(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Zhankun lived in the Hailaer District of Hulunbeier City, in the Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region. He was arrested around October 9, 2006, while clarifying the truth. Police found one copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and several booklets that he was carrying. The State Security Division Deputy Head Zhang Xuzeng (male) and policeman Xuan Wei ransacked Mr. Wang's home but found nothing.

Mr. Wang Zhankun went on a 16-day hunger strike to protest from October 10-26, 2006. He was force-fed multiple times. Finally, he could not walk or take care of himself due to the torture, and he was admitted to the Police Hospital when he was dying. Police notified his family on October 28, 2006. When Mr. Wang's wife rushed to the hospital, she saw that he was as thin as a skeleton, passed out, and was vomiting bloody stuff. He could not talk, but he was still handcuffed, and his ankles were shackled. Both of his feet were swollen, and it seemed like he was about to die any second. The doctor said that Mr. Wang's liver and kidney were both failing, and he had jaundice. His life is in danger, and we are calling for people around the world to urgently rescue Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Zhankun.

The 610 Office Head of Hailaer District State Security Division Zhang Xuzeng (male), 86-13947018856 (cell), 86-470-8857588, 86-470-8335896
The 610 Office policeman of Hailaer District State Security Division Xuan Wei (male), 86-13088551518 (cell), 86-470-8291165
Hulun Police Station Officer Zhao Liang (male), 86-470-8296403
Procurator Office of Hailaer District Procuratorate, 86-470-8325002
Hailaer District Court Head Judge Office, 86-470-8326001