(Clearwisdom.net) I work in a company. Because I was quite busy at work, I spent less time on Fa study and the exercises. Sometimes when I was very busy, I was unconsciously suspended between cultivation and non-cultivation. From time to time, I woke up and became diligent, but soon I would return to the same stale state again. When I saw other practitioners cultivating well, my jealousy would emerge. Later, because of conflicts with co-workers, I temporarily left the company and stayed at home. During that period at home, I calmed down to study the Fa and practice the exercises. Once again I realized the true meaning of life and found out the reasons why I was not diligent before. One reason was that I had a strong attachment to doing things; it made me have an ordinary person's state of mind and to deal with things in ordinary ways. The other reason was that my main consciousness was not strong. Cultivation is like sailing against the current—not advancing is going back. Slacking off a little each day can make one quickly go back to being an ordinary person.

Later I went back at the company to work again. I was determined to make a new start. As a practitioner, I would treat everyone and everything with tolerance and compassion and clarify the truth to everyone I met. Once I found there was a quality issue in a project done by a certain team. In order to not delay the work, during the lunch break, I went to make some measurements and found that it indeed exceeded the required threshold. While I was measuring, the head of that team came by, and he was really drunk. He saw me inspecting the project and became angry. He broke the line I was using for measurement and threatened me, demanding that I leave him alone. I calmly and patiently explained the importance of making the correction before it was too late. He was persuaded and changed his attitude. I then clarified the truth about Dafa to him. He listened to me attentively and understood the truth.

After dinner, when workers had time to themselves in their dormitory, I often went there to talk with them and advised them to quit the CCP and its related organizations. Later, whenever the workers saw me, they would ask me to tell them things. Many workers have quit the CCP and its related organizations.

When I went to purchase building materials in the city, I clarified the facts to the boss of the shop. On the road, I gave truth clarifying flyers to drivers. When I went to school for business, I talked to the teachers. Eight or nine people out of ten were usually interested in the truth-clarification and some even quit the CCP. Before clarifying the truth, I always send righteous thoughts first to eliminate the bad, evil factors behind them and then tell the facts with a compassionate heart. This has a better effect.

I often traveled along country roads since I worked on two projects located in different places. I distributed truth-clarifying materials as I went. I first eliminated all the interference and then asked for Master's help to let those who had predestined relationships get the materials. I drove a car on the country roads and distributed the materials at places where farmers could see and take them, such as in bicycle baskets, low bushes alongside the road, or at the side of an open farm field. When I arrived at my destination, I had run out of materials. Although I am busy at work and haven't clarified the truth at all times like some other fellow practitioners have, my cultivation is reflected through my work. I find clarifying the truth doesn't delay my work and I don't feel tired after working the whole day.

I used to have a very strong attachment to doing things. If the workers didn't finish the task, I was very angry. Now if the same happens, I calmly analyze the situation, reason with the workers, and provide suggestions to improve. In the past, if I saw a worker violate any regulation, I fined him. Now I will call upon the worker and tell him of the consequences if he does not follow the regulation and teach him how to operate in the right way. I treat them with kindness and tell them the principles of being a good person. The workers respect me very much.

Two years ago, I bought an earthmover. At that time I operated it by myself and tried to earn more money with it. In the end, my foot was injured by the wheel teeth. Later I hired someone to operate it. While I was recovering in bed, I still hadn't realized my attachment. When I heard the machine stop, I would wonder if there was a problem with the machine or if the worker was loafing. Using a cane to support me, I walked to the window to see why it had stopped. Now I let others operate it without any worry in my mind. I have more time to do other things. Once when I was gone, the worker called me the and told me that the machine had broken and a part had to be purchased in the city. I didn't feel angry or rushed. I realized that it was to eliminate my attachment to self-interest. After I came back, it didn't cost me much to repair it. I truly understand what Master said,

"Doing, but without pursuit—
So constant, abiding in the Dao."
("Abiding in the Dao" in Hong Yin) (verified)

I study the Fa and practice the exercises at noon or in the evening every day. I truly calm down to study the Fa and do the exercises. Although my sleep time is shortened, I feel very energetic in the daytime.

When wrong thoughts crop up in my mind, I will immediately catch and eliminate them to rectify myself. Whenever any thoughts of fearing hardship or of relaxing occur, I immediately send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them.

Although I am busy at work, I balance cultivation and work well. I put down my attachments to doing things and interests and am therefore able to do things without pursuit. I behave as a practitioner at work and feel very relaxed and pleasant. I hope those fellow practitioners who have been in a similar situation read Master's article, "My Version of a ‘Stick Wake-up.’" Wake up and enlighten to the true meaning of life. Balance work and cultivation well. Advance diligently. Follow the Fa-rectification's progress.