(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since Master talked to us about the principle of sending forth righteous thoughts in 2001, our group has paid close attention to sending forth righteous thoughts after we studied the Fa and shared our experiences. For the past five years, we have been doing very well. Especially when the evil head was traveling, if there was a notice from the Clearwisdom.net to strengthen our efforts in sending forth righteous thoughts, we would always do it very seriously.

When time was available to us, we would send forth righteous thoughts at night from 7:00 p.m. Or 8:00 p.m. to ten minutes past midnight. Sometimes we sent forth righteous thoughts until it was ten minutes past 1:00 a.m. The longest time we sent forth righteous was 75 minutes (we connected the two times sending forth the righteous thoughts together; sometimes we sent forth righteous thoughts from 15 minutes to 35 minutes--one time for each hour). During the interim, we read the Fa, read the "Minghui Weekly" or shared our experiences.

When the time was not available, we sent forth righteous thoughts from 11:55 a.m. to 1:10 p.m. When we had group study, we sent forth righteous thoughts one time for each hour (with two to six practitioners together). The longer we sent forth righteous thoughts, the better the effect in eliminating the evil. Master has often let me see scenes in other dimensions so as to encourage us. I want to validate the profound and powerful Dafa by sharing with fellow practitioners. Also, I hope it will encourage other practitioners.

At the very beginning of sending forth the righteous thoughts, there were many rotten, evil demons that made up a dark mass. I sent forth my Buddha Fa and divine power in the form of "divine land mines" to blow them up. Immediately the rotten demons were blown into dark dust.

Very soon, something like Mongolian huts, all in white, spread all over the place. I thought, "What is this?" A little while later, two evil demons appeared from inside, both looking very ugly. One was showing its long, sharp, protruding teeth. It had a black face and a fierce look. The other one had red eyes that shone with a ferocious look and horns on its head. It came out and looked around before it stepped back inside. I understood they were the evil dens, so I sent forth strong righteous thoughts to send out my "divine mines" to blow up all the demons. It seemed like a scene in a film where the bombs explode.

Another time when we were sending forth righteous thoughts I saw something else. When I had just finished saying the word "mie" (eliminate), I saw the character "mie" as big as the sky. Then numerous "mie" characters that were shining with gold started raining down. I understood when these "mie" characters went into the different dimensions and covered everything. Immediately I saw two big snakes that tried to hide in deep water. Immediately I sent forth the righteous thoughts, and there came from the sky two golden dragons that went into the water and fought with the snakes. After a little while, I saw the two snakes had died and were floating on the surface of the water.

Recently, after Master published the new article "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil," we sent forth righteous thoughts as a group in the evening and we directed our righteous thoughts directly to the dark dens of the jails, labor camps, and detention centers that have illegally jailed Dafa practitioners. We sent forth the divine mines to blow up the places where the dark minions and rotten demons were gathering. We also strengthened our fellow practitioners who were detained to take the Fa as teacher and have strong righteous thoughts, so that we can destroy the evil dens completely with our joint efforts from both inside and outside of the labor camps. During the hours designated for us to send forth the righteous thoughts, we would thoroughly dissolve the evil head and the evil dens. For the other hours, we sent forth righteous thoughts to completely dismantle the local jails and forced labor camps. I saw that during the time when we sent forth righteous thoughts, all the locks of the jails were unlocked and waiting to be removed.

Fellow practitioners, let us follow Master's teaching to focus our strongest righteous thoughts to destroy all the evil dens that are holding practitioners, to rescue our fellow practitioners from those places so that they can join us in the Fa-rectification mission, to complete our pre-historic vows to assist Master in rectifying the Fa, to save sentient beings, and to go home with Master after we reach consummation.

Everything is the result of the power of Dafa, and everything is achieved by Master. Please correct me with compassion if I have written anything improper.