(Clearwisdom.net) I have often read articles on "Minghui Weekly" of how practitioners send forth righteous thoughts from a short distance. I would also like to share my experiences regarding this issue.

In 2001, immediately after Teacher told us how to send forth righteous thoughts, a local weekly newspaper with a circulation of 30,000 began to frequently print articles that slandered Dafa. I worked near the newspaper office and started to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the old forces, the dark minions, and the rotten ghosts that controlled the publication and the chief editor. After two months of continuously sending forth righteous thoughts, the newspaper stopped printing the slanderous articles.

On another occasion, during the opening of the National Fitness Games, I began to recite the Fa-rectification formula to eliminate the evil. As a result, the flag only went up the pole halfway and stopped. A few minutes later, however, due to the interference of other thoughts, the flag went up to the top of the pole. I immediately cleansed my impure thoughts and continued to send forth righteous thoughts to prevent the flag from opening up. Even though it was a windy day and the flag was facing the wind, it did not open up, but just wrapped around the pole. Thousands of people who attended the ceremony witnessed this scene.

Through my personal experiences, I realized that Teacher's Fa-rectification formula is Buddha Fa. It is also the omnipotent Fa weapon that Teacher gives us to help eliminate the evil forces during the Fa-rectification. Only if our hearts are calm and thoughts are righteous can it display it's magnificence.