(Clearwisdom.net) Gansu Province People's Court, a body of the CCP's totalitarian rule, is planning to put Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Cao Dong on trial. The first session is scheduled as follows:

Friday, December 22, 2006 at 9.a.m.

Location: the Xifeng Criminal Court Room, Gansu Province State Security Division in Lanzhou City
Chief Judge Zheng (first name unknown)

Defense lawyer Ma Guangjun

Mr. Cao Dong met with European Parliament Vice President Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott on May 21, 2006 and exposed the persecution of Falun Gong to him. For this, the CCP is arranging for him to be tried on the following trumped up charges:

1. Illegally connecting with an international "anti-China force";
2. Illegally agreeing to be interviewed;
3. Illegally posting news on the Minghui website;
4. Illegally hiding and possessing Falun Gong booklets and discs.

The so-called trial is really nothing more than a farce.

Ever since Mr. Cao Dong was arrested on the day of his meeting with the European Parliament Vice President Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott, his parents, parents-in-law, and his later-released (from Beijing Women's Labor Camp) wife have not been allowed to visit him. Mr. Cao Dong has been detained since May 21, first in Beijing and later in the Gansu Province State Safety Bureau Detention Center in Lanzhou City.

In this long half year, knowing the terrors faced by other Falun Dafa practitioners in China's jails and labor camps, we care not to imagine how Mr. Cao Dong has been tortured. Judging from the conversations between government employees and Mr. Cao Dong's family, we can tell that the CCP is trying to use all of its might to force Mr. Cao Dong to give in. If Mr. Cao gives in, the CCP can deny its bloody crime of persecuting Falun Gong in the international society. The evil officials have told Mr. Cao Dong's family many times that if Cao Dong would write a "regret letter," it would be easy to deal with the international society. They have forced Mr. Cao Dong's parents and parents-in-law to accept their video tapes and help them pressurize Cao Dong.

Mr. McMillan-Scott said to journalists, "The Chinese Ambassador told me that the reason Mr. Cao Dong was arrested was because he re-started Falun Gong activities. That is propaganda about Falun Gong, and it is very ridiculous, because Mr. Cao Dong was arrested immediately after meeting with me- the European Parliament Vice President."

We are here to urgently call to all people in the world with justice to pay close attention to Mr. Cao Dong's case and help stop the persecution altogether

December 20, 2006