(Clearwisdom.net) My home is in Chiping County, Shandong Province. Prior to 1997, my grandmother had been diagnosed with late-stage esophageal cancer. To cure her disease, we had spent our whole family's savings. However, the effort was ineffective. The doctor said that if he performed surgery, there was only a 30 percent chance of success. We were presented with an agreement to sign, stating, "Should the surgery fail, the hospital or its doctors are free of any responsibilities." My grandmother decided not to take the risk and said that she would rather stay home and let go of life naturally.

Just at the time when our whole family was desperate, my daughter-in-law brought Teacher Li’s audio recording of Fa-teaching. With a mindset of "giving it a try," grandmother started to practice Falun Dafa. At that time, Grandmother wasn’t able to eat regular food. She could only eat lightly scrambled eggs, and it took her multiple tries to eat just one egg. In addition, she could only take a pill by dissolving it in water.

However, after beginning Dafa practice, Grandmother no longer took pills. After several days of practice, a miracle happened. Although Grandmother did not even know all the moves of the exercises and she could only sit in a half-lotus position, she felt silk-like sensations climbing up and down between her mouth and stomach. At that moment, grandmother thought, "This is good. Teacher is helping me purify my body!"

When midnight passed, grandmother felt pains inside her stomach and wanted to use the restroom. (She hadn't been able to walk for months.) The substance that came out of her stomach was yellow and sticky, and we were unable to brush the toilet clean as a result. The next morning, grandmother felt hungry, so we cooked her three eggs She ate them without any difficulty at all. After that, Grandmother could gradually eat more kinds of food. The whole family was extremely happy about her improvement, and ,of course, Grandmother was more energetic and more able to study the Fa and do exercises. My mother and I also started to practice cultivation.

Not only did Grandmother regain her health, but also she appeared younger and younger as she kept practicing. When she walks, she feels that her body is very light. We also formed a practice site right in our home, and many of our family members joined us and began cultivation. Dafa brings happiness. Dafa is indeed a supernormal science and Dafa shatters all lies.

The Chinese Communist Party defames Dafa with the most ugly, most shameless, most despicable methods. The evil Party's words are total lies, and we'd like to let everyone to be aware of this and not get cheated.