(Clearwisdom.net) After Master's new article "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil" was published, I felt Dafa disciples have a big responsibility. Dafa disciples persist in extending the time they send strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings, dark minions, rotten demons, and old forces in other dimensions which persecute Dafa disciples. However, I found some Dafa disciples (including me), always fall asleep when sending forth righteous thoughts without a clear main consciousness: palms are not straight, lotus hand signs are not stretched, and bodies are wobbly. The goal of eliminating evil cannot be achieved at all. We also lose time, leave a loophole for evil to exploit, and affect the ability of our whole body to eliminate evil. The disciples who have this situation (including me), always remind each other to open our eyes when sending forth righteous thoughts, and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil interference. But the effects are not good and that situation appears again not long afterwards.

One day, when I was studying the Fa, I read:

"Our practice isn't like the typical qigong practice, where people get all in a daze, they're all foggy, and they get obsessed. In our practice you have to know full well that you're cultivating yourself. ...We have a rule that your master consciousness has to be aware, and that's because this practice cultivates the real you. So you have to improve yourself while you're fully aware of it.." (Zhuan Falun)

We understood through the Fa that it is because our main consciousness is not clear that we are always sleepy when sending forth righteous thoughts. So our main consciousness should predominate while sending forth righteous thoughts. We should know we are sending forth righteous thoughts no matter how much we meditate; our thoughts should also be focused, undistracted by stray other thoughts, completely meeting the requirement for sending forth righteous thoughts so as to achieve the effect of dissolving evil.

The above is my rough understanding. This is my first time writing an article; please correct me if something is not right somewhere.