(Clearwisdom.net) There are more than five hundred Falun Gong practitioners detained in Liaoning Provincial Women's Prison. They are forced to do long periods of slave labor. Some do nine to ten months of forced labor in one year, and they are made to work seventeen to twenty hours per day. The prison only allowed prisoners detained there to rest for one day per year.

Practitioners who are detained there are in a very difficult situation. In order to monitor practitioners, the police assemble the people detained in the prison into groups of three. Two prisoners monitor one practitioner. The practitioner is not allowed to move around alone. The police also forbid practitioners from talking to each other, yet they turn a blind eye to ordinary criminals.

The police secretly order prisoners to bully practitioners who refuse to "transform," so the prisoners exert pressure on practitioners and use various means to give practitioners a hard time. One practitioner refused to "transform," so the police froze her bank account and forbade her from using money. The police also forbade her from seeing anyone, and no other prisoners were allowed to give her any food or daily necessities. She did not even have any toilet paper. In the end, the police stopped persecuting her, as they feared that she might really die.

There is another practitioner who is very firm in her belief in Dafa. The police however, provoked her family to not give her any money and to exert pressure on her both mentally and physically in attempts to force her to "transform." The practitioner went on a hunger strike to protest and the police stopped persecuting her fearing something may go wrong.

A small group of practitioners protested against working overtime. They stopped working when it was time to finish work. The police saw this and did not do anything because they disliked working overtime as well. On the second day, the head of the prison heard about it and became furious. He had a meeting with the prisoners and threatened them by not reducing their sentences. These prisoners have long been exploited and persecuted by the police. They also suffered the pain of overtime labor work. After working overtime for a period of time, their health deteriorated. Some became sick and vomited often. The prisoners said, "When we get out, we will expose the evilness we experienced here. We will go on the Internet and let the world's people know about the darkness of the wicked Communist Party and its brutality against the Chinese people."

In the prison, prisoners who are less kind will be more appreciated by the police. The police do not torture practitioners personally. They use these prisoners to beat practitioners. One prison used needles to pierce through a practitioner's fingernail, in order to force her to give up her practice.

In China's prisons, people can spend money to bail out prisoners, including for medical treatment. They can spend money to buy a rather relaxing job, for example, a job at hospitals, supermarkets and security. For prisoners who have no power or money, if they become sick they have to go to the hospital in the morning and come back to work in the afternoon, otherwise the police will curse the prisoner. Many prisoners have to go back to work immediately after they come back from the hospital, whether they have heart disease or a headache. The police do not allow practitioners to be bailed out for treatment. They are still forced to work fourteen hours per day. If they rest for a little while, the prisoners curse them.

In March 2004, the eighth group of the prison ordered prisoners to hang practitioners by their handcuffs and beat them in order to "transform" practitioners who are firm in their faith. Some prisoners use clothes to cover a practitioner's head and several prisoners then beat him. After the beating, they refuse to admit that they were the ones who beat the practitioner.

The police also forbid practitioners from doing the exercises and studying the Fa. They also try to forbid other prisoners from learning Falun Gong. Some prisoners know Dafa is very good and they deeply regret their crimes. They secretly study the Fa. Some have helped practitioners pass around articles and were seen by other prisoners, who reported them to the police. Some, after they help practitioners, are beaten, have their bank accounts frozen, and are forbidden to spend money on daily necessities and food. Some receive less food, have merit points deducted and receive no reduction of their sentences. But those who have righteous faith still secretly say, "Falun Dafa is good." Some secretly learned poems from Hong Yin. Some have started learning Dafa.

October 22, 2006