(Clearwisdom.net) On Sunday my mother could not find the key to her room. She first tried to recall every detail of what she did during the last few days, then asked everyone at home who might have taken it, but no one had. Mother asked me several times. Somehow she believed I must be the one who took it. I felt we had wasted the whole morning looking for the key and discussing it. I believe this must be interference for us, preventing us from doing Dafa work. I said to my mother impatiently, "Stop asking everyone! As long as you did not lose it outside the house, sooner or later you will find it."

Three days later mother apologized to me, "I found the key. It was in my sewing kit." I said, "You need to think about it. Nothing is accidental for a Dafa practitioner." Mother said, "I did not look inward and only looked for others' faults. I wanted to find others' faults, even if I was wrong."

I also realized that this incident pointed out my competitive ego and unwillingness to accept criticism. All of a sudden I thought to myself, "If we lose the key in human life we could not go home. What is the key for a Dafa practitioner to go home?" I understood that studying the Fa is the key for Dafa practitioners to go home. Master reminds us to study the Fa.

Mother said, "What is our problem? We study the Fa. Do we not study long enough? Are our hearts not calm enough? I often feel sleepy when doing the sitting exercise, so there may be a problem."

After talking about it we realized that the form of our Fa study was incorrect. Because we were trying to recite the Fa, we studied the Fa individually rather than as a group (as Master told us to do). We should study the Fa as a group, even if there are only the two of us. I said, "From now on let us study the Fa together for an hour each day, reading Zhuan Falun." Mother said, "Let us start today! We can take turns reading."

When we studied the Fa together we noticed a problem. Mother often misses words when reading. Some words were also not pronounced correctly. I said, "Don't worry about the speed. We should not miss any words, because this is the Fa. Anything we miss in this dimension is an omission in other dimensions. The evil may escape through these omissions."

Mother [then] read the Fa word by word, and if she missed a word she would repeat the sentence again. It helped me to improve my patience during mutual Fa study and stopped our minds from wondering off. We both benefited.

December 7, 2006