secretly practice it at home. We will not come in the future." Since then they only called my home every several days. There were many cases like this. At that time, my husband helped me to resist the pressure from family, society, friends and relatives. He gave me a good environment.

Just when I wanted to take charge of materials but could not borrow money, our coordinator came. I told her my thoughts.

Two or three weeks later, she bought me a computer, printer and other materials at her own expense. They were installed that afternoon. At night, I tried the mouse. But I did not know how to use it. My daughter was at home. She could not help laughing, "Mom, you will be lucky if you can learn how to use the mouse in five days."

I thought to myself: "It is the first time in my life to touch this thing. I would not need to use you if it were not needed for Fa rectification. However, since you are chosen and you are here, we have a predestined relationship. We should cooperate. Sentient beings need our materials." Within two hours, everything worked. I was able to print the materials. I was able to try to print flyers the next day.

My daughter said surprisingly, "Mom, you are incredible!" I want to share this with our senior practitioners. Please do not think that we are old, received little education or that our condition is not good. Those are all human notions and we need to get rid of them. Now the materials sites in many areas are still limited, including our area. Especially, the need to promote the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party requires many material sites so that we can evoke sentient beings to choose their future and withdraw from the CCP. So all practitioners that have such conditions, please take the mouse and fulfill our prehistoric vows!

Teacher told us very early on that we need to have material sites everywhere. So please cherish the last opportunity. It is the moment we have been waiting for these past thousands of years. What else can we not let go of? In fact, as long as we have a sincere heart, there will not be anything that we cannot master. If you have the heart, Teacher will help you with anything.

4.Clarifying the truth in rural areas

In 2004, I went back to my hometown to promote Dafa. Together with my little sister (also a practitioner), we covered thirteen villages in one day. We posted several thousand copies of newspapers and flyers from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We specifically looked for villages that were further from the main road, because those villages have poor transportation and rarely are exposed to the outside world. Consequently many people don't know the truth. Some people did not even know what Falun Gong was. Other villages had words slandering Dafa posted on the wall. I felt very sorry. The evil Party has harmed countless sentient beings. I erased those words and posted stickers reading: "Falun Dafa is good."

During this process, the evil persecuted me using various means: we could not find food or water. I was wearing a pair of comfortable sneakers, but I felt uncomfortable as soon as I started walking. After a while, I felt excruciating pain with every step. I thought to myself, I came here after overcoming so many difficulties. I cannot leave with regret. These years so many practitioners were sent to prison for validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. Even under that harsh environment, they are still saving people around them. This little hardship counted for nothing. I sent forth righteous thought all along. A miracle happened under Teacher's compassionate protection. When we walked away from one village, it seemed that it was very far to the next village. But we got there very fast. My sister said that it usually took one hour. How come it was so fast this time? I knew that it was Teacher's protection. Even with this, all of my toes turned black when I got home. They were all swollen. Later the toenails came off and did not recover until the new nails grew in.

I keep reminding myself that I am a Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period. Our responsibility and mission is to firmly safeguard and validate Dafa, clarify the truth, save more sentient beings and realize our prehistoric calling. Teacher requires us to do three things well. We must do them well. Besides studying the Fa, practicing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, and doing housework, I whole-heartedly devote myself to validating Dafa and saving sentient beings.

I have never given any thought to sensitive days. My life is given to me by Teacher and Dafa. I am not under the arrangement of the old forces. No matter what projects we do, the purpose is to save people. How to use various means to let deceived people know the truth, from which angle to clarify truth so that they can accept the truth...those are questions worth thinking about. We need to be clear-headed, wise and cautious. It will be difficult to achieve our goal if we rely on ordinary people's methods. Only when we are in the Fa every moment can we be really safe.

I wrote my personal experience. It not only serves the purpose of sharing with fellow practitioners, but also eliminates evil and manifests the power of Dafa. Please point out anything that is inappropriate.

(This experience-sharing article is from the third annual written cultivation experience sharing conference in mainland China)