(Clearwisdom.net) Xiao Hai (alias) is a 26-year-old man from the city of Jixi. He killed a man by stabbing him 36 times. He was sentenced to a "delayed death sentence" for homicide. In 2003, he and I became friends in prison.

He told me that in 2000, when he got off the train and was walking out of the station there was a huge photograph on the floor. "I almost stepped on it but I jumped around it," he said. "But everyone else stepped right on it. Several policemen walked over and arrested me, saying I was Falun Gong. I finally realized that the person in the photograph was your Master. Through much verification, and after holding me for almost a day, they finally they released me. But now I'm in contact with Falun Gong—I am in contact with you. I know that you are all good people with strict, high demands for yourselves."

I gave him my hidden copy of Zhuan Falun to read. He is truly a person with a predestined relationship. He told me, "If I had learned Dafa before, I would not have killed and accumulated such karma!" He also told me, "I had a dream. I dreamed that I was in a frightful black room, my hands and feet were locked in iron shackles. There were many grinning monsters with fangs who wanted to kill me. I screamed and cried trying to struggle. Then you came and fought them off with your sword. But then the room started to shake and was about to collapse. You grabbed me and ran out of the house. The monsters continued to pursue us. In front of us was a mountain. We climbed as fast as we could, but I just couldn't climb up. You were on top trying to pull me up. When I felt I was about to die, you tried to open the shackles with your sword, but the handcuffs just wouldn't break. You said to me, 'Let's cut off an arm' and I replied, 'How can we do that?' You said, 'Your life is about to end and you still want your arm?!' I answered, 'In that case, then cut if [off].' I could only see the flash of the sword. Before the sword met my arm, the handcuffs came off by themselves, and you pulled me up to the peak. A train appeared and we got on it. Everyone on the train greeted me with eyes filled with happiness. I finally was able to catch a breath, and then I woke from the dream."

After I heard his dream, I told him that Dafa disciples all have predestined relationships, "You see, even though you're in prison, you still have a strong predestined affinity with me. This dream is Master guiding you to learn Falun Dafa with me. Only Dafa can save you." Afterwards he truly started to practice. In such a horrible place and in the midst of intense suppression, he still could steel his heart to learn Dafa. It was truly extraordinary. It made me feel Master's compassion. Even in such a hellhole, he still caught us and lifted us up.

One day Xiao Hai told me that as he was reading Zhuan Falun he raised his head and saw a small Buddha sitting on a colorful lotus. He had already seen it twice. I told him, "Cherish this Fa, and treasure this destiny!"

Xiao Hai was a hot tempered person. Once I lent my shaving razor to a person whom he had problems with before. He threw the razor box on the ground and stomped on it. At that time I couldn't tolerate it, so I said, "Do you cultivate like this?" He was so mad he told me he wasn't going to eat with me anymore (prisoners had no dining hall; they all grouped together in twos and threes and crouched down in the corridor to eat) and that he wasn't going to practice anymore.

However, two nights afterwards he came to me and said, "I had a dream last night. I dreamed that I was under the mountain cliff, and you were on the hilltop above the cliff. The cliff was really really high. I cried and screamed for you to save me, but you couldn't reach me. I started to lose hope. Then I finally remembered, 'Don't I practice Falun Gong?' Just with this thought, suddenly a colorful Falun flew down from the sky and came to my feet. It carried me into the air and straight upwards. I was so scared I closed my eyes. When I opened them I was already standing on the hilltop. This dream ended and I woke up. I realize I was wrong, I will certainly cultivate well in the future." I also apologized for saying things to hurt his feelings. I told him, "Saying 'not to cultivate' are words that cannot leave the mouth."

I was about to be moved to a new prison district. At midday, he tried all he could to see me off. He said, "Guard Li took me to see you and allowed me to eat with you. Did he also learn Falun Gong from you?" I smiled and replied, "How did you know?" Guard Li said with fright, "Don't say that." I laughed after I heard it.

One month later we met again in the prison market. He covertly told me, "I talked to a prisoner about withdrawing from the CCP and he agreed." I heard these words and truly felt happy for him. I said, "Save more of the people around you!"

Since then I have escaped from the persecution of those prisons. One day Xiao Hai called me from prison and told me, "I am very well. I will be well. I can do it. You can rest easy!"