Retribution Comes to Evildoers in Changlinzi Labor Camp

On October 11, 2004, the CCP Committee in Changlinzi Labor Camp, located in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, ordered the torture of Falun Dafa practitioners detained in the Fourth Ward including Mr. Yao Shiguo, Mr. Wang Shiwei, Mr. Kou Fangqi, Mr. Chang Yongfu, Mr. An Xiulun, Mr. Gao Jizhu, Mr. He Qinghui, and others. Among these practitioners, Mr. He Jizhu was tortured so severely that he went into a vegetative state within two minutes.

The villains (all male) involved in this group torture were Camp Head (in charge of reform) Liu Lun; Education Office Head Wang Yu'ou; guards Hao Wei, Ao Ping, and Ding Yanfeng; and prisoners Yang Lei, He Wei, Yu Zheng, Liu Zhihong, Zhong Xiaotao, Guo Lei, Xiaohua (nickname), Yue Yaobin, Rozi-Mehmet, Zhou Fei, Liu Ye, Wang Rong, and others.

Prisoner He Wei died in an accident in 2005. Prisoner Wang Rong died in prison in April or May 2005 from a stroke. Yang Lei was released but returned to a life of crime and was sentenced to a long term.

Zhanqian Police Station Head Yao Deguang Sick with Stomach Cancer

Yao Deguang is the head of Zhanqian Police Station in Anshan City, Liaoning Province. He closely cooperated with Jiang's brutal persecution of practitioners since July 20, 1999. He once fractured a practitioner's arm by twisting the person's hand. He inhumanly tortured many practitioners. He even shouted viciously, "All Falun Dafa practitioners that go through my hands are beaten till they are half dead, no exceptions. People say that mistreating Falun Dafa practitioners will be met with retribution. How come I have never met with any?"

Soon after, Yao had an operation done on his heart, but he still refused to repent. Now he is sick with stomach cancer and is very miserable.

We want to try to persuade those officers who are involved in persecuting Falun Gong and the world's people who still do not know the truth to learn from these lessons. Do not follow those that persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Practitioners are good people that believe in Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance. Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will meet with retribution: this is a heavenly law that never changes. Don't wait until retribution arrives, because then it would be too late for regrets.