(Clearwisdom.net) A Vietnamese practitioner and I had an unusual experience while attempting to attend an Experience Sharing Fa Conference in country B. With the power of our righteous thoughts we were able to get across and return through the border checkpoints without a visa. This winding, complex process is inseparable from Master’s merciful protection and Dafa’s wonders reappearing in the world.

We hope that relating this experience will strengthen the faith of our fellow practitioners in assisting with Master’s Fa-rectification. We also hope that all of us will more diligently walk well on the final path of validating the Fa and offering salvation to sentient beings, ensure that we send forth righteous thoughts and continue cultivating ourselves and improve our xinxing so that we might return with Master to our origins, without any regrets.

The Vietnamese practitioner was serious about attending this Fa conference. Quite some time ago he had already decided to drive to attend the conference. He asked me if I would like to go. I didn’t think about it too much then because I had a few things to do. Eventually realizing that the conference would be held on a weekend and that transportation would be convenient, I decided to go with him.

There wasn’t much to do in the meantime except wait for the date. Then, just a week before leaving, the Vietnamese practitioner suddenly called me and asked me to inquire whether or not we would need a visa to enter country B. The visa requirements for country B change frequently. I searched the on-line information, which indicated that there was no need for a visa as long as the stay did not exceed five days. However, according to the information that the Vietnamese practitioner got from the embassy, we would need a visa.

I thought we didn’t have enough time to apply for a visa and we might just not be able to go. The Vietnamese practitioner explained his purpose for going. He told me that there were many Vietnamese living in country B and the area where we were to go had two large Vietnamese communities. He had printed truth clarification materials in Vietnamese and wanted to rescue the tens of thousands of compatriots and sentient beings there. By then I realized the importance of this trip, but there was no time for us to get the visa, so we decided to take a chance!

That evening we loaded a box of truth clarification materials and VCDs for the trip. A Western practitioner was going with us, too. The three of us had a short exchange of experiences and sent forth righteous thoughts many times along the way to eliminate the evil interference in other dimensions. At about midnight we arrived at the border checkpoint between the two countries. Each of us was a little anxious, yet we still kept on sending forth righteous thoughts. Our car was pulled over. The Western practitioner had no visa trouble. But after checking the Vietnamese practitioner's and my passports, the customs police officer became extremely serious. He asked us to turn our car around immediately and told us that we had to have a visa from the embassy, otherwise we would not be allowed to pass. He added that this rule had just been put into effect at the end of September. We got out of the car and explained to him the purpose of our trip and also that our stay would be very short. The officer's attitude was very determined. There was simply no possibility of getting through.

We pulled our car over and parked it on the A-country side. The Vietnamese practitioner made a phone call to his friend living in country B and had him pick up the Western practitioner to attend the Fa conference.

As we waited, we again thoroughly shared our opinions about this development. Finally we reached a mutual understanding: whether or not we crossed the border, we had to clarify the truth immediately. Even if we could not cross, we still needed to let the customs officers know the truth, so as to rescue them. The Western practitioner and I took some truth clarification handouts and talked to the officers from both countries about the brutal persecution of the innocent Falun Gong practitioners in China. Since I was the only Chinese, my direct clarification aroused their sympathy. Their attitude improved, but they still shook their heads and would not let us cross. The Vietnamese practitioner's friend eventually arrived. We had no choice, and let him give the Western practitioner a ride. Just as we were ready to turn around and go home, the B-country border guard unexpectedly said, "You may go to the other border checkpoint 15 miles away and have a try."

Our car slowly left the border checkpoint. The Vietnamese practitioner and I exchanged opinions based on the Fa and realized that it could be Master’s hint that gave us another chance. Then we needed to decide whether or not to go. If we went but our mood, xinxing, and righteous thoughts were not raised, the outcome could be the same. If we didn’t go, many Vietnamese who were waiting for salvation would miss this good opportunity. Finally, we decided to try once more.

It was completely dark, the middle of the night, on the rugged mountain road that was unfamiliar and extremely difficult to drive. With Master’s merciful protection we arrived at the second border checkpoint after 2:00 a.m. The whole time—besides continuously sending forth righteous thoughts—we looked deeply and thoroughly inward. Starting with our intentions for attending the Fa conference, we reviewed each and every thought according to the Fa. Surprisingly, we found many deeply hidden attachments. After discovering these, we asked for Master’s support to thoroughly negate the old forces’ interferences and the magnification of our own gaps, and to strengthen our righteous thoughts. We got clearer about the purpose for our going to country B and the determination to rescue sentient beings.

When we arrived at the second border checkpoint we were almost out of fuel. If we couldn’t get across the border, we wouldn’t be able to make it home. The nearest gas station on the A country side was about 10 miles away. Only if we could get into country B could we find a gas station within five miles. The Vietnamese practitioner was very tired after having driven in the dark for almost five hours. Quietly sitting in the car, I looked at the border crossing before us, continuously sending forth righteous thoughts, in my mind asking for Master’s support, negating the old forces' arrangements, and sending a strong thought, "That box of truth clarification materials in the car has to be delivered into the hands of the Vietnamese who are waiting for salvation." The clock was ticking. The border guard of country A was checking our passports over and over, making phone calls and checking on the computer.

Time seemed to be frozen. I sensed an intense battle with the old forces in another dimension. The country A guard checked our passports for over 20 minutes. During that time the Vietnamese practitioner and I kept on sending forth righteous thoughts, asking for Master’s support. We become more and more serene, and our righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger. When the border guard returned our passports to us and let us drive forward we kept calm and sent forth even stronger righteous thoughts.

Then a miracle happened: the country B border guard didn’t take even one minute and let us pass through. None of them ever raised the visa issue, nor even asked where we were going. With our car on country B soil, the Vietnamese practitioner and I made the heshi gesture in appreciation of our great and merciful Master’s support.

We filled the gas tank. The next day we attended the Fa conference, which was quite successful. I also benefited much from the diligent local practitioners!

The following day, with Master's careful arrangement, we delivered the truth-clarification materials to every section of the Vietnamese centers. Our hearts were filled with joy and gratitude for our great Master, seeing Vietnamese everywhere earnestly reading the Dafa truth-clarification materials, talking about the "Falun Gong or Falun Dafa."

We drove back that evening, having completed the truth-clarification activities. We were fully aware that we might run into problems on the way back. But this time we were very calm and our righteous thoughts were strong. Not surprisingly we were stopped at the border checkpoint. The guard of country B seemed perplexed. He noticed that we did not have the required visa yet we had been able to successfully cross the border; moreover, there was no stamp in our passports. He thought we had sneaked across the border and wanted to fine us heavily. Although we clarified the truth to him, his demeanor was still serious. Suddenly, the Vietnamese practitioner asked with righteous thoughts, "Do you know what we did in your country?" I didn’t say anything and kept on sending forth righteous thoughts while looking at the guard.

After posing that question, the second miracle occurred: the guard’s attitude changed instantaneously. He turned from being serious to smiling and walked out of the checkpoint booth. He pointed at the yellow scarf on the fellow practitioner’s neck and asked suddenly, "Is it Buddhism?" We gawked. The Vietnamese practitioner turned the scarf immediately and told him that the Chinese characters on it read, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." The policeman said immediately, "Very good!" I told him about Falun Gong and that "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" are our principles. Due to the language difficulty, although we didn’t have too much verbal communication, the guard's face unexpectedly revealed a childlike, innocent smile. He was very interested in the practice and asked whether Dafa practitioners could get married, could drink, could smoke, and so forth.

After we answered each of his questions, we also told him that we all started from our own innermost selves to become a good person. We absolutely wouldn’t lie and wouldn’t sneak across the border. We gave him some truth-clarification materials in his language. By then the guard from country A appeared and said that we didn’t have any problem on the A-country side. He asked whether we still had a problem on the B-country side. The B-country guard smiled and shook hands with both of us and said, "No problem!" Thus we once again crossed the border.

When the music of "Pu Du" filled our car, I couldn’t help bursting into tears!

These miraculous border-crossing experiences made me become clearer about the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts and understanding the importance of doing well with Master's request to do the three things well. Each and every one of Master's words is completely true. Master never has excessive requirements for us. He has undertaken too much for us Dafa disciples already during the Fa-rectification period. What Dafa disciples have to do is merely to improve their xinxing according to our own abilities and to assist with Master’s Fa-rectification. As long as we hold strong righteous thoughts with a pure mind and follow the Fa at every moment, our great and merciful Master can arrange everything for us. At the final stage of the Fa-rectification, if we still fail to be diligent, we won’t deserve Master’s merciful salvation!

Thank you again, Master, thank you, Dafa!

[Note: The author’s mind was pure and selfless, therefore s/he obtained Master’s protection in this instance. Please do not blindly follow this example and, please, follow the laws of your country of residence, conforming to ordinary people’s circumstances.]