(Clearwisdom.net) Lately, reading the practitioners' writing on "Recalling Experiences with Teacher With Gratitude," every single detail shocked and moved me tremendously. I attended the fourth series of lectures in Guangzhou city, and my heart still has those wonderful memories. Because I was lazy and was experiencing strong interference, I didn't write about my experiences to share them with other practitioners. I wish to make it up now.

In July of 1994, I had heard that Teacher would hold the fourth series of Fa lectures in Guangzhou city. I also heard the rumor that after this lecture, Teacher would stop lecturing in China. I suddenly felt an urgency to be there. I had heard many times that the lectures were taught here and there, but I didn't go to any of them. Actually, when I first read the precious book, "China Falun Gong" back in 1993, I immediately was deeply interested in it. I suddenly felt in my heart that I should attend. I was determined to go and listen to the Fa.

The next thing I knew, things started to happen very smoothly: One of my work leaders notified me that approximately 2000 dollars or more of salary from a few months ago had been "forgotten" in my drawer to deposit. Then, I also heard about ten other people who also wanted to go. In two or three days time, everything was ready and we were taking the train to Guangzhou.

The situation was like what the other practitioners said: the lecture location was not decided, and the location had changed once already. Not far away, there was also some other kind of other qigong being taught. While Teacher was lecturing, he said that the other practice was there, "just to see which door you would step through."

At the class, Teacher asked us to think of an illness, then listen for Teacher's direction to stamp our feet to remove it. "Pa!" could be heard stamping so evenly. Then Teacher said, "Someone didn't finish thinking, so here we go again. One more time!" But just like the previous time, I still hadn't finished thinking, when "Pa!" could be heard again. I was not disappointed. I believed Teacher would not give up on me.

After returning home, many people start to throw up and have loose bowels. One of the practitioners from Jiujiang city saw that others were going to the washroom, in and out busily, and she got worried: "Everyone is getting rid of karma, how come I am not?" As soon as she said this, she rushed into the washroom.

On the seventh day of the fourth series of Fa lectures in Guangzhou City, during the whole lecture, Teacher wanted us to feel the celestial eye, where "the muscles felt like they were piling up together and drilling inward," to feel the Falun turning on the palm, but I didn't feel anything. When the lecture was over, Teacher was making the grand hand gestures while leaving. Many practitioner saw Teacher's huge aura, but I still didn't see anything. I started to think that all the good and bad incidents in my life were pointless. I felt no desire for ordinary people's things. I understand it was Teacher pulling me up from the maze. So when the lecture was over I didn't want to leave; I wanted to stay close to Teacher and not be left behind. I could not prevent my tears from flowing. All the people around me were weeping, unwilling to let Teacher leave.

After coming home from the lecture, I experienced noticeable interference. There was one very strange incident that almost caused me to go astray. Teacher helped me resolve these things, again and again, and compassionately took care of me. Teacher's grace is saving us. We must advance further, and honor and be responsible for the prehistoric vow we made with Teacher.