I started practicing Falun Gong at the end of 1998. During the past few years of Fa-rectification cultivation, I have experienced bitterness, sweetness, and sorrow. Under the protection of our benevolent Teacher, I have been able to cultivate to this day. Reading other practitioners’ sharing articles, I often have the same feelings. I have wanted for a long time to write and share my cultivation experience, but due to my limited education and poor writing skills, I was not able to do it until today.

When Teacher’s article "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World" was first published, I didn’t really understand the in-depth meaning of it until I read another of Teacher’s articles. I then did come to enlighten that whoever has joined the Party organization has to quit. Therefore, my parents, my daughter, and I immediately declared that we had quit the Party’s organizations. At the same time, I started to try to persuade my close friends to quit the Party. A that point, however, I didn’t expect any of them to say, "Since you said that it was good for me and you are such a kind-hearted person, I'll do it" or "You would do this only for the benefit of others and wouldn’t harm others." But one woman immediately asked me to help her and her son quit the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. I understood that even though it was I who had made this happen on the surface, it was actually Teacher that did it and it was Teacher who was encouraging me. This has helped me a lot in persuading others to quit the Party. This also gave me a lot of confidence and courage. My friends' words also woke me up, whether in my day-to-day life or at work. I do this in order to allow sentient beings to see the truth and compassion of Dafa practitioners.

So far I have persuaded over 100 people to quit the Party. Even though many of them quit because they clearly know about the wickedness of the Chinese Communist Party and the importance of quitting the Party, the real reason is their trust in Dafa practitioners. The majority of them have a correct understanding towards Dafa, so I believe that they will have a bright future. Therefore, during my interactions with people, I have paid more attention to my words and actions because Dafa practitioners’ words and actions not only represent our individual behavior but, more importantly, the image of Dafa. Now many people whom I am familiar with have changed their opinions about Dafa and the evil lies have been exposed. Hence, these people have a correct understanding of Dafa as a result of our interactions and my words and actions. In addition, my words and deeds have gradually changed other people’s thoughts and actions. Some people have told me that, just by being with me, their own temper improved. They explained that, whenever they came across anything annoying and their temper started to flare up, they immediately thought about what I would do if the same thing happened to me. They knew I certainly wouldn’t let go of my temper. In comparison with the suffering that I had endured, it was nothing. I never complained and was always very cheerful.

There was a person whose child got injured at school. All of her friends tried to persuade her to use the injury to blackmail the teacher, but after I talked to her, she changed her original plan. She said to me that if I had not persuaded her, she would have given that teacher a hard time. Meanwhile, after a few of the teachers learned about the entire incident, they showed me a great deal of respect. When I then clarified the truth to them, they too quit the Party’s organizations. Two more lives were saved and I was truly excited.

There was another co-worker of mine whose daughter had done very well at school, from primary school through high school. They were very proud of her. I had clarified the truth to them many times but they only pretended to listen to me. Unexpectedly, her daughter had bad stomachache so they took her to the hospital. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Because she was their only child, they were desperate, and many times they felt they just wanted to die together. The mother became unstable; one moment she was crying and the next moment she was laughing. After I learned about their situation, I quickly went to their home and gave them 5,000 yuan and a copy of Zhuan Falun. I told them that the money could relieve them a little bit financially, but it wouldn’t save their lives; only Dafa could change their daughter’s fate and only Teacher could save their child. Their daughter had just come home from the operation. The doctor had told her parents that further medication offered no hope. She didn’t appear to get better after the operation; instead her health declined. After she got up, she couldn’t walk for more than a few steps bent over at the waist due to the chemotherapy. She had lost almost all her hair, her face appeared yellowish, and she was extremely emaciated.

What I did for them impressed the whole family so much that they immediately decided to learn the exercises with me. Since the daughter couldn’t stand up, she did the exercises on her bed. I gave them Teacher’s exercise instruction tape when I did not have time to teach them. The daughter said to me, "I regret not listening to you at the beginning, otherwise my family wouldn’t have had such a great tribulation. We were in debt over twenty thousand yuan and nobody dared to lend us money because they thought we might not be able to pay it back. Yet you didn’t worry about that at all." I replied that it was because I was a practitioner and I was only following what our Teacher told us: to think about others first. I said that they shouldn't thank me; it was our Teacher who saved their whole family so they should thank Teacher. And the only way to express their gratitude would be to study the Fa more and do the exercises more. Then they should use their own experiences to save others who are suffering and being deceived.

Now the mother has become a very steadfast Dafa practitioner, and she is doing very well both mentally and physically. Her daughter is almost fully recovered, her hair dark, shiny, and her face rosy. She has even regained her weight. She is now able to go back to school to resume her studies, and her scores are even better than before. From this incident, I have come to have a deeper understanding of Teacher’s words in Zhuan Falun: "The emitted energy can benefit the people around you" and "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities."

I still remember that after I helped my daughter quit the Young Pioneers, I went to talk to her teacher. I said to her, "My daughter can’t wear the red scarf because it isn’t a good thing. Whenever she wears it, she feels itchy and very uncomfortable." (It is stipulated by the school that whoever doesn’t wear the red scarf is not allowed to enter school.) Her teacher agreed that she didn't need to wear it. One of my friend’s daughters asked me to help her and her son quit the Young Pioneers and the Youth League, but she didn’t tell her son. Afterwards, whenever her son wore the red scarf, his neck developed small blisters. Her son then went to talk to the teacher and told the teacher that he could not to wear the Party’s red scarf.

After my daughter came home and told me about this incident, I was very excited. I know that this supernormal demonstration of Dafa in the human world is Teacher’s encouragement to practitioners so that they can understand the importance of the Three Withdrawals.

I was very eager to have everyone quit the Party’s organizations. I talked to anyone that I came across. If they quickly agreed to quit the Party, I would be very happy. If they refused, I would be unhappy and didn’t continue with the conversation. The way I behaved was due to a lack of patience. In addition, I cared more about those who quit the Party. For those who didn’t quit, I treated them with indifference. I realized that this was an attachment to "likes" and "dislikes." If I came across people who were deeply poisoned by the evil Party’s culture, instead of trying to breaking their shell of incorrect notions little by little and with a lot of patience, I would label them as hopeless in my heart. What a negative notion on my part! With such an unrighteous thought, not only could I not save people, but this also strengthened my ordinary negative notions.

Later I began to pay attention to my every thought and action. If a negative thought popped up, I would immediately dispel and eliminate it. As a result, whenever I heard distorted theories and evil sayings, I wasn’t as upset as I was before. Gradually I changed my cultivation environment so that I seldom heard those words.

As I helped people quit the three CCP organizations, I eliminated many of my attachments. Such attachments included wanting to hear good words and being impatient. Every time I finished talking about the Three Withdrawals, I reflected on what I had said that was appropriate and what was inappropriate, and what had touched people the most. I used different approaches for people of different ages, personalities, and jobs. By keeping the good approaches and leaving out the bad, I became calmer and calmer. If they are trustful enough, I directly talk to them about the Three Withdrawals. For those whom I am not familiar with or are strangers, I indirectly try to find out how they poisoned are. I then try to talk them into the Three Withdrawals. However, if they are poisoned very deeply, I just give them information on quitting the Party, so that everyone I come across knows about this incredible phenomenon and he or she has a foundation to be saved in the future. When later on others talk to them about the Three Withdrawals, or when the tide of quitting the Party comes by, it wouldn’t be as difficult for them to accept it.

In the future, I will follow Teacher’s words to rectify my words and actions. I will try to study the Fa more, learn the Fa very well, and cultivate diligently. Beginning with the small things around me, I will pay attention to rectifying my words and actions so that I can save more and more sentient beings who have been deceived and poisoned, not let Teacher down, and not disappoint the expectations of sentient beings.