(Clearwisdom.net) On October 28, 1999, more than 30 practitioners held a press conference in Beijing. For the first time, news of the vicious persecution was able to be heard by reporters, who themselves faced difficulty in passing the information to the world (i.e. they were interrogated). During the past 7 years, with strong determination, practitioners have done many things to oppose the persecution. Practitioners hold daily appeals on Tiananmen Square, they have interrupted television signals to broadcast the facts in Changchun City and other parts of China. They hang banners, distribute materials, reject the persecution in prisons, undertake global rescue efforts, overcome the Internet blockade, hold anti-torture exhibitions, establish groups like the Divine Land Band, and more.

Below are some great actions and strong righteous thoughts I have observed in Dafa practitioners:

1. On December 24, 2000, three elderly ladies and I unfolded a banner on Tiananmen Square. We were calling aloud as we ran: "Falun Dafa is good!" In our hearts there was no fear of death, we just wanted to speak out against the vicious old forces and tell the truth to the beings in the entire cosmos. With help from Teacher, we were not stopped by the police until we had run for nearly one hundred yards.

In the Fangshan County Detention Center, there were two ladies from Northeast China in their 50's. Every day the police dragged them out and brutally beat them; every day they came back with injuries and bruises all over their bodies. They did not give their names. They were called by numbers.

A practitioner detained in the same cell shared what she saw: four soldiers in uniform did the sitting meditation on Tiananmen Square. A military vehicle with a high volume speaker drove around Tiananmen Square with a loud voice from the speaker: "Falun Dafa is good! Restore Innocence to Dafa! Restore innocence to Teacher!" The vehicle and the voice lasted a long time before many police vans came up and stopped them.

2. In Xinhua Labor Camp, Sichuan Province, police held a so-called meeting of over two thousand people. Nearly one hundred police and armed police patrolled with electric batons. As soon as the police yelled aloud to swear at Dafa, a practitioner stood up and called out, "Falun Dafa is good!" Although the police immediately beat that practitioner brutally with electric batons, more practitioners called aloud. Nine practitioners were tied up and taken away, and the meeting had to be ended early.

On the bulletin board in Xinhua Labor Camp, there were posters that slandered Teacher. Despite bleeding from the face, a practitioner went up, took down the posters, and tore them apart.

3. One day in 2004, when a practitioner in charge of coordinating was exchanging experiences with more than 30 practitioners, they were surrounded by several police vans. Over 40 police and armed police came with video cameras. The police hurried to the practitioner speaking. All 30+ practitioners immediately held hands together, protected the practitioner in the center, and called aloud, "Falun Dafa is good!"

Although there were more than 40 police and armed police trying to break through over 30 practitioners to arrest the one who was speaking, they failed. By then, the video camera person dared not to film. One armed policeman said, "You did great."

The surrounding pedestrians were moved, and some were in tears. After this the lady in the center said, "Dear fellow practitioners, we need to clarify the truth wherever we go. And we will get back home right after clarifying the truth. We will never spend a night in jail!"

The police tried to send the coordinator, an older lady, to prison. However, with Teacher's help, the police van tried again and again, but was unable to find the road to the prison. They had no choice but to send her home. That evening, all the 30+ practitioners were released, except two who pretended to play mahjong and did not oppose the persecution. After these two practitioners were illegally detained, their family members, together with practitioners, went to the police to ask for their return. After one month, they were released unconditionally.

4. In November 2002, I was detained in a detention center in Sichuan Province. One day, the Assistant Party Secretary of the City came with several staff. At that time, I was on a hunger strike. They called me to the meeting room. The assistant party secretary said, "I am here today to see how things are going with you." I said seriously, "As a local government official, you are supposed to care for the innocent and uphold justice. However, you are following Jiang's regime, and do things against your conscience. How much self-esteem do you have?" The assistant party secretary and his staff all lowered their heads. Not long after that, he signed his name and released me.

On another morning, the City Chief Procurator came with about 20 people, including managers from the 610 Office, the police department, procuratorial department, justice department, unions, the CCP Youth League, women associations etc. They waited in the meeting room for me with plans to "transform" me. I asked Teacher to help me so that I could clarify the truth to them. The chief procurator said, "He has a Ph.D. degree. We will see if he transforms us or we transform him today."

I said, "Let us do it this way, please feel free to ask questions--any questions you have or issues you are confused about - I will explain them to you." They started to ask questions, and I clarified the truth. The environment became better and better. Then the chief procurator asked me to show them the sitting meditation. As I was crossing my legs, I explained our requirements for the sitting meditation. Then, the chief procurator stopped me: "Why did Wang Jindong (a character in the government-staged Tiananmen self-immolation incident) do the sitting meditation in a way different from you?" I replied, "He was sitting in a military position, not doing the sitting meditation." "Why?" he asked. "Because he was one of your people!" I said.

Everyone laughed and was impressed: "This does make sense."

Then, the chief procurator's wife asked her husband to go to lunch. Not until then did he realize it was 12:30 p.m. He was impressed: "I did not know Falun Gong practitioners are so clearheaded and so smart."

With Teacher's help, all the meeting attendees agreed to sign their names to release me unconditionally. Later, they were all assigned to other posts (so they didn't have to participate in persecuting Falun Gong).