(Clearwisdom.net) In March 2004, guards at Guizhou Prison began to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners cruelly, with their goal being to "reform" them and have them renounce their practice. The guards used violent brainwashing tactics and ordered other prisoners to torture practitioners inhumanly. The prison guards made it known that they did not care about the methods used, as long as they achieved their intended result. They announced that prisoners would be rewarded merit points and that their prison terms would be reduced by three months for every practitioner they helped "reform." To get the rewards, prisoners applied the methods they had seen the prison guards use when they tortured practitioners. No method of torture was too vile and depraved if it achieved the intended results.

1. Mr. Wang Guoyu, a practitioner from the Shuicheng Mineral Bureau in Guizhou Province, was persecuted at the Third Prison Section of Guizhou Prison. Yang Dexin, Section head, and Tian Gen ordered prisoners Chen Yuanlong, Cen Chaoxi, and Zhang Shihong (a drug addict) to use inhuman methods when torturing Wang Guoyu.

They beat Mr. Wang with their elbows and fists on his inner thighs. They pressed his nose with their thumbs as hard as they could. This caused pain, breathlessness, and endless tears. They beat his back with their elbows and feet and grabbed and twisted his nose between their thumbs and index fingers. Chen Yuanlong even exposed his penis to insult him.

They put Mr. Wang into a small cell and forced him to sit on a narrow bench. Mr. Wang was not allowed to move from 6:30 a.m. until 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. They didn't allow him to sleep or use the toilet. Once when he asked to go to the restroom, they said no. Instead, they pushed him to the ground, and kicked and beat him.

Many times Mr. Wang filed lawsuits against the Third Prison Section in Qiannan Perfecture Court because of the persecution, but the court returned the complaints to Guizhou Prison every time, and Mr. Wang suffered even more cruel torture. Zhong Shan, the Deputy Section Head of the Fourth Prison Section, threatened him and let it be known that the Chinese Communist Party was in control in China and that Mr. Wang couldn't possibly win in court.

2. Practitioner Mr. Ma Tianjun is a teacher from Shuicheng. The police involved in the persecution of Mr. Ma at the Xingguan Police Station did not wear uniforms or police badges. Their persecution methods were very evil. They sat on a bench by his side and hit his legs with a hammer. They hit him with light to heavy strikes, which cause internal injuries without any obvious external wounds. Mr. Ma is still unable to walk because of the cruel torture. Prison guards handcuffed his hands behind his back and tied him to a window for 25 days soon after he arrived at the First Prison Section. During the cold of winter, guard Luo Xianlai ordered prisoners not to give him a blanket. They also tortured him at the Punishment and Inspection section of the Second Brigade. They hung him up for four days and nights.

3. Mr. Mo Qi, a practitioner from Guiyang, suffered inhuman torture at the Fourth Prison. Guards Zhong Shan and Wang Shijun ordered prisoner Miao Yu to torture Mr. Mo. He wasn't allowed to sleep. When Mo Qi fell asleep, Miao Yu beat him with a bamboo stick to wake him. Without Miao Yu's approval, Mr. Mo wasn't allowed to go to the toilet. Practitioners were not allowed to go to the restroom together and were always accompanied by a monitor. After being tortured for two months, Mr. Mo was sent to the Third Prison Section.

Prison guard Tian Gen and Section Head Yang ordered prisoners Cen Chaoxi, Chen Yuanlong, and Zhang Shihong to torture Mr. Mo with different torture methods. They deprived him of sleep. They made him sit on a small bench and refused to let him move until 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. They tied a thread around his head and to a writing brush, which would touch his face and paint it with ink whenever he moved his head. This continued until 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. Even during the day, prisoners harassed practitioners every 30 minutes, so they couldn't rest.

4. Practitioner Mr. Wang Xiaodong is from Liyang 460 Factory at Pingba, Guiyang City. While at the Fourth Prison Section, Miao Yu, Cao Baolong, and He Changwen tortured him cruelly. They deprived him of sleep by harassing him every 30 minutes. They forced him to stand on a ceramic tile. They didn't let him rest even after his feet became swollen. After Mr. Wang fainted, Miao Yu and Cao Baolong beat him inhumanly until he came to.

5. In March 2004, Guiyang practitioner Mr. Deng Shubin was restrained on an iron bed for seven days after he and another practitioner tore off a poster slandering Dafa at the Jianjiang Cement Company of Guizhou Province Prison. Mr. Deng went on a hunger strike to protest his persecution for four days after he arrived at the prison. Prison guards then deprived him of sleep. Prisoner Yan Guangjun, Maio Yu, Cao Baolong, and Nie Xiaoming woke him up every 30 minutes. Prison guards turned the TV volume to the maximum and forced Deng Shubin to watch programs slandering Dafa. They only unlocked one of his hands for eating or going to the restroom. They forced him to use his washbasin to relieve himself.

After seven days, prison guards locked Mr. Deng in a small cell under the stairs at the Fourth Prison Section and ordered prisoners Yan Ninghe, Peng Chuanying, and Lu Qinglin to torture him. One day, prisoner Deng Chuanying forced him to sit on a small bench and prohibited him from moving until 5:00 a.m. Only then was he allowed to sleep. He was then put in the attic for seven days. Mr. Deng Shubin was in a daze from the torture and fell asleep when using the restroom.

6. In March 2004, practitioner Mr. Zhou Shunzhi from Ziyun County was restrained on an iron bed for 13 days because he refused to work as a forced laborer and wear a name-tag. He became very weak from the inhuman torture. He was then taken to the Second Prison Section. The prison guards formed a "reform unit," which was made up of four prisoners and four prison guards. Prison guards were Du Yunlin from the third Prison Section; Zhou Guilin, head of the Prison Political Section; Deputy Head of the Second Prison Section; and a female guard. They tortured him for 20 days. Du Yunlin was promoted to the Deputy Head of the section for his efforts.

7. Prisoners at Guizhou Prison tortured practitioner Mr. Liu Bo, who used to be employed at the Guizhou TV Station. In March 2004, Liu Bo was restrained on an iron bed at the Fourth Prison Section around the clock for an entire month. They only unlocked one of his hands when he ate or had to go the restroom.

8. Practitioner Mr. Zhao Echuan was persecuted at the Guizhou Prison for one week. They frequently handcuffed his hands to a bed and didn't let him sleep. After one week of torment, Mr. Zhao went on a hunger strike and was then allowed to sleep.

9. Practitioner Mr. Zhang Shougang, 61, was an employee of the Zunyi City Sports Committee. Prison guards ordered prisoners Yan Zu and Nie Xiaoming to torture him inhumanly. Unable to sustain the torture, Zhang Shougang knocked his head against the wall and became unconscious. He was taken to a hospital and survived. (See editor's note below)

10. Practitioner Mr. Li Lin was an employee of the Guiyang Rail Station. He was imprisoned at the First Prison Section. Prison guards ordered prisoner Cao Baolong and others to torture him. They would not let him sleep for over 24 hours and sometimes for several days. Unable to sustain the torture, he knocked his head against the wall with the intent to commit suicide. They took him to a hospital for treatment. Those who persecuted him were rewarded. (See editor's note below)

11. Mr. Huang Lei was a student at the Guizhou Polytechnic University. He was arrested and sentenced in 2003. Because Mr. Huang declined to accept the verdict, Zhong Shan and Wang Shijun ordered prisoners Peng Chuanying, Gong Jiangguo, and Yan Guangjun to torture him and deprive him of sleep. Sometimes he was allowed to sleep for only two to three hours a day. Sometime he wasn't allowed to sleep for two to three days. Every day he was forced to sit on a small bench. From sitting on the bench for a long time without moving, he had scabies all over his backside, and his skin and flesh stuck to his pants. He would fall asleep when he used the restroom. This type of torture lasted for more than 30 days.

Unable to take the torture any longer, he bumped his head on the wall outside the office of the Forth Prison Section to protest the inhuman torture. Not only didn't they lessen their persecution, Zhong Shan, the Deputy Head of the Section said to him viciously, "You will be responsible for any damage to the wall." His protest resulted in more vicious torture. Prisoners continued to torture him inhumanly. When Huang Lei went on a hunger strike to protest, Zhong Shan ordered prisoners to carry out brutal forced feeding and threatened him that his family would need to pay for the cost of force feeding. Zhong Shan and Wang Shijun ordered prisoner Peng Chuanying to hit Huang Lei's kneecaps with a small hammer. He could no longer walk.

Editor's note: Although the torture was vicious, self-torture is a form of protest that shouldn't be used by a Falun Dafa practitioner as such actions violate Falun Dafa principles. Only righteous thoughts and righteous actions can eliminate and disintegrate this persecution.