(Clearwisdom.net) I had a dream a few days ago. There were only images, no audio, in the scenes of the dream.

Teacher was teaching the Fa in a small room and I was lost, trying to find my way to the room. It was pouring rain outside. The sky looked dark and I was very anxious to attend the lecture. I spent a lot of effort finding the room. Finally I opened the door to the correct room and sat in the last row. The feeling I had at that moment was similar to the feeling of finding my own mother, and my eyes could not help filling with tears. Benevolent Teacher stood facing us, teaching the Fa. There were four or five rows of practitioners sitting in the front seats. However, they were either asleep or chatting amongst themselves.

My location was not good because I could not see Teacher clearly. I was so anxious that I stood up to see Teacher. Then, some practitioners sitting in the front seats left the room. I went to the front to ask Teacher: "People have said that Zhuan Falun is a precious book, so why are they falling asleep when they can see you?"

Teacher smiled but did not answer. He continued teaching the Fa on the stage.

When I awoke from the dream, I still could not stop the tears from covering my face. Teacher has always told practitioners to study the Fa well. The Fa, such a great Fa, is presented to everyone, but the practitioners do not focus on studying. They study the Fa with various attachments. This shows that they don't respect the great Fa.

Benevolent Teacher has left the precious book Zhuan Falun for practitioners. When we open the book, what are we thinking about? Do we really fully focus on studying the Fa? Can we guarantee that we study the Fa well every day?

The day before the evening of my dream, I read an article composed by a practitioner. It recalled the days when the author was in Teacher's presence. The article mentioned that Teacher looks a little older these days. In the dream, I intentionally looked at the back of His hand. Though Teacher's hands look slim, they still bear the marks of age. Benevolent Teacher still encourages practitioners that cultivating the Fa can make you look younger and to return to your true self. By this comparison, we can see how much Teacher has been worried about and endured for practitioners.

Those practitioners who left the room in my dream make me feel sorry. This reminds me of myself and the practitioners close to me who have relaxed the will to be diligent in these last crucial moments. An unstable cultivation status is also reflected in the work of Fa-rectification and communication between the teams. Our work is not highly efficient as a result.

Practitioners, we should not relax our will to be diligent in these last moments. Teacher is waiting for us to diligently practice cultivation. Let us practice cultivation well, following Teacher's requirements.

Please kindly correct me if I have any inappropriate understanding.