In this dimension, the old forces are very bad. They block chances of Dafa disciples' meeting Master and following Master. While in other dimensions, Master gives disciples chances to meet him and many other treasures. I have witnessed Master's immense compassion!

1. Faster Than the Speed of a Rocket. How True It is!

Dafa is indeed miraculous. I started practicing Falun Gong on March 1, 1997. On the very first day, my tianmu (celestial eye) opened and I received a Falun as well.

  • On the third day my body was in a milk-white state. Before practicing Falun Dafa I had illnesses all over my body from head to toe. All of a sudden my body became very light with all the diseases gone.
  • In the fifth week the heavenly circuit of my body was opened up
  • In the seventh week my maoyou circulation was opened up
  • In the tenth month, my dantian was formed. It was as shining as the summer sun at noon and as bright as the moon at the fifteenth day of the month
  • It was also at the tenth month that the Immortal Infant appeared. He has nose, eyes and a small lotus, golden and shining. There are countless layers of colorful haloes spread over and beyond the body.
  • In the fifteenth month my True Eyes formed: everyday people say in this world that "phoenix eyes" are most beautiful. But I'd like to say that this pair of Buddha's eyes are so clear and exquisite, far more beautiful than the phoenix eyes.
  • In the twelfth month I was lucky enough to see Master! How benevolent and kind Master is!
  • In about the fourteenth month my compound eyes were formed
  • In the ninety-ninth month the compound eyes became more exquisite, advanced four more levels, and gained an additional telescope.
  • In the latter stage of my cultivation, I kept acquiring various Fa instruments, Fa treasures and divine swords that had endless power and divine abilities.
  • I was able to improve at a speed faster than the speed of a rocket. How true it is! I personally experienced it: Gong depends on Master! Master's Immense Compassion!

2. The First Time I Saw Master I Felt Very Blessed!

In the twentieth month of my cultivation, I saw Master in my tianmu for the first time, our benevolent and great Master, our Master with immense compassion! The scenes appeared on a wide screen. The first scene that came into my eyes was that Master was busy rectifying the cosmos and saving sentient beings. Master was very tall, with a strong build, wearing a dark blue uniform. His hair looked the same as his hair in this dimension. Master was in a hurry and walked with quick big steps. His every step was majestic and full of divine powers and grandeur! I saluted and paid my deepest respect to Master!

Here I'd like to describe to you the wisdom flower wreath above Master's head, which is extremely rare to see. This wisdom wreath started from the place of the tianmu on Master's forehead, went upward to the top of the head, then to the back of the head, to the Yuzheng accupuncture point at the back of the head. It was not a round circle but it was beautifully formed. The wreath was soft yet hard. It flashed and moved gracefully with body movements. The whole wreath was full of red and green flower buds, in great density but evenly distributed, the buds yet to blossom. This wreath of wisdom was different from the powerful halo on Master's photos, and also different from the haloes on the pictures of Buddhas, Daos and Gods in the book of Hong Yin and Hong Yin II. So I think people with ordinary supernormal powers or ordinary high-level beings couldn't have such a flower wreath. It is a wreath of advanced wisdom and talent. I am really blessed to have seen the wreath.

3. Master Smiled to me Benevolently and Then was Very Serious and Venerable

From January 2001 to June 2002, I saw Master many times. Master smiled at me benevolently and then became very serious and venerable.

Soon after the persecution started on July 20, 1999, I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong but I was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp. One and a half years later, in late January 2001, I was released. At that time I was really anxious to study the Fa. So I squeezed the time and spent every minute studying the Fa and studying Master's new articles which I hadn't previously read. Then I read and hand copied the book Zhuan Falun. (Before July 20, 1999, I had already recited and hand copied Zhuan Falun.)

During this time I studied the Fa, recited the Fa and hand copied the Fa, I often looked at Master's photos with great respect and admiration for a long time. While I was looking, Master smiled at me. Master's eyes and face became alive. How compassionate and benevolent Master was! It was so wondrous and beautiful! Every time it lasted four or five seconds, the longest was over ten seconds. It was so clear and real! But every time after Master smiled at me, Master became very serious and venerable. I knew very well that Master was encouraging me and at the same time was very strict with me. I dare not to relax myself for even a second!

4. Teaching Me by Giving Vivid and Miraculous Hints Full of Wisdom

Following are two examples of how Master taught me by giving vivid and miraculous hints full of wisdom.

(1) "Foundation"

In August and September 2002, "The Devil, Satan, has utterly collapsed" ("Be Clearheaded" from Hong Yin II). I participated in the huge project of eliminating the body of demon Jiang in other dimensions. During the process I had some impure and unkind actions. An example was I used an electric saw like the one carpenters use to eliminate the evil. So one day when I was practicing meditation, I saw the following heart-stirring scene:

I was walking between two mountains. Between the two mountains in front of me there was a dam built with cement and pebbles. If you saw from far away, you could see thin and slight cracks in the dam. But when you came closer, you would find those winding horizontal and vertical cracks became very wide and rough. Two Chinese characters were clearly imprinted on the dam "foundation." The whole dam was in great danger as if it was built wholly with pebbles.

Immediately I became alerted, "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." I have to cultivate my xinxing. I must lay a solid foundation in my cultivation! I realized my omission and eliminated it during cultivation. For those negative beings, there is the Fa standard to judge everything. Cultivators shouldn't "...wield their skills so dexterously, but all is done in emotion." ( "Looking Back" from Hong Yin). It is the pure kindness and immense compassion practiced by practitioners who cultivate Falun Dafa, the righteous way of cultivation.

(2) Enlightenment on the Chinese Character "Xia" (Under)

In spring or summer of 2003 Master taught me a lesson by giving me a hint. During that time I often silently recited the four Chinese characters "Jing Xia Xin Lai" that Master taught us. In English it means "Calm down your heart." I recited them to such extent that every character was appearing in front of me. But the tiny tip in the character "Xia" went through different changes. At first the little tip ran up and down, then it became a longer tip, and the longer tip bent a little. It moved up and down as well. I wanted to stop it but I was unable to make it motionless. Because I was in delusion in this dimension, I didn't really know its purpose and didn't really know what to do. Then it suddenly ran and sat at the bottom of the second vertical stroke, it changed to a little dot. I realized that Master used this to teach me a very significant principle: The true meaning of life doesn't lie in how high your level is. When you position yourself in the Fa, the lower you position yourself the better so that you can really "calm your heart."

5. Falun Dafa Golden and Shining

Falun Dafa, golden and shining, it is so real. I personally witnessed it.

In 2000 when I was in the labor camp in a certain city, I studied and recited the Fa every day. I recited Zhuan Falun, Essentials of Further Advancement and Hong Yin one by one, or selected some of the sections to recite. For a period of time when I recited Hong Yin, there in the dantian area appeared the poems. Except for the last poem "Smile," all of the seventy-one poems appeared one by one in order in my dantian. The last poem "Smile" didn't appear and I guess it was kept for the final stage when all of us could smile at last.

What did those characters look like? They were truly golden and shining. The colors of the characters were rich and bright, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple, plus white and black. Even the black-colored characters were very beautiful - black jade-like characters, shining like black gold! The white-colored characters looked like a fluorescent tube was behind them, jade-like white, shining like white gold.

The characters of other colors were all shining, freshly bright but didn't hurt the eyes, mild and full of moisture, like jade. The characters were in Chinese calligraphy style like Li style, Kaishu style, and other different styles, even the artistic style, and all looked so extraordinarily beautiful, as something that human capability couldn't reach. The arrangement of the poems, from titles to texts, were all straight and square, neat and tidy. There was nothing illegible or crooked. The year, month and date of the poems also appeared, and the time was very accurate. The display of all the poems from Hong Yin was a total splendor, wondrous and spectacular, breathtaking. I was so excited after reading them. This was a miracle created by Dafa!

One night in winter of 2002 I recited Lunyu for the 8000th time. While I was reciting, the characters of the latter part of "Lunyu" all appeared in my head! Though the characters were small and in great density, they lined up line by line and in good order, very beautiful. The characters were all in dark black like the color of black jade, shining like black gold. Master showed me Falun Dafa that is the Fa "Creating the big firmament and all levels of beings" so vividly and beautifully and so real.

Master, you showed me Falun Dafa that you personally spread and I bathed in your immense compassion!

There was another miraculous thing. One night in early spring of 2003, I was having an experience sharing conference with those high level beings who had been saved in other dimensions. At the start we recited Fa. I was the first one to recite. After I recited "Lunyu," I recited the table of contents in Zhuan Falun. I recited very smoothly and without hesistation. No mistakes made, not a single pause, no disruption of any thoughts or anything whatsoever. I was so calm, peaceful and solidly steady. And my whole heart was so clear and clean, upright, pure and sacred, and beautiful, something I had never experienced before.


In Master's Lecture "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the US West Fa Conference," the last question students raised was,

"...I want to know, after we Consummate in the future will we still have these types of opportunities to listen to you teach the Fa?..."

Master explained and talked to us affectionately and benevolently. Master said,

"...When you have countless sentient beings to take care of you'll have a lot on your mind. Then you probably won't be able to think of Master this frequently! (Teacher laughs)..."

Reading these sentences, I felt very sad in my heart. I sincerely hope that Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples and disciples existing with Master alongside the Fa-rectification will have the chance to "see the aspect that is the wide and far-reaching Buddha's grace."

September 2006 at the Northern Part of Hubei Province