Falun Dafa has been spreading throughout the world for nearly 15 years. By presenting the highest principles in the universe, "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," it has presented a precious opportunity to all, awakened human hearts deluded by false notions accumulated for generations upon generations, offered the possibility of preventing the further decline of today's free-falling human moral standard, and enabled sentient beings to cultivate back to their original, compassionate nature. The Buddha Fa has been made public in the human world, and many amazing incidents have taken place in the Daqing area. I would like to share with you about the time the swallows returned to listen to the Falun Gong music in hopes that it will inspire more people to treasure their opportunities and return to their true selves.

Swallows listening to the music of Falun Dafa on the windowsill and in front of the window screen

Swallows on the electric wires listening to the music

One morning in late fall, I opened the windows and put a tape recorder on the windowsill. Then I turned the volume all the way up and started playing Falun Dafa music with one thought on my mind: "Let Dafa music harmonize all sentient beings." Then I went to deal with some other things.

When I came back to change the tape, I was stunned by the scene in front of me: swallows that should have been heading south had, instead, shown up on my windowsills, in both small and large groups. There they were, one after another, opening their sharp, little yellow beaks, staring with their round eyes as black as beans, and listening to the music so attentively. As the soothing music played, the swallows flew up and down, as if they were dancing. Some landed on the top of the roof or attached themselves to the walls. Most of them were standing all in a row on the electric wires. The wires swayed in the wind and, listening to the music, the swallows were swaying as well, very much at ease. They were preening their feathers with their sharp little beaks and chirping to each other happily.

I went up close to the tape player, yet the swallows were not frightened away. As soon as I put away my tape player and stopped playing the music, the swallows all of a sudden gathered on the windowsills. They just did not want to go away. My heart was touched. I had lived in another place before, and I had seen the same scene there as well. I believe that it is because Falun Dafa is the universal, fundamental law that truly saves sentient beings. Dafa, the Fa every being came to the human world for, has been spread in the human world. The swallows, too, were aware that Falun Dafa can save all sentient beings. They were aware of the benevolence and peace conveyed by the music. "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" resonated from every note. Dafa's power was penetrating into many layers of the microcosm, inspiring kind thoughts and cleansing souls, enabling beings to return to their most beautiful worlds.

I recalled one of Teacher's cultivation stories:

"I said that there was a Buddhist monk who was preaching from the scriptures in a temple, and he saw two birds perched on the windowsill, unwilling to leave. So he said to them, 'If you two want to listen to the Buddhist scriptures, reincarnate as human beings and then come and listen.' The two birds then suddenly took flight, hit a tree trunk outside the temple, and died. (Teacher smiles) Twenty years later, two young men came and wanted to become monks. (Teacher smiles) I am only making a point here. When a being knows he can go to a heavenly kingdom, nothing can compare to that, and he would rather die for it." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles")

Human beings are the most intelligent among all beings and also the most precious. The reason why we came to this world is not to be being human beings, but to return to our true, original selves. We have gone through generation after generation and countless reincarnations to arrive at this current stage. We are so fortunate to witness Dafa being spread in the human world. How can we not treasure this priceless opportunity?

"The Lord of Buddhas, whose mercy is incredibly immense, has left the Buddha Fa to human beings. The universe is giving humans another opportunity, allowing the mighty Buddha Fa once again to reveal the universe's actual reality to the human world, to wash away all filth and ignorance, and to use human language to recapture its brilliance and splendor. May you cherish it! The Buddha Fa is right in front of you." ("Remaking Mankind" in Essentials for Further Advancement)