(Clearwisdom.net) The 610 Office located in Dongxihu District, Wuhan City, in collusion with the Public Security Bureau, Judiciary system, local police station and the Residence Committee, has been arresting and persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners for the last seven years. The methods they use are:

1. Monitoring Residences

Falun Dafa practitioners and their relatives are forced to report regularly by phone to the police station. Their homes are visited during sensitive dates and they are urged to attend to matters needing attention. There are inquiries made into the practitioners' personal lives and they are forbidden from contacting each other, to appeal, or to distribute truth clarifying materials.

2. Brainwashing Sessions Established

Under direct orders from the 610 Office, the Dongxihu District arranged over a dozen brainwashing sessions and arrested many Falun Dafa practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. These practitioners were sending out truth material and clarifying the truth. The brainwashing sessions were arranged under direct orders from the 610 Office. All judiciary procedures were bypassed and Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested, jailed, and their personal liberties were totally denied. These brainwashing sessions were falsely called "study classes" and the place where they were held a "Legal Education Center."

Some practitioners in the brainwashing sessions were arrested at work or at home, some were deceived by being asked to meet for "a talk," and some were illegally detained and transferred. During the last seven years, the Dongxihu District arranged over a dozen series of brainwashing sessions, the locations of which were in the weather station, sand factory, police academy, party school (i.e. Communist member party school), Sandian and other places. Currently, the Falun Dafa practitioners arrested are sent to the Jiaokou brainwashing center or the Chenjiaji brainwashing center.

The brainwashing session has its own working system. It starts with "transformation." "Transformation" is to break down your faith, and strangle you mentally and spiritually, which is part of the policy of attempting to completely eradicate and eliminate Falun Gong practitioners.

The officials running the brainwashing sessions claim that they use the "spring breeze turns into rain" or "transformation education" methods. The "education helpers" deceive the relatives of the Falun Dafa practitioners by telling them that the practitioners eat well, sleep soundly and enjoy their stays. In reality the "education helpers" do not want to stay there, their false statements are mere attempts to cover the secret brutal persecution. They deceive and force the practitioners to listen to material defaming Falun Gong. They do not allow the practitioners to speak about any of the benefits they experience after practicing Falun Gong.

New arrivals are lectured by the collaborators (who used to practice Falun Dafa and later betrayed Falun Dafa) day and night. Many words the collaborators say are untrue or distorted facts. They develop different methods for different practitioners. If a practitioner cooperated during the "transformation," they relax their attitude and appear attentive to the practitioner. They will lie and use hypocrisy to lure the practitioner. If the practitioner refuses to "transform," they will think that he/she is stubborn and intensify the "transformation." A common method is called "harassing warfare" in which several persons take turns to fight one opponent to tire him out. They have many ways to devastate the practitioners such as depriving them of sleep for many days and nights, forcing them to stand for long periods, cursing, beating, solitary confinement, hanging up with handcuffs, and poisoning their food with drugs. When some practitioners tasted the medicine in their food and asked the staff, the staff evaded the questions. The purpose of all these methods is to put the practitioners into a state of delirium so that it will be easier to "transform" them. For all those who refuse to be "transformed," their workplaces receive orders to stop their salaries or lay them off. The brainwashing sessions also deceive the relatives of practitioners by having them weep and wail, curse, kneel on the ground begging the practitioners for mercy, or threaten the practitioners with divorce. Many practitioners were unable to handle the mental and physical torment and wrote three statements against their will. This is so-called "transformation." After the practitioner is released from the brainwashing session, the 610 Office will extort fines from the practitioner's family and his or her workplace.

3. Sentencing to Labor Camp or Prison

For all practitioners who firmly believe in Falun Dafa and refuse to be "transformed," the 610 Office officials will fabricate an "accusation" at will, raid their homes, confiscate their Dafa books and materials, and sentence them to the labor camp or prisons because they have Falun Gong books and materials. Even though the practitioners are unwilling to accept a ruling, they receive no legal assistance of any kind.