(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Sun Changde, 43, from Changchun City, Jilin Province, was illegally sentenced to eight years in prison in 2002 and was held at the No. 2 Prison in Jilin Province, also called the Jilin Prison. He was savagely tortured and developed severe tuberculosis. The prison authorities refused to release him despite his condition, and his health continued to deteriorate. He was eventually released in June 2006, when both of his lungs had completely ulcerated and he was coughing up blood. He passed away on November 28, 2006.

Mr. Sun began practicing Falun Dafa in March 1996. He followed Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, according to Dafa's requirements. Soon he quit drinking and smoking. He became healthier and his family was happy. Jiang Zemin's regime began slandering and persecuting Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. Mr. Sun went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Dafa, and was arrested and detained.

Mr. Sun Changde appealed in Beijing again in March 2000. The police violently punched and kicked him, and sent him to a custody center. After the illegally imposed term had expired, Zhang Shun, an officer from the Heshun Police Station in the Erdao District, took him to the police station, telling his family to wait outside the building. He called Mr. Sun upstairs, where a large man was also present. He asked Mr. Sun whether he would continue to practice Falun Gong or appeal, and Mr. Sun said "yes" to both. They beat him, resulting in several large bumps on his head. After the beating, the police ordered Mr. Sun to move to another precinct within one week so that his status as a Falun Gong practitioner would no longer impact the police in this area. Mr. Sun and his family had no choice but to move.

Mr. Sun Changde was arrested again on January 14, 2001 [Chinese lunar calendar]. During the time he was held at the detention center, the guards often tortured and interrogated him. One year later, Nanguan District Court officials in Changchun City sentenced him to ten years in prison at the Jilin Prison. He was barbarically tortured, and his weight dropped from 198 lbs. to 121 lbs. He could not take care of himself and suffered from severe anemia, blurry eyesight, inability to walk, severe tuberculosis, protrusion of the lower spinal discs and arrhythmia.

Mr. Sun Changde once lost consciousness in the restroom. His family requested medical parole on his behalf numerous times but guard Zhang Yong said, "We can grant medical parole only on two conditions. First, if his family is rich, then we can release him, even if he is not sick. Second, if he would die several days after going home."

Related phone numbers:
Jilin Prison in Jilin Province
Physical address: No 100 Junmin Road, Jilin City, Zip code: 132012
Mailing address: Box 315 Jilin City, Zip code: 132012
Main switchboard: 86-432-4881551
Prison Administration Section: 86-432-2409418
Prison Procuratorate: 86-432-4881515
Administrative Affairs Section: 86-432-4881559
Li Qiang: 86-432-4881551, ext. 3001
Wang Yufan, deputy prison head: 86-432-4881551, ext. 3002
Liu Changjiang, deputy political secretary: 86-432-4881551, ext. 3003
Wang Chengwu, deputy prison head: 86-432-4881551, ext. 3004
Liu Wei, deputy prison head: 86-432-4881551, ext. 3005