Persecution Suffered by Falun Dafa Practitioners

In 2000, five Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested and sent to Tianjin First Prison. After several unsuccessful attempts to "transform" them, prison guard Li Qiang ordered prisoner Zhang Jun to beat practitioner Mr. Zhao Guang for more than fifty days. Mr. Zhao was so badly beaten that his face became disfigured.

Cao Chengming,Wang Jiasheng and another practitioner were also so badly beaten that their teeth were nearly dislodged.

Prisoner Li Jin thrust a scalding stainless steel cup onto the back of Mr. Zao Baoyu's hand. The resulting burn caused the skin on his hand to peel off.

Prison guards chose practitioner Mr. Xie Xiangdong as a "transformation" target and they used different means to attempt to "transform" him. They ordered prisoners to beat him and they put him in shackles for as long as fifteen days. They kept Mr. Xie on the fourth floor and put him in ankle shackles every day, which caused his heels to become abraded.

Practitioner Mr. Zhang Jinzhong was constantly tortured. A prison guard ordered some of the prisoners to beat him so viciously that he suffered a mental collapse.

Bench Punishment

"Transforming" practitioners has been linked with rewards for prison guards and the reduction of prison terms for prisoners. Prison guards and prisoners have thus used cruel means to persecute practitioners. Prison guard Yang Bo came up with a very vicious method of torture. He developed five different small benches; the smallest bench was only 5 cm long, 5 cm wide and 8 cm high. When practitioners sat on the edge of the bench, they would fall off if they moved. Many of them were unable to endure the torture and were said to be "transformed." Practitioner Wang Jiasheng was forced to sit on the bench for 16 hours a day for more than two months.

A Few Words Incurred a Gang Beating

I once shared a cell with Mr. Song Yuanshan, a 59-year-old practitioner. One morning when he was just getting up from bed, he was slapped repeatedly in the face. When I told the gang not to slap him, they beat me severely. Later, they beat me over and over until both my head and hands were bleeding and my face was swollen. Several of them suspended me on a double bed and then stepped on me with their full body weight so that my thighs became black and blue and I couldn’t walk. I had wounds all over my body. They then locked me in a small room for more than three months.

Forcing Practitioners to Wear Shackles and Chains as a Means of Persecution in Tianjin First Prison

On the afternoon of October 21, 2002, prison guard Lu Wenyuan ordered prison monitors to force me to read aloud a newspaper article slandering Dafa. When I refused to read it, they ordered me to sit on a small bench. When I refused to sit on it, they took me to a conference room and beat me. They again forced me to sit on the bench. They grabbed me and pushed me onto the bench. When I tried to stand up, they pushed me down on the bench until it was broken. The prison monitors then beat me and forced me to inhale rancid bean water. They then poured cold water on my clothes and turned on an electric fan to blow cold air on me. I was forced to wear shackles and walk up and down stairways once or twice a day. I was badly cut and bleeding each time. A few days later, the wounds started to become infected.