(Clearwisdom.net) A year ago, practitioner Ms. Wang died from sickness karma. A few days ago, I visited her husband and her son who are both practitioners. I found out that they had been greatly disturbed by Ms. Wang’s death and they had not been very diligent in doing the three things.

Ms. Wang’s husband told me that, in the last few days, he had seen a lot of evil beings and rotten demons around him whenever he went to bed and closed his eyes. I asked him, "Why don’t you send forth righteous thoughts?" He replied, "I forgot." I said, "If you don’t eliminate them, they will never leave you. They will strengthen your attachments and drag you back to become an ordinary person. It’s very dangerous!" After I said this, he realized how serious this issue was and decided to send forth righteous thoughts.

Ms. Wang’s husband also told me what happened to his wife in her last days. The evil beings in the other dimensions tortured her, until they wore down her willpower and she lacked righteous thoughts. Eventually she was sometimes completely controlled by the evil beings.

One day, when the practitioner who helped to take care of her sent forth righteous thoughts at the set time, Ms. Wang interrupted her and even hit her to stop her from sending forth righteous thoughts. The practitioner hurriedly called Ms. Wang’s husband and son to send forth righteous thoughts with her. Her husband said to his wife, "Send forth righteous thoughts with us!"

She answered, "I can’t. They don’t allow me. They beat me if I do." The other practitioner told her, "Say Falun Dafa is good!" But Ms. Wang refused to. When the practitioner asked her why not, Ms. Wang said helplessly, "They don’t allow me to say Dafa is good. If I say it, they beat me. They strangle me."

One night, Ms. Wang suddenly screamed. The practitioner helping to take care of her, her husband, and her son rushed over and asked her what was wrong. Ms. Wang said, "They are strangling me. I can’t breathe." When she was screaming, her husband noticed that her teeth looked very strange. They looked like tiger teeth and appeared the same as the teeth of the evil beings that he saw with his celestial eye. The three sent forth righteous thoughts and she calmed down. They turned off the light. In a few minutes, she screamed again. They turned on the light to see what had happened. Covering her left eye with her hands Ms. Wang moaned, "They hit me in the eye!" When she took her hands away from her eye, the practitioners were shocked to see that her left eye had turned blue and was swollen.

Ms. Wang passed away after this intense persecution by the evil beings. Although we feel sorry for her, we should become more clear-minded. Even now some practitioners do not pay enough attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. We should not disregard the existence of the evil beings in other dimensions only because we can’t see them. They are hiding in other dimensions and glaring menacingly at us. Whenever we have an improper thought, the old forces will take advantage of it. They will seriously interfere with our cultivation and can even drag us back to the state of ordinary people. That’s very dangerous! A human being dares not persecute a Dafa practitioner. It is the evil beings in other dimensions that control a human being to do evil to a practitioner. We must study the Fa more and study the Fa well. We must strengthen our righteous thoughts in the Fa and not leave any gaps for the evil beings to take advantage of. We must take sending righteous thoughts very seriously and do well in sending righteous thoughts. We can’t slack off even a tiny bit.

When we send righteous thoughts, our thoughts must be very pure and righteous. We can’t fall asleep or do it half-heartedly. In addition to sending righteous thoughts at the set times, we should also eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts whenever possible so that the evil beings have no place to hide until they are completely eliminated.

This is my personal understanding, which is limited by my level. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.