(Clearwisdom.net) The vocational school subordinate to my work unit invites its supervisors and relevant people every year to a Teachers' Day celebration. Every year, the Master of Ceremonies gets a volunteer from the audience to go to the stage to sing a song.

In previous years, I was always inevitably selected to sing on the stage as long as I attended the celebration. However, as I understood Falun Dafa more and more, I realized that songs praising the evil party should not come out of my mouth. So, what should I sing at this year's Teachers' Day? Should I sing old songs or the Fa-rectification songs composed by Falun Dafa practitioners?

After studying Master's "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference," I made up my mind to sing songs praising Falun Dafa. I wished to validate the Fa. Therefore, I learned songs such as "Awakening from Dreams" and "The Blossoming of Udumbara Flowers" from the CD of "The 2006 Chinese New Year Global Gala." I decided to sing the latter on Teacher's Day after I learned it well. Furthermore, I decided to sing this song at all future events in which I have to sing. On September 9, the day of celebration, all the leaders from the city bureau, the local police officers and policemen, all teachers and students in the school, and some local residents attended the celebration. All together, there were about eight hundred people. I sent forth righteous thoughts while sitting in the audience. When the performance began,

the MC came to suggest that I sing a song. He also asked what song I would sing and what kind of music they should prepare. I happily accepted his invitation and told him, "I will sing without a band."

After a while, the announcer said that a director from the City Bureau could sing and dance well. He asked the audience to welcome my performance. Polite applause resounded. I went up to the stage calmly with the thought of showing all the predestined people the beauty and kindness of Falun Dafa. At that time, I did not have any fear in my heart. All I was thinking was to promote and validate Falun Dafa through my singing. Facing all the smiling faces in the audience, I saw the expectations of the sentient beings. I bowed and said, "Tonight I will offer everyone a song called 'The Blossoming of the Udumbara Flower.' I hope you all will like it." I then recited every word of the introduction paragraph about this song from "The 2006 Chinese New Year Global Gala." It is: "The Buddhist scriptures state that there is a flower called the udumbara flower. It blossoms once every three thousand years. When the udumbara flower blossoms, the Holy King Who Turns the Wheel will appear to the world." I began to sing, "Udumbara flowers blossom once every three thousand years. Udumbara flowers blossom and smile to the opening of the heavenly gate. Saints return when Udumbara flowers blossom..."

The song lasted five minutes. The audience listened quietly to me as I sang. I believe that without the accompanying music, every word of the song must have clearly passed into the minds of the audience. After I finished singing, the applause from the audience was sincere. I could feel that the song had touched their compassionate roots buried deeply in the their hearts.

The MC said to me when I came off the stage, "Thank you, director!" Well, there was no need to thank me, I thought. It was the sentient beings' predestined relationship.

September 26, 2006