I took up Falun Dafa practice in 1996. Before the Chinese government officially banned the practice, our team used to enjoy group study and practicing the Falun Dafa exercises together. However, since the persecution started, and due to my inability to pull myself away from the common attachments of fame, material gain and human affection, I stopped doing the exercises and Fa study altogether and resorted to staying at home. Come to think of it now, I was extremely foolish. Our merciful Master has not forsaken me for what I have done. Instead, time and again, I was protected from harm. Thus, I have never left Dafa.

Under the patient assistance of other practitioners, I rejoined the group. They kindly dug up the exercise tapes to helped refresh my memory and printed out Teacher's lecture from 1999 to consolidate my understanding of the Fa. I was delighted to resume Dafa practice. Soon afterwards, I joined the others in group practice. My first step in validating Dafa was sharing with the others my heartfelt experience during the time when I was still dissociated from Falun Dafa.

The incident happened when my home was being renovated. I climbed up a ladder to paint the ceiling. To prevent the ladder from slipping, I wrapped anti-slip material around the foot of the ladder. However, an accident still happened. The ladder slipped, and I fell heavily to the stone floor. Later, I knew that the accident was meant to take my life. I was completely immobilized but still conscious. I felt blood rushing to my head and gushing from my mouth. It seemed that was the end of me. Without thinking, I cried in my heart, "Master, save me. Your disciple is in trouble." Then, I saw Master's image flash before my eyes. At the same time, my blood flow returned to normal, and my limbs regained functionality.

Later, my family sent me to a hospital for a check up. I had a broken arm from the fall, and my head suffered from a minor concussion. There were no other injuries. I knew that Teacher was protecting me. After resetting the bones, I recovered very quickly.

After rejoining group practice, I improved quickly. The most noticeable change was my body. During the time when I stopped practicing, my body had been aching all over. Often for no reason, tears would roll down my cheeks, and I often felt nervous and scared. All these symptoms disappeared when I started practicing Falun Dafa again. I also understand why my tears fell so often - my body in the other dimension saw that I was giving up Falun Dafa, got worried and cried.

With the help of a fellow practitioner I declared on Minghui.net that all my actions that were not in accordance with Dafa were void. I will follow Teacher to the end and repay Dafa and the loss caused during the last few years. Now, I have offered my home to be used as as place for Fa study. At present, I join the others in truth clarification and help distribute the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. I keep up daily with the three things stipulated by Teacher and I hope to get in touch with the other practitioners that have dropped out in the last few years.

As I do not know how to write properly, this article was written with the help of a fellow practitioner. Everything written here comes from my heart. If this article is published, I would like to call upon practitioners who have dropped out to consider seriously taking up Falun Dafa again. All of us are waiting and Master is waiting for you to make the move. This is an opportunity of a life time. Do not be deceived by superficial things.