Greetings, Teacher! Greetings, fellow practitioners! My name is You Benyu, from Su-Ao, Yilan County. I'm 42 years old, and I have practiced Falun Dafa for over seven years. In the past two years, I traveled to Hong Kong 18 times to clarify truth. I'd like to share my experiences there with everyone.

I. Obtaining the Fa

In 1999, I saw a news report on TV about the "April 25" peaceful appeal when about 10,000 practitioners went to the central government building in Beijing to appeal. I was surprised to hear that practitioners cleaned up garbage from the ground and didn't leave even a piece of paper behind. My curiosity led me to the bookstore, where I bought videotapes of Teacher's lectures and exercises. After I finished reading the first lecture in Zhuan Falun, I saw a Falun inside my stomach in a dream. I opened my eyes wider, trying to see it more clearly, and the Falun disappeared. I thought my poor eyesight was tricking me and I didn't pay any attention to it. Several days later, during the lunch break at work, I saw the Falun again. This time, I could even see the srivatsa symbol clearly. That was an amazing experience. I finished reading Zhuan Falun in the next several days.

Before I obtained the Fa, I was pessimistic about my fate. I was very concerned with fortune telling, how to avoid bad luck and seeking good fortune. I believed that every person's fate had been determined for a long time and that it's not possible for humans to change their fate. Even after I read what Teacher said in the third lecture in Zhuan Falun, "As a practitioner, your path of life will be changed from now on. My fashen will rearrange it for you," I still had my doubts. I changed my mind after I ran into a friend I hadn't seen for a long time. He explained that my fate (judging by my appearance) was much better than before. I began to believe that cultivation can change a person's fate, and I felt so relieved I was able to break away from the constraints of destiny.

II. Clarifying the Truth in Hong Kong

In the past, I sent out truth-clarification materials via postal mail and e-mail. In March 2004, I started to go to Hong Kong for truth-clarification. I had heard other practitioners talking about their truth-clarification experiences in Hong Kong at group "Fa study meetings. That's when I first got the idea of going, but I could not find anyone to go with me, so I stayed put. During the 2004 Chinese Lunar New Year, a female practitioner from Yilan went to Hong Kong by herself during the holiday. I was greatly touched by this, thinking to myself, "If even a lady can do it, what am I waiting for?" Soon afterwards, my trip to Hong Kong became a reality. Teacher also arranged for another practitioner to go with me. I realized that when my attachment to fear was eliminated, everything else fell into place automatically.

While carrying out the truth-clarification effort in Hong Kong, I could feel Teacher's constant encouragement. Every time I went, I had some special experience. Sometimes I experienced guanding. Other times, I saw additional celestial eyes. Sometimes Teacher's Fashen or the Falun adjusted my body. Sometimes I had to pass different tests in my dreams. I could feel Teacher's profound benevolence. He constantly gave me strength and encouragement. The first time I went to the Hongkan Station in Hong Kong, I saw some elderly practitioners pushing carts full of posters and banners. Since I didn't have any experience clarifying truth in Hong Kong, I thought to myself, "I don't know how to clarify the truth but at least I can help push the carts." I was happy that I had found some work I could do.

In 2004, I stayed in Hong Kong for 30 days. Last year, I was there for 60 days. This year, I've been there 10 times for a total of 150 days. Each time I stayed for a couple of weeks. On my first trip, I only held posters for pedestrians to see. I dared not speak to them. Several days later, when the practitioners who did most of the talking were getting ready to go back to Taiwan, I started to worry about who would do the talking in the following days. I told myself it was time for me to speak out. I read the truth-clarification e-mails I had sent out in the past to prepare myself, and I started talking to people about the truth. Although I was not very fluent in the beginning, it was nevertheless an enormous step forward for me.

I found that many visitors from Mainland China acted differently when they stepped off the tour bus. And once back on the tour bus, they reverted. It was like they took off a mask when not on the bus. They were curious about Falun Gong, and some wished to see the posters. They would read one side carefully and then ask me to turn around so they could see the other side. Some were moved to tears by the truth-clarification material, and some bowed to me. Some gave me thumbs up. Some sneaked a peak at the posters from the corner of the curtain on the tour bus. One time a tourist got off the bus and wanted to take a picture with us. He also took pictures of all the posters. He told us he was going to bring all the pictures back to his mother, who was still practicing Falun Gong. I really felt that what I did made a difference.

Now, whenever I have vacation time, I travel to Hong Kong for truth clarification. Sometimes I wonder why I go to Hong Kong so often. Maybe it's my mission and destiny to clarify the truth there. I feel energetic and in a very good state whenever I'm there. My divine side is awakening. Perhaps I could play a more important role there. A practitioner once asked me, "Don't you want to go to North America to attend the Fa Conference if you have a long vacation?" I felt that since I don't have any language problem in Hong Kong, I should clarify the truth to everyone there instead.

III. Clarifying the Truths and Improving Xinxing

When I first started to hold truth clarification posters, I wanted posters about how Dafa is widely spread all over the world. I did not intend to hold posters about the cruel persecution of practitioners. I was afraid those were too bloody and visitors from Mainland China would not accept them. Later I read what Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York:"

"Don’t people hang everywhere that graphic image of Jesus being crucified, with his hands and feet pierced by nails and bleeding? Haven’t people been viewing that image for hundreds or thousands of years? So the problem doesn’t lie in what is presented."

I realized that a human notion was interfering with me. After I got rid of this notion, every poster became a powerful truth-clarification vehicle, regardless of its contents. When holding the posters, I also sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil spirit of the Communist Party and other evil factors on the tour buses.

My breakthrough in truth-clarification came after the publication of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Reading the Nine Commentaries gave me a clearer understand of the history and the vicious nature of the CCP, and its propaganda methods. It also helped me to counter some of Chinese visitors' twisted views. Since I have a loud voice, I made a promise to myself that I would let every Chinese who came to Huangpu hear my truth clarification speech. For example, for a period, I told everyone: "The CCP caused the unnatural deaths of 80 million Chinese since 1949. Now they're persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. They've been sentenced to death by the gods. If you're a member of the CCP, the Communist Youth League, or the Young Pioneer, you're part of its organization and will be a target of God's elimination. Kind-hearted Chinese, hurry up and quit the CCP. This will ensure your safety."

When I'm in a very good state, I can feel that every sentence uttered is like a sharp sword that can penetrate through the fog of misunderstanding shared by the Chinese visitors, allowing them to accept the truth. I also realized that it's very important to get to the point quickly, since we only have a short time to speak to the visitors. It's vital to ensure that the precious Chinese people can hear the truth. I found that The Epoch Times' Solemn Declaration (about quitting the CCP) is very effective in truth-clarification.

In the process of truth clarification, my attachments were also exposed. I sometimes had the competitive mentality. When I felt that I did a good job in clarifying the truth, I would be secretly happy in my heart. Sometimes I felt ashamed of my unkind thoughts and behavior. How come my words could not move the listeners? Is it because I was not kind enough? Is it due to the fact that the topics were not what they were interested in? I realized that the process of truth clarification is the process of cultivation and looking inward. I should clarify the truth from the listener's perspective and let them know that my explanations are important to them. Only then will my words move their hearts, and only then will they listen to us.

Starting last year, I felt that my truth-clarification talks have begun to go more smoothly. Every time before heading back to Taiwan, I would think to myself about how great it would be if I could come to Hong Kong often. Under Teacher's arrangement, I changed professions, and although I earn over 10,000 Taiwan Dollars less than from my previous job, this job gave me the flexibility to take days off. Now I can stay in Taiwan for half a month and go to Hong Kong for the other half of the month to do truth-clarification. One time, my supervisor asked me: "Do you have to go to Hong Kong each month?" I clarified the truth to him and told him how the CCP brutally harvested organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. After he heard the truth, he approved my vacation requests. I realized that if we have the will, Teacher would help us. Everything is arranged by Teacher.

Additionally, I realized that truth clarification is not just talking to the Chinese visitors. Every time we step out of the door we are clarifying the truth. Our every action and thought are part of cultivation. Also, our going to Hong Kong is not just to help the local practitioners to clarify the truth. The one who cultivates gains. Everything we do is for ourselves.

Last I'd like to share with everyone Teacher's poem, "Hurry Up And Tell Them."

As Dafa disciples clarify the truth

Sharp swords shoot forth from their mouths

Tearing open the rotten demons’ lies

Lose no time and save them,

hurry up and tell them

Thank you , Teacher! Thanks, everyone!