(Clearwisdom.net) I had the honor of attending the Falun Dafa classes that Master taught in Yanji City on August 20, 1994. And I personally experienced and witnessed the miracles of Dafa in the class. Even though I have been through clouds and storms in the past over 10 years, I have been steadfast towards Master and Dafa and have never been moved. Here, I would like to share some short stories with everybody, which might be of help to fellow practitioners who still have doubts about Dafa.

1. Warts on My Hands Vanished

Before taking the Dafa class, I had seven or eight warts on my hands. The largest ones were as big as mung beans. Every once a while when their tips became callused, some of them would burst, and a single touch could hurt pretty bad and cause bleeding. I have tried out those medicine men in the streets who specialize in dealing with warts, doctors in hospitals, and none of them worked out well. Afterwards, I went to see a very prestigious traditional Chinese medical doctor locally, he told me that this kind of problem was very tough. It is called "end neuritis" in Western medicine, and a bone and muscle problem. He then issued a prescription for washing them; it was very troublesome, and the effect was not obvious.

But on the second day that Master cleaned up our bodies in the classes in Yanji, the warts disappeared completely, and there weren't even any scars. It was truly miraculous.

2. Blurry Eyes Suddenly See the Light in the Wave of a Hand

When Master was giving a class at Yanji, my roommate, also a practitioner, told me that he was sitting next to an old woman whose vision was so blurry that she was almost blind. In order to cure her eyes, she had been to many hospitals and had taken many medicines, spent a great amount of money, but found no cure.

On the third day of the class, Master cleaned up our bodies for us. There were over 4,000 in attendance at that class, and the cleansing proceeded in two groups. The first group was practitioners sitting on the east side. The old lady sat in the middle on the east side (not far from me). Master was standing in the middle of the north end of the meeting hall. Master reached out with his right hand, pointing to the south, and said, "We'll take my hand as the line, and to clean up the east side first, everybody lift up your right foot, don't worry, don't act ahead of time, think of the illness if you have, or think of the illness that your family member has if you don't. You then stamp the feet when I call 'one, two, three.'" As soon as Master waved his hand, everyone stamped their feet. Then I heard Master talked to someone, "I told you not to worry, and to stamp the foot when I called out 'three,' but you wouldn't listen to me, you stamped when I only called out 'two,' so now your illness only moved down to your legs, and did not completely move out." The truth is, that old lady forgot Master's words because of her hypertension, so when Master just called out 'two,' she stamped her foot right away. All of this was sensed by Master from a distance. Then Master started to clean up the bodies for the practitioners on the west side.

Master then cleaned all the practitioners' bodies once again. Right at this time, Master just waved, and everybody just finished the stamping, the old lady's eyes all of sudden turned bright, she could see everything clearly, she was so excited and happy that she cried out, and shouted out many times: "I have encountered a living Buddha!"

3. Paralyzed Infant Cured in One Session of the Class; Old Couple Present an Appreciation Banner to Thank Master for His Benevolence

At around 4:30 pm on the fifth day of Master's class, an old couple flew over from Shenyang City to present Master a silk banner embroidered "Lord Buddha," and then they told me a miraculous story.

The old couple lived in Shenyang City, and their daughter-in-law happily had given birth to a boy this spring. Nobody had expected that the boy would be born paralyzed. He didn't cry, didn't laugh, and was even difficult to nurse. Everyone's heart in the family was heavy, and everybody looked distressed all day long.

To find a cure, they went all over every big hospital in Beijing and Shenyang, with no success. By the time they got to this point, feeling that they could do nothing, someone told them that Falun Gong Master Li Hongzhi could handle the problem, and that they could try him out. But where could they find Master Li? After all kinds of inquiries, someone finally told them that Master Li was holding a class in Harbin City, but they had to hurry or they'd miss him.

This way, the mother, holding the baby, rushed to Harbin, arriving on the last day of the class. She found the assistants and asked them to beg Master to treat the baby; the assistants told her that Master was talking about the Fa and spreading the way of cultivation to practitioners, and that He would not treat illness for anyone. The mother begged so much, but the assistants didn't admit her. After all this, the mother figured out that there was no other way, then asked the assistants that, since Master Li didn't treat illness for people, and they didn't want to break the rule, and since she came from Shenyang, a fair distance to Harbin, could they let her and the baby take a session of the class, and have a glimpse of Master? She asked them to get permission from Master, and she said she would pay whatever the cost.

Thus begged by the baby's mother, the assistants went in and asked Master; Master Li admitted them at no cost. This way, the mother sat there through a session while holding her baby, and went back to Shenyang after the class. On the day after they went back, the baby's whole body turned black and blue. But afterwards, the child was able to cry and laugh, and also to be nursed, just like a healthy baby. The entire family was indescribably happy; they were so grateful to Master that they didn't even know what to say. Once they heard that Master was having class in Yanji, they took a flight over just to present the banner to Master.

In the past 12 years, whenever I have recalled the scenes of Master teaching the Fa at Yanji, I have felt extremely happy and honored. And all these have also encouraged my faith in Master and Dafa at every moment. Our Master spread the law and offered salvation to sentient beings, with no desire of any personal fame and interests.

Since July 20, 1999, the CCP and Jiang worked together to slander Dafa and Master. They said that Master collected money, and made this or that much money: this is a pure lie. I had participated in many other kinds of qigong classes before I started to practice Falun Dafa. Some of the other 10-day classes charged a minimum of 120 yuan and the most costly was 360 yuan, but Master's classes only charged 40 yuan for 10 days; this is truly the lowest fee of all the qigong classes. And the fees for each class were collected by the local qigong association. Master never touched the money.

Some practitioners obtained the Fa early on, and for some reason, gave up the practice; some dared not step out to validate the Fa. The opportunity is so precious; our respected Master is waiting for you, and sentient beings are also waiting for you. Master is still looking after you, so you shall never miss this one in thousands of years' chance.