(Clearwisdom.net) I was fortunate enough to attend the seventh Falun Dafa seminar Master held. It took place at the Mingfanggong Auditorium of Jilin University, Changchun City. My memories of the time are deeply imprinted in my mind. I can never forget the grand occasion. Every time I recall this memory, my eyes fill with tears. It motivates me to walk more steadily on my cultivation path.

1. Miraculous Experience Getting Rid of My Diseases

I'm a woman from a rural area. I'm 55 years old. Before I obtained Dafa, I had all kinds of diseases, for example, lung disease, hepatitis B, etc. I started working on the farm when I was a teenager. Due to the heavy work, I suffered severe internal injuries. I couldn't turn around in bed at night. None of my internal organs were in good condition. The worst part was I lost feeling in one of my legs. I couldn't walk or squat and was left paralyzed in bed. Our family was poor. But they still sent me to see a doctor. When the doctor was giving me an injection, the injection didn't even go in. I was carrying a heavy burden mentally. I felt my life was ending. I lost my hope for life and the future. Looking at the children and my husband; I didn't want to add burden to their lives. I often cried when I was alone or late at night. At that time, I didn't know what cultivation was. But deep in my heart, I had a strong thought - I wanted to invite a Buddha into my house. Due to the attachment of inviting a Buddha, I had contact with some bad things.

One of my teachers from elementary school, Gao Ming (Alias), believed in Buddhism at the time and he learned some Qigong. One day, he came to my house and told me that through some Qigong magazines, he saw there was a great practice called "Falun Gong." Master Li was a legendary person. He said he was planning to attend Master Li's seminar in Dalian City. He told me the fee was very low, but people were getting a lot from them. During each seminar, they would eliminate a disease for every practitioner who attended. If practitioners didn't want to have their own diseases eliminated, they could think of a family member or relative and have their diseases eliminated. Gao Ming said he was going to give that chance to me.

On the fifth day that Gao Ming was in the seminar, at around midnight, I suddenly woke up and got up. I moved my foot and thought to try it out first. My big toe was moving. Miraculously, my toes started having feeling again. I was so excited and started having hope for the future. After Gao Ming returned, he told me, "On the fifth day, when Master was purifying practitioners' bodies, he thought of me and gave that opportunity to me." I then told him how I felt and benefited from it. We were all thrilled because we personally felt the wonderfulness of Dafa. We were so grateful for Master's benevolence. Gao Ming said, "Didn't you always want to invite a Buddha? I personally witnessed a true Buddha!" Gao Ming showed Master's picture to me and told me: "This is Master." That was the first time I saw Master's picture. When I got the picture from Gao Ming, I felt an electric current go into my brain. I also felt a strong energy that enriched me. I couldn't tell what my feeling was truly like at the time, sweet or sour. I couldn't speak for a while. I couldn't explain in human language how I felt at that moment.

He also told me that Master would come in May for the seventh seminar and asked me if I wanted to go. I immediately said I would go. He asked me, "Can you go though?" (Because my family was poor and we didn't have enough money. Plus I still couldn't walk by myself) I said I could go. I now know that although I hadn't seen Master then, our benevolent Master had already started taking care of me.

2. The Seminar in Changchun City

After I decided to attend Master's seminar, I benefited greatly both physically and mentally. I know I'm very fortunate. Master started purifying my body for me, which made me gain even more confidence to attend Master's seminar. I was looking forward to seeing our great benevolent Master soon. Finally May came and I welcomed the day of the seminar. Because of our poor finances, I had to borrow one hundred yuan from relatives. The registration fee was fifty yuan. The rest of the money was my travel fee. I couldn't afford to stay in a hotel, so I took a bag of rice and decided to stay with relatives or friends when I got to Changchun. No matter what, I wanted to see Master and listen to Master in person. When I got to Changchun City, fellow practitioners there welcomed us warmly. I heard from them that Master was at the station to welcome practitioners the previous day. I thought: "How nice would it be if I got here yesterday. Then I could see Master." After a while, when we went to register, out of our expectation, Master showed up. Master shook hands with everybody. I didn't move and just looked at Master with so much emotion. I thought: Why does everybody try to shake hands with Master! Master is so tired! Please let Master rest!

The first day, Master started teaching the class. When Master stepped in, the whole auditorium was filled with loud applause. I looked at Master and my tears were dropping. I felt it was the greatest honor and my greatest happiness to be able to see Master and listen to Master's lectures in person. I didn't have any other pursuit. I only wanted to follow Master and conform to Master's Fa.

Master was very concise. He went directly into the main topics. During lectures, Master always only had one piece of paper in front of him. But every time, Master could talk for two hours, vividly with humor, to make all practitioners moved and involved in the energy field filled with benevolence and peace. The more I listened to Master, the more I liked to listen. Although I couldn't memorize too much of it because I just started learning, I firmly remembered the ultimate Fa principles in the Universe that Master repeatedly emphasized - "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." I made up my mind that I would act to conform my whole life to the Fa and follow Master forever.

Because there were so many people in the seventh seminar, around three thousand people, Master had to separate it into two sessions - one in the morning and one at night. I bought the morning ticket. After that, I didn't have enough money to buy the evening ticket. But I was so eager to listen to Master's lectures, so I followed everybody and went into the auditorium again without buying the ticket. During the third evening session, Master said: "Some practitioners are so eager to learn the Fa that after they attended the morning class, they are coming again at night." I blushed and thought: Isn't Master talking about me? Whatever we do we can't hide from Master. Master knows everything!

One day, Master was purifying practitioners' bodies. Master said: "One, two, three" and asked everybody to stomp their feet together. But some practitioners started stomping their feet too early. In order to get better results for purifying practitioners' bodies, our benevolent Master smiled and patiently asked everybody to do it again.

One day, per practitioners' requests, the sponsoring organizations arranged for everybody to take pictures with Master. Master happily agreed. In a group of practitioners who was taking pictures, there was a male practitioner in his sixties with crutches. He was sitting on a bench in the front row. Master asked him why he was sitting there. He said: "I can't stand up." Master asked him to go to the back row to take pictures with everybody. After the pictures were taken, Master asked him to throw away his crutches. His wife helped him get rid of the crutches. Master asked him to walk forward. He happily walked several rounds. Everybody was amazed by Master's greatness and the wonderfulness of Dafa. Many people shed excited tears. Later, this practitioner walked to the auditorium everyday to listen to Master's lectures. He no longer used crutches.

After nine lessons, Master gave practitioners time to ask questions. Looking at our benevolent Master, I couldn't think of any questions. My tears kept falling. I was afraid that I would never get another chance to listen to Master's teachings in person and see Master because of my financial condition. I was thinking this is the last day I was fortunate enough to be with Master. So I couldn't stop my tears. Because of this wrong thought, I was never able to listen to Master's lectures in person again. But although regretted, I clearly understand that Master is protecting us and watching us all the time. This motivates me to improve and advance everyday.

3. Having Obtained the Fa to Cultivate; Don't Miss Out on this Precious Opportunity

After attending Master's seventh seminar, I had a new understanding and a new view of the world and human beings. I became a person full of hope for the future. Through studying the Fa, I gradually understood the profoundness of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." With Master's teachings, I understood how to become a good person and how to become a person that is not the same as an ordinary person. My Xinxing improved and my realm rose continuously. My diseases gradually and miraculously disappeared. I was benefited both physically and mentally from Dafa. The people in my village have all witnessed the huge changes that have happened to me since I obtained the Fa and many have walked into Dafa cultivation. At one point, there were over a hundred people participating in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. I took over the responsibilities of assisting others with learning the Fa and teaching the exercises. Until now, I still study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth with our local practitioners. We want to do the three things well and fulfill the great vows we made before history - assisting Master to rectify the Fa. With my firm belief in Master and Dafa, I have walked this path until today.

During this time, I've experienced Dafa's wonderfulness again and again. For example, not too long after I attended Master's seminar, while I was walking a horse bit one of my hands and raised me off the ground. When it released my hand, I saw it was already very bad. It was bloody and I could see my bones and muscle. Some of the muscles were torn. But I simply wrapped it up without any medicines. It recovered fine really soon. People were all amazed. I was so grateful and this made me even further believe in Dafa and Master.

Master said:

"There are not many opportunities for something like this, and I will not teach this way forever. I think that those who can listen to my lectures in person, I would say, honestly... you will realize in the future that this period of time is extremely precious. Of course, we believe in predestined relationship. Everyone sits here all because of a predestined relationship." ("Lecture One" in Zhuan Falun)

As a fortunate Dafa practitioner, as one of the luckiest ones, I was able to see our great benevolent Master and listen to Master's lectures in person. I should treasure even more the precious opportunity that only comes once in tens of thousands of years. Our Teacher has the divine power to eliminate all the evil and demons, and all his mighty virtue is to be respected by the gods in all levels of the universe. We can't accurately describe, using human language, the scope of Master's large-mindedness, selflessness, nobleness and greatness.

In fact, our great benevolent Master always watches us and protects us. Every true practitioner has experiences of Master's benevolence and witnessed the miracles of Dafa. We should firmly believe in Master and righteously understand the Fa principles and steadily walk the final steps on our cultivation path so that we can better accomplish the Three Things Master asks us to do: Studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth.