(Clearwisdom.net) On March 21, 2005, Zhao Yingling, the dean of the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison, and the deputy dean, Zhao Huihua, led more than ten policemen and over twenty inmates to gather six Dafa practitioners in the hallway in the name of using the toilets in groups. The officials played loud music in the background, which was an unusual phenomenon. They let loose several criminals who were often called heads of the criminals. The criminals did not give any explanation to Dafa practitioners as they dragged them out. Young Nie Xumei was first dragged out. When she was sent back, the blood vessels in her arms were swollen and bruised, and her face was also swollen.

Other practitioners on the spot demanded to know what was happening. The officials then instigated Zhao Xueling, Bai Lihua, Nie Qing and other criminals to intimidate these practitioners with violence. At that time, He Shuhua threw a 51-year-old Dafa practitioner to the ground. They dragged her to the office by her hair, kicked and beat her, stomped on her abdomen, and then attempted to draw blood from her arms and legs. However, led by Zhang Xiuli, the policemen shouted, "Let's not beat anyone!" to cover up their crimes, since they had just finished brutally beating this elderly woman. Prison guards assigned five criminals to monitor each practitioner. Dafa practitioners, including Deng Jianmei, were brutally beaten, dragged and had their blood drawn, which rendered them too weak to walk. They were dragged back to the cell. After having her blood drawn, practitioner Ms. Fu Lihua was taken away under the pretense of taking her to get medical care. She has been missing ever since.

This incident really makes people to think. Why did they forcibly draw blood? Why did they act in such a brutal way? Why did they take away Ms. Fu Lihua, a healthy practitioner, after drawing her blood? Why has she been missing since then? They claimed it was for medical care, but was it a normal method of medical care? Think about it, there must be a criminal purpose behind such an incident. In March 2006, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) brutal acts of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for profit and destroying their bodies to hide the crimes was exposed. We all are concerned for those Dafa practitioners who are taken for blood tests. If a practitioner's blood type was matched, he would be killed, right? Where is Fu Lihua now? This really concerns us.

Ms. Deng Jianmei had a heart attack from this torture. At that time, her body kept trembling. Now, she has heart attacks several times per day. She is very weak and lean, and cannot eat. Her body still trembles and she has difficulty walking. Sometimes, she can not move for several days. She is on the brink of death.

Herein we ask kind and just people to offer your help, call for the release of all Dafa practitioners who are illegally detained, including Deng Jianmei, determine the whereabouts of Fu Lihua and other missing Dafa practitioners, and bring the evil people to justice.